Best Juicer For Leafy Greens – Top 10 Models Of 2022 Reviewed

Choosing the best juicer for leafy greens is your ticket to a glass of nutrient-dense juice every morning before you head about your day.

Not only that, having a juicer is an excellent way to avoid fast food junk and incorporate more greens in your busy life. You can also give up eating a ton of vegetables every day and yet get your daily dose of nutrition.

That said, leafy greens are fibrous, and tossing them in the wrong machine can bind up the process, and might wake your neighbors up.

So, you have to decide which juicer is best for leafy greens. But if you can't make it, let our veteran set your mind at peace today with in-depth reviews on top 10 products to date.

You can also scroll down to the buying guide first and use it while selecting your best juicer for greens.

So, without further ado, here we go.

Juicers are divided into two main categories: centrifugal and masticating. Centrifugal juicers are ideal for juicing in a hurry. They're also inexpensive and simple to use. With a centrifugal juicer, you may juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables such as apple, carrot, beetroots, and more in a short amount of time.

Although centrifugal juicers have a high-powered engine and blades that rotate at a fast speed, centrifugal juicers cannot handle fibrous food like kale or spinach that are thin and less watery than carrots or beetroots. It's not that a centrifugal juicer won't extract juice from greens, but the amount of juice extracted will be negligible compared to the pulp it will eject. Juice will also have a very light tint due to oxidation and a lower vitamin content.

Masticating juicers, on the other hand, revolve slowly and thoroughly, masticating the greens and other fruits and vegetables. The produce is crushed and squeezed finely in masticating or cold press juicers. As a result, you'll get the highest yield possible with only a small amount of dry pulp leftover.

Instead of blades, masticating juicers usually contain a screw auger (occasionally two) that turns at a very slow rpm. Masticating juicers typically have an auger rotation speed of 40–80 rpm, whereas centrifugal juicers have blade rotation speeds of 6000–10000 rpm. Cold press technique ensures that there is little to no oxidation throughout the juicing process.

As a result, despite their high cost and the requirement for some pre-chopping, masticating or cold press juicers are the best option for greens. With a masticating juicer, you can juice ginger, spinach, dandelion, kale, apple, and beetroots efficiently and simply.

Our Favorite 10 Best Juicer For Leafy Greens And Fruits

1. Editor's Choice - Tribest GSE-5000 Masticating Juicer

2. Best Value - Omega NC900HDC Dual Stage Masticating Extractor

3. Most Powerful - Tribest SW-2000 Cold Press Juicer

4. Easiest To Clean - Mueller Austria Ultra Cold Press Juicer

5. Budget Pick - KOIOS Masticating Juicer Extractor

6. Best Fit For Kitchen – Omega VRT350 Slow Juicer

7. Best Wide Mouth Juicer - KUVINGS B6000S Whole Slow Juicer

8. Best Slow Juicer For Home Use - Nutribullet Slow Juicer NBJ50300

9. Best Quiet Cold Press Juicer - Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer

10. Best Centrifugal For Leafy Greens - Breville BJE830BSS Centrifugal Cold Juice

Comparison Table for the Best Juicer for Greens








Tribest GSE-5000 Masticating Juicer


17.2 lbs.

BPA-free Plastic



5 years

Omega NC900HDC Dual Stage Masticating Extractor


13 lbs.

BPA-free Plastic



15 years

Tribest SW-2000 Cold Press Juicer


18 lbs.

BPA-free Plastic

Duoblade Double-Edged Ultem Auger


10 years

Mueller Austria Ultra Cold Press Juicer


12.2 lbs.

BPA-free Plastic



2 years

KOIOS Masticating Juicer Extractor


9.68 lbs.

BPA-free Plastic

Single Auger Three Stage Spiral Warm


3 years (10 years for motor)

Omega VRT350 Slow Juicer


18 lbs.

Plastic Body, Stainless Steel Blade

Single Auger Dual stage


10 years

KUVINGS B6000S Whole Slow Juicer


14.2 lbs.

