Vitamix Blender Vs Omega Juicer: Which One Should You Buy?

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It’s Interesting to see food-processing industries like juice and smoothie bars pulling over 2 billion yearly in the US alone. This indicates the huge demand for healthy liquid which you can easily make with a blender or juicer. And here we will be discussing juicer vs blender, more specifically Vitamix Blender vs Omega Juicer in this article.

Before you make any conclusion over Omega 8006 vs Vitamix 5200, it’s important to understand these are two different food processors. Vitamix is a blender with blades that cuts fruits and veggies into fiber-rich smoothies whereas Omega is a juicer that crush produces and extracts only the liquid rich in nutrients.

If you are an avid juice lover, you should have some idea about omega juicer vs Vitamix blender. Despite the operational difference, these two are most popular in the household.

Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender

First of all, Vitamix 5200 is a professional-grade Blender with top-notch technology built into it. Like any other blender, the spinning motion of the blade breaks down fruit and vegetables into smoothies rich in fibers. If you are more comfortable with easy digestion and finding means to avoid constipation, Vitamix 5200 blender should be your first choice.

vitamix 5200 professional-grade blender

This Vitamix 5200 comes with a powerful motor that can cut anything from vegetables to dry spices. The good thing is they added a dial to control blending speed so you can have cutting consistency every time.

Along with the regulator, they have also added a switch that changes the operation between variables and pulse speed. This feature is particularly handy to make a thick mixture.

If you like to make a lot of smoothies in the morning, you will need a big container for large batches. With the 64-ounce container with this blender package, you won’t fall short in providing nutrition to your friends and family.

Another unique feature you will see is how it makes cold veggies into hot soup. The trick here is the rapid rotation that creates friction with the ingredients. The blade produces heat and warm-up liquid for you. That’s very convenient if you are in a hurry or want to make a quick snack for your kid.

What more can you do with Vitamix 5200? Well, apart from being a food mixer, it can grind hard beans and spices. Thanks to its stainless steel blade that adds strength and retains sharpness for a long time.

No doubt the blender has a strong blade and powerful motor, but what is the power consumption of the unit you might ask. It’s well under 120 Volt and 11.5 Amp. You can easily run up to 2 HP with this current consumption rating.

One big problem with juicers compared to blenders is that most juicers are hard to clean up after use. But in the case of Vitamix 5200, you can drop all the detachable parts in water with a few drops of dish soap and rinse it clean. Hence, Vitamix is stress-free in the cleaning scenario when we compare Vitamix vs juicer.

Pros & Cons Of Vitamix 5200


  • Easy speed regulation
  • Large plastic container with lids
  • Chop, heat, grind and blend in the same machine
  • Fast and easy cleaning without special tools
  • Three distinct colors available


  • You may need to dilute with water to reduce the thickness

Omega J8006HDS Dual-Stage Juicer

Juicer is a popular food processor that extracts juice from fruits and vegetables. Although the process leaves out all the beneficial fibers in the juicer, it has its benefits. You get pure and concentrated liquid every time with this machine, which will give you instant energy before or after any activity.

omega j8006hds nutrition center juicer

Omega J8006HDS in another word is a cold press juicer with a minimum of 80 RPM speed on the auger. With that kind of low speed, it’s hard to build up any heat when it comes in contact with fruits and veggies. All the healthy anti-oxidant and enzyme retain their integrity and increases the overall benefit.

The juicer machine has a dual-stage food processing mechanism inside the unit. What it does is it drains the most juice out of produces with two different strainers. One strainer has larger gaps and the other is much smaller. This way food chunk releases vital nutrition fluid into your glass.

If you are not a fan of pulp in your juice, Omega J8006HDS got you covered with their automatic pulp isolation and ejection system. After pressing against the strainer, all the dry food chunks leave the unit from the side. This indicates less cleaning hassle and concentrated juice for you.

Being an Ultem Auger, it gives you the advantage of more than 8x stronger plastic. Whether you are juicing mushy fruits or solid beans, it won’t be a problem. Additionally, the 2HP rating on the machine also makes sure you can perform a similar operation for many days.

Tired of the same old smoothie? With Omega J8006HDS masticator, it’s easy to make butter, milk, frozen dessert, and many more homemade salsas. It won’t be like processed food you get from outside rather it will be healthy and tasty at the same time.

The power requirement for this amazing food processor is 120 volts. You won’t have any issue making juice at a variable straining rate. Even with the toughest juicing job, it will hold its own concerning Vitamix vs omega juicer.

It’s true that cleaning a juicer can be sometimes annoying because of so many separate components. So, to ease the pain of cleaning, all the components from the feeding, processing section, and auger have a quick-release option.

If you want to check a few more options from the Omega brand, you could pay a visit to our article on the best omega juicers or if you want to learn more details on Omega J8006HDS click here.

Pros & Cons Of Omega J8006HDS


  • Low noise operation
  • Adjustable juice extraction settings
  • Highly reliable motor unit
  • Does not produce heat in the process of extraction
  • The high amount of juice yield from fruits and vegetables


  • Need more produce to make a glass of concentrated juice

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Q1. Can omega juicer vs Vitamix blender operate on the same RPM?

No, Blender has the highest RPM ranging from 2000 -15000 RPM. On the contrary, a slow juicer runs from 80 -200 or more RPM not to contaminate the yield.

Q2. Can omega juicer vs Vitamix yield the same amount of liquid?

Vitamix Blender will yield more liquid with a thicker consistency rich in fibers and vitamins. On the other hand, juicers extract only liquid from fruits that are rich in anti-oxidant and vitamins with a minimum amount of fiber in the yield.

Q3. Is a Vitamix better than a juicer?

Vitamix is a blender with high RPM motor operation. If you are a person in hurry, Vitamix would be a better option. Juicer takes a bit of time and produces to make a glass of juice. So, the better answer entirely depends on your preference.

Q4. Juicer vs Vitamix which is healthier?

From a health standpoint, one can argue that juicer has the most benefit than a blender. This is true as clod pressing leave intact all the vital nutrients for longer hours. However, Vitamix can be healthy too with rich fibers that enhance human digestion significantly. To learn more on this, read our juicer vs blender reviews.

Final Words

No matter the age range you are in, an easy way to consume nutrients will be either juicing or blending. Therefore, deciding between Vitamix Blender vs Omega Juicer will be a thing of personal preference. Both have invaluable health benefits anyone can take advantage of. Hope this article will shed some light on your buying decision and the right step towards a healthier life.

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