17 Ways To Use The Leftover Juice Pulp

Some of us sometimes wondering, is the pulp from juicing any good?

Not to mention, we all understand that the leftover won't contain the bulk of nutrients and minerals, as they are squeezed into the juice. But it's tricky to know that juice pulp also has goodness left when you're done juicing.

According to some research, that leftover from juicing holds a ton of healthy fibers, and the good news is they are extremely beneficial to:

  • Mitigate the risk of chronic diseases (i.e., diabetes and coronary heart disease)
  • Losing weight by making your stomach feel full for longer & etc.

So, how do you smartly use the leftover juice pulp and reduce food waste? Read out the 17 ways to use the leftover juice pulp, because that's what this particular blog post is all about.

Here Are the Smart Uses of Leftover Juice Pulp:

1. Broth

If you can't figure out how to make use of the veggie pulp, take bone broth as a first option. When making bone broth is fairly easy, it can bring more nutrients into your diet. And by adding the leftover from your juiced vegetables, you can pack some extra flavor into it. The same applies to meat stock.

You can also turn the veggie pulp into a savory vegetable broth. You only need a pot of water, plenty of salt, and some spices to come up with a delicious dish that can be used in many ways.

2. Crackers

A healthy yet easy option for your vegetable juice pulp is to bake them for delightful crackers. You can also throw them in the dehydrator and produce a mouthwatering dipping snack.

3. Fritters

If you are in any doubt about juice leftover, just fry them up and make your fritters or pancakes. You can mix them up and switch flavor for an appetizing breakfast or dinner.

4. Cereals

If you love cereals, sprinkle some dry fruit pulp over the dish. You can do the same to your favorite oatmeal or buckwheat and take a vitamin boost in the morning. Adding some nuts or sliced coconut will energize your breakfast even further and help seize the morning.

5. Soups

Throw some vegetable pulp into your favorite soup or stew and make it more appealing. For irresistible taste, try putting in some potatoes, fresh onions, and garlic into the mixture as well.

6. Quiche

You can increase the sum of goodness (nutrients and fiber) in your quiche simply by whipping a bit of veggie pulp into the egg blend. It is also possible to layer with cheese and ham before baking them for added zest.

7. Meatballs

If it's not the most popular recipe for food addicts, applying your vegetable juice leftovers to meatballs and burgers is a perfect way to pack some extra flavor.

8. Pulp Ball

You can make a healthy snack by dropping some honey into your fruit pulp and then roll it into tiny balls. To make them palatable, place those balls in a dehydrator or in your oven on the lowest setting.

9. Dipping Sauce

Chip dip could be a brilliant recipe when trying to utilize your vegetable pulp. Try mixing them up with sour cream for an excellent result. You can also turn them into pleasant chutneys, or simply add them to your homemade hummus for a revitalizing essence.

10. Aromatic Tea

In case you're a fan of aromatic tea, using the fruit pulp can help. At first, you have to dry out the pulp and then pour boiled water followed by some flower varieties, cinnamon, vanilla, and cardamom to create a delightful tea. By this, you have the good phytonutrients, and additional flavor fold up into a single cup.

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11. Bread Crumbs

Although it's not bread, dried vegetables/fruit pulp will make a perfect topping for salad, and substitute bread crumbs in typical bakery products such as bread pudding (apply fruit pulp) and stuffing (apply vegetable pulp).

12. Muffins & Bread

Juice pulp can be used as moisture additives for a delicious nutrient-packed muffin or bread recipe. For distinctive flavor, you can try putting in oranges, berries, and carrots in a combo.

13. Smoothie Thickener

A great way to use your fruits and vegetable pulp is to introduce them to your smoothie. When mixed with a creamy texture, it will thicken your favorite smoothie, improve its flavor, and add healthy fibers to it. It is more relevant and a good fit, particularly for protein smoothies.

14. Ice Cubes

In case you're tired of drinking plain juice every now and then, try something different. You can freeze your fruit pulp to ice cubes and add them to your glass. This will give your dose of nutrients in the most unique way.

15. Dog Treats

Needless to say, like humans, dogs need their share of fruits and vegetables to remain healthy. And, there is less chance that feeding them with corn and dog chow is providing enough to what they need. You can add more nutrients into their diet, preparing your doggy snack with veggie pulp and peanut butter. The compelling taste will surely keep them begging for more.

16. Fertilizer

You can turn the fresh juice pulp to a healthy mulch and dig them into the soil around your plants and trees. This will act as food for soil-adorning worms and become a good fertilizer to promote healthy fungal in the end.

17. Compost

By putting in the fresh pulp, you may want to add to your collection of the compost bin. Knowing that these pulps contain healthy vitamins, they can be used to restore mycorrhizal growth in your lawn. However, don't just leave the pulp as dump because doing this may attract bugs and other pests. Rather you should stir them up and help speed decomposition.

Wrapping Up of 17 ways to use the leftover juice pulp

I hope you enjoyed the above 17 ways to use the leftover juice pulp. And, I also believe that the above information has helped you understand the different ways you can put your juice pulp into good use. As mentioned earlier, the leftover pulp is full of helpful fibers, and coming to the end, I would suggest you try and incorporate more into your diet before tossing them into a waste bin.

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