Plastic Body, Stainless Steel Blade



10 years

Nutribullet Slow Juicer NBJ50300


11 lbs.

Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Plastic

Steel-Tipped Auger


1 year

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor


11.08 lbs.

Food Grade Plastic



2 years

Breville BJE830BSS Centrifugal Cold Juicer


14.3 lbs.

Stainless Steel

Cold Spin Technology


1 year

Reviews of 10 Best Juicer for Leafy Greens

1. Editor's Choice - Tribest GSE-5000 Masticating Juicer

Arguably the best juicer when it comes to juicing leafy greens is none other than the Tribest GSE-5000 Elite Cold Press. And, for hardcore green juice lovers who don't limit themselves from investing, this twin gear versatile juicer will be an outstanding choice.

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite


  • Type: Horizontal twin gear masticating juicer
  • Speed: 110 RPM
  • Motor Power: 200W
  • Voltage: Available in 120v and 220v
  • Dimension: 18.6" x 6.8" x 12.4"
  • Weight: 27 lbs. (12.25kg)
  • Color: Black / Chrome / White

Features of Tribest GreenStar Elite 5000

Complete Mastication
Tribest GreenStar Elite 5000 features innovative twin gears that replicate the human teeth in a three-stage complete juicing system.

This includes pocket recesses (for slicing), the cutting point (cut hard pieces), and the strong gear teeth base (for crushing to squeeze the juice out).

Thereby you don't have to cut your kale or celery into tiny pieces, and their fibers won't clog up the pulp ejection system too.

Mixing Stage
A new mixing stage will then make them interact better and thereby improve the overall nutrients.

Longer Shelf Life
Tribest Green Elite 5000 also utilizes a bio-ceramic magnetic technology that preserves vitamins and enzymes for up to three days. The juices will absorb into your body more easily due to this.

The twin gears are unique with stainless steel and stain-resistant nylon for maximum durability.

Minimal Oxidation
With a slow 110 RPM speed, this juicer reduces oxidation giving you a high-quality juice with better taste and health benefits.

Easy To Use
With fewer parts and sleek design, the juicer is easy to use and assemble. You also have cleaning brushes and scrapers in the box to make cleaning a breeze.

Pressure Adjusting
You can control the pulp ejection via an adjusting knob that prevents jamming while handling a variety of produce within the juicing chamber.

Versatile Juicer
The versatile juicer maximizes your scope in the kitchen, including sauces, nut butter, sorbets, and pate. With twin gears, it can serve as a food processor too for delicious dessert and snacks. 


  • Heavy-duty, durable juicer
  • Excellent blending power
  • Pretty quiet operation
  • 15 years warranty


  • Quite expensive

2. Best Value - Omega NC900HDC Dual Stage Masticating Extractor

Omega Nutrition Center NC900HDC is a rare class among the single gear masticators. It uses an efficient auger system to squeeze out every drop of nutrients from leafy produces to give you an immediate health boost. With a sleek chrome finish, it's hard to find one better design than this Omega NC900HDC.

Omega NC900HDC Dual Stage Masticating Extractor


  • Type: Horizontal single gear masticating juicer
  • Speed: 80 RPM
  • Motor Power: 150W
  • Voltage: Available in 120v and 220v
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 6½" x 14½" x 15½"
  • Weight: 13 lbs. (5.5kg)
  • Color: Metallic

Features of Omega NC900HDC

5 Settings
A significant highlight of this product is the adjustable end cap that allows you to juice produces with different density. With settings from 1-3, you can produce more juice from thin leaves.

High Yield
This dual-stage slow juicer extract juices from hard roots giving you the highest yield from minimum produces.

Long-Lasting Juices
With only 80 RPM gear speed, this slow masticating juicer ensures minimal heat buildup and oxidation, which locks more enzymes and vitamins for long-lasting juices.

Versatile Juicer
The NC900HDS Juicer & Nutrition System, with its 6 nozzles, is more than just a juicer for leafy greens. You can add some healthy fats into your diet, making nut butter, and soy milk.

There is no need to buy a separate machine as well to grind the coffee, make baby foods, mince herbs and garlic, and to make extruded pasta, frozen desserts, or other healthy snacks.

This juicer features a bigger feeding chute than some Omega models, so you can shorten your prepping time before juicing.

Easy To Clean
The plastic parts are all removable that makes cleaning uncomplicated. You can easily disassemble and soak those parts into warm soapy water immediately after use. It only takes 5 minutes for clean-up.


  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Fairly priced
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Removable plastic parts prevent the risk of rust


  • Plastic parts are not sturdy
  • Might produce high vibration during juicing

3. Most Powerful - Tribest SW-2000 Cold Press Juicer

Tribest SW-2000 Slow Juicer exhibits excellent features and doesn't come with a hefty price making it a strong contender for best cold press juicers for leafy greens.

Tribest SW-2000 Cold Press Juicer


  • Type: 2-in-1 Vertical Slow Juicer & Mincer
  • Speed: 47 RPM
  • Motor Power: 200W
  • Voltage: Available in 120v and 220v
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 8" x 8" x 18"
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Color: Red / Silver

Features of Tribest SW-2000

47 RPM Cold Press
This vertical cold press juicer gives you high-quality juice every time. Thanks to its 47 RPM lowest speed, which means nearly no oxidation and minimal nutrient loss.

Powerful Technology
With its 200-watt powerful motor and 3 stage gear reduction, the device produces crushing force twice than other competing cold press juicers. The result is a high yield with less effort.

Duo-Blade Auger
Duo-blade auger makes juicing faster providing 2x's more cutting power compared to other vertical slow juicers. This makes juicing incredibly easier, even for a beginner.

Mincing Attachment
The 2-in-1 versatile juicer includes mincing attachment to turn it into a food homogenizer. The convertible culinary option is great to enjoy anything from frozen sorbets to salsas.

Detachable Juice Cap
With Tribest SW-2000, you can control the juice flow, switch juice pitchers, pre-mix your juice and even stop spillage during the process by opening or closing the cap. The detachable feature makes clean-up easy post juicing.


  • 10 years warranty
  • Noise-free juicing
  • Safe BPA-free plastic
  • No messy leaks and drips
  • Juice a variety of hard & soft foods


  • Narrow chute (1.5" x 2") requires pre-cut produce

4. Easiest To Clean - Mueller Austria Ultra Cold Press Juicer

If you are searching for the best commercial juicers for leafy greens, then Mueller Ultra Cold Press Masticator could be an excellent choice. This affordable product is engineered in Germany and has gone through professional-grade inspections. Clearly, this is your chance to get healthier in an economical way with a reliable juicer.

Mueller Austria Ultra Cold Press Juicer


  • Type: Vertical Slow Cold Press Juicer
  • Speed: 60 RPM
  • Motor Power: N/A
  • Voltage: Available in 120v and 220v
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 14.45" x 13.5" x 12.45"
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Color: Gray

Features of Mueller Austria Juicer

Bigger Feed Chute
With its 3" large chute, you can throw large pieces of fruits or a bunch of green leaves and juice happily ever after.

Greater Yield
This juicer spins at 60 RPM only. This allows it to extract 60% more juice and 50% more nutrients compared to centrifugal juicers. The slow mechanism also translates into drip pulp, fewer clogging, and juice with less foaming.

Easy Clean-up
The cold press juicer features an anti-drop design that assists trouble-free clean-ups with little messes on the counter.

Safety Sensor

The safety sensor button is easy to use and reduces accidents. It prevents the juicer from operation if all parts are not installed properly.


  • Quiet operation
  • Quality juice yield
  • Economically priced
  • Highly durable juicer
  • BPA free plastic compound


  • Only 2-years warranty (additional 2-years if registered with the manufacturer)

5. Best Fit For Kitchen Countertop – Omega VRT350 Slow Juicer

The Omega VRT350 is a compact juicer designed to squeeze maximum juice from green leaves without froth & foam. And, at a fair price tag, it's one of the best deals for a quality masticating extractor.

Omega VRT350 Slow Juicer


  • Type: Vertical masticating juicer
  • Speed: 80 RPM
  • Motor Power: 150w
  • Voltage: Available in 120v and 220v
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 7" x 8½" x 15½"
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Color: White / Stain

Features of Omega VRT350

Slow Masticating
This slow speed juicer spins at 80 RPM allowing the juice to retain optimum nutrients and natural flavor. This also limits oxidation, don't corrupt live enzymes and store the juice up to 72 hours.

This juicer is famous for its productivity as it delivers a good amount of juice from the least amount of leafy greens.

Dual Stage
Omega VRT350 uses dual-stage masticating. It features an efficient auger that crushes the produce slowly and then squeezes them during the second phase for the highest possible yield.

Three Setting
The On, Off & Reverse option is very handy. Using the reverse function, you can unclog the juicer had anything stuck in it.

Cleaning is easy as it allows water to pour through the chute when changing ingredients. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient hopper
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Powerful 150-watt motor
  • Affordable quality leafy green juicer
  • Comes with a pusher to guide ingredients in


  • Might get clogged with fibrous produce like kale

6. Budget Pick - KOIOS Masticating Juicer Extractor

If you want a study masticating juicer to efficiently extract fibrous fruits and veggies, then KOIOS slow clod press is worth considering for the price and the features it provides. The quality is evident and backed with a ton of positive feedbacks from users.

KOIOS Masticating Juicer Extractor


  • Type: Horizontal quiet motor masticating juicer
  • Speed: 80 RPM
  • Motor Power:
  • Voltage: Available in 120v and 220v
  • Dimension (WxDxH):
  • Weight: 9.68 lbs.
  • Color: Red / Black

Features KOIOS slow cold press juicer

KOIOS Slow Cold Press is no exception than previous juicers that we've reviewed so far in terms of minimizing oxidation (only 5%) and retaining nutrients (Vitamin transfer 79.5%).

The 80 RPM low masticator produces quality fresh juice for 72 hours of shelf life before losing natural aromas and nutritional values.

Long Spiral System
KOIOS features an incredible 7 level spiral to fully squeeze out juices, leading to almost 90% yield. It perfectly separates the juice from pulp causing less residue.

Durable Product
The auger is made from strong plastic that withstands a high-pressure environment. Juicer stays stable during the juicing course. The high-quality Kernel motor is made in Germany and keeps it ahead of the competition.

Simple Clean-up
Cleaning brush and shovel will simplify cleaning. The design is simple and allows easy assembling post-cleanup.

Quiet & Convenient
With less than 60db (decibels) noise, the juicer stays fairly silent, keeping the kitchen quiet and comfortable.


  • Higher yields
  • Ensure minimum oxidation and maximum nutrient content
  • Easy to assemble and to clean
  • Safer, even for use by children
  • Quiet engine-ensures noiseless juicing
  • 10-years warranty for the motor
  • Facilitate control of taste and pulp for customization


  • A few users rated the manufacturer negatively on poor feedback

7. Best Wide Mouth Whole Juicer - KUVINGS B6000S Whole Slow Juicer

KUVINGS is a trusted brand among juicing experts, and our reviews on the best juicer for leafy greens would be incomplete if you don't include their best juicer. KUVINGS B6000S is more than just a juicer that lets you explore with smoothies, baby food, and nut milk apart from juicing fruits, and herbs.

KUVINGS B6000S Whole Slow Juicer


  • Type: Vertical whole slow juicer
  • Speed: 80 RPM
  • Motor Power: 240w
  • Voltage: Available in 110v
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 9" x 8.2" x 17.6"
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Color: Red / Silver / White

Features of KUVINGS B6000S Whole Slow Juicer

Time Saver
Kuvings B6000S features a 3" wide chute to easily feed in ingredients without much cutting. This reduces your prep time and nutritional loss from chopping. It also includes a detachable drip-free juice cap for better-mixed juices and quick rinse between recipes.

Slow Masticating Juicer
The slow rotating screw crushes and squeezes leafy greens at 60 RPM. This low-speed technology is ideal to delay oxidation and retain maximum goodness in the juice.

Powerful & Efficient
This juicer is equipped with a heavy-duty 240-watt motor that produces the highest torque for effortless crushing. The pulp outlet duct helps with more juice and less pulp. Sieve helps you determine pulp size in your juice as well.

Additional Accessories
The package includes a rotating brush made to clean the strainer. Moreover, you can switch the mood and make frozen desserts by changing the strainer with sorbet maker attachment (blank strainer).


  • Versatile juicer
  • Powerful motor
  • 10-years warranty
  • Advance quality material
  • BPA-free safe components
  • Quiet and vibration-free


  • A bit expensive

8. Best Slow Juicer For Home Use - Nutribullet Slow Juicer NBJ50300

Nutribullet NBJ50300 juicer could be your passport to lead a healthy life in an affordable way. Because we're reviewing one of the most reasonable masticating juicers here. However, pricing is not the icing on the cake since the quality of this product is beyond average.

Nutribullet Slow Juicer NBJ50300


  • Type: Vertical slow masticating juicer
  • Speed: 65 RPM
  • Motor Power: 150w
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 6.25" x 7" x 17"
  • Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Color: Charcoal Black

Features of Nutribullet NBJ50300

65 RPM Masticating
Nutribullet NBJ50300 is a slow juicer that prevents the motor from creating heat. This then produces juice with less foam and good nutrients.

Upgraded Auger
Nutribullet features ultra-compact size and a durable steel-tipped auger that provides sleek strength that squeezes maximum juice with minimal oxidation from the toughest fruits and vegetables compared to other cold press juicers.

Reverse Function
The juicer includes two switches ("ON" & "R"). "R" represents a reverse function to rotate the ingredients in the opposite direction and prevent clogging.

Easy Assemble & Clean
The juicer comes with easy to assemble removable parts. They are dishwashing safe, and you'll also get a cleaning brush as an added benefit. Its no-drip spout helps you to pour any amount of juice without sputtering on the countertop.

Low Decibel Noise
The machines extract juices at less than 60 dB noise. So, use it early morning or late at night without disturbing your baby's sleep.

Efficient Pulp Separation
The slow juicer has a powerful strainer to separate pomace perfectly from fruit, leaving less pulp. This will surely attract your children who hate taking raw fruits.


  • High torque and low speed for optimum nutrition
  • Wide mouth helps cut the prep time significantly
  • Hassle-free cleaning with easy to disassemble parts
  • Retain natural taste
  • BPA free Tritan material
  • It comes with a 24 oz. juice container for convenience


  • Offer warranty for only a single year

9. Best Quiet Cold Press Juicer - Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor

Aobosi is the cheapest product on our list, but you don't have to comprise the quality from a standard slow juicer. If you are a beginner in the world of juicing, then it's an excellent option to start with.

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor


  • Type: Horizontal slow masticating juicer
  • Speed: 80 RPM
  • Motor Power: 150w
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 14.4" x 11.7" x 11"
  • Weight: 10.2 lbs.
  • Color: Red

Features of Aobosi masticating juicer

Under $120, it is one of the best slow juicers for greens, fruits, and vegetables. This masticator will allow you to drink a cup of rich juice with little pulp and foam.

Slow Masticator
There is nothing new about this model than our previous 80 RPM slow masticating juicers. But if you match this with a centrifugal juicer, it gives you 20% more juice with 30% more vitamins.

High Juice Yield
It comes with an improved 7 spiral system to extract 90% juice yield and preserve maximum nutrition.

Easy Cleaning
Aobosi juicer provides reverse function too, which is rare for the price it comes. It also features a safety lock design. This lets you assemble and disassemble the removable parts in minutes. As a bonus, you will get a cleaning brush too.


  • Low price juicer
  • Dishwashing safe
  • Easy to carry (10.2 lbs)
  • Food grade Tritan made materials


  • Not a sizable chute

10. Best Centrifugal For Leafy Greens - Breville BJE830BSS1B

Centrifugal juicers can never come close to slow masticating juicers in terms of nutrient-rich high yield juice. That said, Breville BJE830BSS1B is best in the class that can perform considerably well to juice leafy greens.

So, investing in this best centrifugal juicer for greens is worthwhile since you'll be saving a ton of time to juice and hassle to clean compared to a slow juicer.

Breville BJE830BSS1B Centrifugal Cold Juicer


  • Type: Vertical centrifugal juicer
  • Speed: 5x faster than slow juicers
  • Motor Power: 1200w
  • Voltage: 110-120v
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 13.4" x 13" x 17.4"
  • Weight: 14.3 lbs.
  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel

Key Features of Breville BJE830BSS1B

Fast Setting
The centrifugal juicer can extract 70 fl. oz juice from kale five times faster than a cold-press model. However, you will need more produce to feed into the chute as well.

Cold Spin Technology
This Breville juicer is laboratory tested for insignificant heat transfer to the juice. This breakthrough comes courtesy of cold spin technology.

This advanced technology advocates their claims to offer a 72-hour shelf life making it the best Breville juicer for leafy greens.

Efficient Design
Its 3.5" wide chute is very convenient to feed in a bunch of ingredients. It will cut your preparation time remarkably. The unique rivets on the feed tube also help guide the products easily. Moreover, the stainless steel mesh filter produces clean juice.

Noise Reduction
While the stainless steel interior is already noise optimized, juicing with the quiet setting will further reduce it by 40% to make it ideal for home use.


  • Space-saving design
  • Extremely fast to produce the end result
  • Two speed setting for versatile juicing
  • Dishwashing safe detachable parts


  • High RPM cause oxidation to limit juice merit

Best Juicer For Leafy Greens: Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right juicer and getting the most out of your leafy greens takes some features into consideration.

Now let's briefly discuss them so that you can make an informed decision.

Type of Juicer: Masticating Vs Centrifugal

As the heading suggests, you'll find two kinds of juicer to juice leafy greens. Centrifugal juicers are fast due to their flat cutting blade that flings the produce at high speed. They have a wide chute and very easy to use.

While this type of machine works best with harder produce they struggle to press out enough juice from thin leaves. The fast-spinning mechanism also produces heat that lowers the nutrients and live enzymes in the greens.

On the other hand, masticating juicer, aka cold press, often uses an auger (or two in two gear masticating) to grind food and extract more juice from a slow but powerful squeeze. They don't spin, and the slow-motion produces little heat. This helps them retain more nutrients in the juice.

Thus masticating juicers are ideal for a cup of high yielding, thicker, and less frothy leafy green juice compared to centrifugal machines.

Speed (RPM)

The lower the speed, the better the juice will be with more fiber and nutrients in it. Slow masticating juicers prevent oxidation and give you the highest yield, which you can preserve well up to 72 hours. For juicing leafy greens, however, a masticating juicer with an RPM between 60 to 80 is usually the best standard.

Frequency of Use

If you have a multi-user household, you can get away with a masticating juicer having slightly higher RPM than others (such as Tribest GSE-5000), but for us, centrifugal juicers are best in this instance. They require minimal prep time and are able to withstand the strain.

You have to check whether it has different settings to accommodate harder and softer ingredients.


If you are someone who uses the juicer frequently or have a plan to extend the juicing scope, then a stainless steel built machine would be more appropriate. They are sturdy and able to power through harder vegetables as opposed to the plastic components.

Chute Size

Consider the chute size as well because smaller chute increases the prep time as you have to precut the produce before you can hope them in. We recommend a minimum of 3 inches for the chute, but don't try to put too much in at once.


If you go for a vertical design, make sure the weight is good enough to remain in place during the juicing.


Buying a juicer is a significant investment, and you should able to make the best use of it. That's why you should opt for a versatile juicer that can widen your scope in what you can juice.

Ease of Cleaning

Nobody loves to spend their time cleaning up in the kitchen. That's why everyone prefers juicers that are easy to disassemble and clean.

You'll also want your juicer to be dishwashing safe. Having additional tools like a cleaning brush is an added benefit. Purchasing models like Omega VRT350 that offers a self-cleaning feature could save you a great deal of hassle.

Noise Level

We all love our kitchen to be calm and peaceful, right? Therefore check out whether the machine runs at low enough RPM during the juice-making process. This then converts into lower decibels (usually below 60).


Firstly, you should weigh your needs with your budget so that you can get the best product within your reach. And, depending on the quality and number of features, the standard price to get the best juicers for leafy greens can range between 150 to 500 USD.


Machines can be fallible regardless of how durable it seems. And, a solid warranty or replacement option means you can cover any mishaps had it happen from your juicing adventures.

How To Make Leafy Greens Juice?

Making juices from leafy greens is simple. However, there is little difference in the way you extract juices from herbs & greens, and the process you would follow for fruits & vegetables.

Here is how to make leafy greens juice in three steps.

Start Slow
If you've recently added the green juices into your diet, then start with a few leaves first and then gradually work the way up to a full glass. Give your body some time to adjust to the potent juice. Otherwise, the detoxifying effect might put you into nausea, which is a bad thing.

Roll The Ingredients
Before you slide the greens into the juicer, roll them tightly so that it becomes easier going into the feeding tube. This tip works great, especially when you have got a juicer with a small chute.

Make Your Juice Palatable
Some leafy greens are bitter, and there is nothing tasty about them despite the rich vitamins and minerals they contain. However, you can add fruits and mask the unwanted flavor. Using apples is one of the best ways to neutralize the bitterness and increase the taste.

Finally, rotate your leafy greens over the week and give yourself the chance to drink juices with unique vitamins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I drink leafy green juice every day?

Yes, you can drink leafy juices every day and boost your daily dose of vitamins.

Q2. What leafy greens are easiest to juice?

Spinach, Kale, Collard greens, Swiss chard, Celery, Mustard greens are some of the easiest leafy greens you can juice and find delicious recipes online.

Q3. What is the best time to drink kale and spinach juice?

Morning is the most suitable time to drink kale & spinach juice so that you can jumpstart your day with antioxidants and other healthy compounds.

Q4. How much kale and spinach should you drink a day?

Although there is no official instruction, a single cup (eight ounces) of kale or spinach juice should be enough for the required daily intake of Vitamins.

Q5. How much kale do you need to juice?

There is no hard and fast rule; rather, it depends on the type of recipe and the juicer. Usually, for a cup of pure kale juice, a couple of bunches in the masticating juicer would be fine.

Wrapping Up

Owning the best juicer for leafy greens is crucial if you want to extract nutrient-rich juice and maintain a healthy diet in your daily lives. And, for a die-hard juicer, the significance of knowing what is the best juicer for leafy greens and fruits can't be overlooked too.

Nonetheless, a quick reminder - Tribest GSE-5000 is our recommended best juicer for fruits vegetables and leafy greens. But it is more on the pricier side and thus best for commercial purposes.

Omega NC900HDC is the best juicer for vegetables and leafy greens at a fair price. It provides high yielding long-lasting juices and offers an incredible 15 years warranty.

However, we recommend Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer is the best masticating juicer for leafy greens to the individual who wants to start with an inexpensive machine. It is easy to clean and will give you the best outcomes within your budget.

Lastly, we hope that you are able to find useful insights from our reviews and buy the juicer that suits your needs.

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