Best Champion Juicer Reviews In 2022 [Top Models Compared]

You wake up from the bed as the sun kisses your cheek. To make your ‘Good morning’ even better, a fresh glass of celery juice doesn’t feel less of a charmer.

So, you reach your kitchen, go for the veggies, and it’s time to make some juice out of it. But wait, something’s wrong with the juicer. It’s not crushing your veggies like it used to.

Well, this is what happens when you buy the typical juicers from the market. If you want ultimate performance and functionality, you should get something from Champion.

This juicer brand makes amazing products, unlike any other. From now on, you’ll have every bit of your veggies crushed within a snap. Want to get your hands on the perfect juicer? Make sure you give the best Champion juicer reviews a read.

A Quick Overview Of The Best Champion Juicers

1. Best Heavy Duty Commercial Juicer – Champion G5 PG710 Juicer

With the Champion G5 PG710 single auger, you can extract a big volume of juice without any foam. It’s also simple to switch from commercial to household use. It comes with a ten-year warranty.

2. Best Household Heavy-Duty Juicer – Champion 2000 G5-NG853S

The Champion juicer 2000 G5-NG853S is equipped with a powerful 1/3 HP heavy-duty electric motor that allows you to juice your fruits and veggies continuously. It also comes with a 1.75″ feed tube and a 10-year warranty.

3. Best Household Masticating Juicer – Champion 4000 Juicer

If you want a juicer that operates like a champ, the Champion 4000 is the best option. It has a Poly-Carbonate plastic motor cover and four lugs, making it 6 times more powerful than the 2000 model. There are two augers on it.

4. Best Commercial Heavy Duty White Juicer – Champion G5-PG710

It is simple to use and constructed with all heavy-duty metal parts. You will no longer need any intermittent cleaning too, makes it is the best commercial heavy-duty juicer. Made in the USA.

5. Dual Auger Professional Masticating Juicer – Champion 5000

The Champion 5000 juicer’s twin auger gives you peace of mind when juicing any fruits and vegetables or preparing nut butter. A powerful 1/3 HP DC variable-speed motor is used in its construction. It comes in a variety of colors, including Cherry Red, Midnight Black, and Ivory.

Top 5 Champion Juicer Reviews

Are you excited to meet the true champions? So am I. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Best Heavy Duty Commercial Juicer – Champion G5 PG710 Juicer

Champion G5 PG710 Heavy Duty Commercial Juicer

Key Specifications:

Black Color
Stainless Steel Shaft
110 to 220 volts motor
1/3 Horsepower, 1725 RPM
17 x 7 x 10 inches
23 pounds 

The first one on our list has ‘heavy-duty’ right in the name! And if that wasn’t reassuring enough, this is the latest version of Champion juicers, with all the cutting-edge utilities, to make sure you don’t miss out on anything healthy in your already-rich milkshake.

It has attributes that make it heavy duty, thus extract the juice from the hardest of fruits and veggies. I’m not going to say it can endure a coconut (well, you can’t throw a coconut in it anyway to check if I’m right!), but it can juice, mash or shred carrots, apples, pears, even peanuts for your favorite peanut butter!

The main shaft is made of stainless steel, which makes it this strong and durable. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your juicer, don’t leave it wet for long after washing it, because then it’ll start to rust. However, the stainless-steel shaft of this one will resist corrosion and stay with you for a long time!

To successfully mash all those hard fruits, you need to have a lot of power. How much? Well, how does 1/3 Horsepower sound? It’s as powerful as many sump pumps in the market! And it can run on 110 to 220 volts and can withstand power fluctuations of 50-60 hertz. Clearly, it’s here to stay.

Every rotating body needs the support of a bearing, which eliminates the friction between the contact surfaces, like your bike. This one also comes with a ball bearing so that the shaft can spin smoothly at maximum speed. You can choose the speed for your convenience.

With so few parts, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble, and that makes it so easy to clean! Make peanut butter, salad, juice, baby food anything! Our Champion here has got it covered!

Mind-Blowing Features:

  • It’s a high-speed single-auger masticating juicer.
  • It has a heavy-duty front and rear ball bearing.
  • Its heavy-duty motor has extra copper winding for greater starting torque.
  • The motor shaft is made of stainless steel for longer life.
  • It comes in the color of black and white.


  • You can easily prepare healthy and flavorful food with this juicer.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It’ll not wake you up while juicing as of its low noise technology.
  • It is made of durable, and corrosion-free material for long-lasting use.
  • Suitable for different purposes.


  • It sometimes overheated if you run it continuously for longer time.

Verdict: All in all, breakfast in bed experience would be reaching a whole new level with a juicer this efficient and amazing.

2. Best Household Heavy-Duty Juicer – Champion 2000 G5-NG853S

Champion juicer 2000 G5-NG853S Household

Key Specifications:

White color
Tempered stainless steel blade
Weighs 23.2 pounds
19 x 12 x 12 inches
1/3 HP GE motor
110V, AC 

Do you feel that you don’t eat healthy enough because you don’t have the time? Well, if that’s your concern, then this juicer has come to the rescue.

This juicer has a wide 1.75″ feed tube. Normally when you’re late for office because you woke up late, you skip the juice because it takes so much time to make it. With such a wide feed tube, you can stuff a lot of fruits or vegetables at the same, without cutting them tiny. Time to juice them all at once!

And the 1/3 Horsepower motor will take care of that increased load. It’s powerful and efficient. It can mash, juice, or shred hard fruits and veggies effortlessly. You can make a puree, nut butter, ice cream, sherbet, Sorbet, Salsa, etc. So, invite your pals for a game night and watch them go on and on about the tasty snacks!

Speaking of parties, the worst part of a party is cleaning up afterward. Although cleaning your rooms can be a pain, cleaning this juicer is do damn easy! Follow the instructions manual to assemble to disassemble the juicer. With so few parts, cleaning the juicer is a breeze.

The shaft and the blades for cutting are made from stainless steel; therefore, it can withstand any corrosion and maintain its top-notch quality for a long time! Because of the general electric motor has a 540-watt power, and the shaft can rotate at about 1725 rotations per minute. This juicer is an absolute powerhouse!

Many of us don’t like pulps in our juice. But don’t worry, Champion 2000 juicer has a floating cutter to separate and hold back most of the pulp! The juicer can run at 110 volts and 50 hertz, and come at 3 attractive colors: black silver, white and almond. It’s a home appliance you can’t miss!

Mind-Blowing Features:

  • The floating cutter configured for continuous juicing without a periodic cleaning.
  • The blades come in stainless steel.
  • It has a powerful heavy-duty 1/3 HP GE engine.
  • Built with a 1.75″ long, round feed tube.
  • It composed of all parts approved by the FDA.
  • It comes in color black, silver, almond and white.


  • It is ideal for juicing fruits and vegetables without stopping.
  • Easy to disassemble parts makes the cleaning process is a breeze.
  • Safe and Durable – made of FDA accepted plastic casing and steel blades.
  • Good for firm fruits and veggies.


  • Overheats while juicing soft green veg.

Verdict: This household juicer is the perfect addition in your counter to be used every day because the day should start with fresh juice.

3. Best Household Masticating Juicer – Champion 4000 Juicer

Champion 4000 Household Masticating Juicer

Key Specifications:

23.2 pounds
20.71 x 10.87 x 8.19 inches
540 watts a/c motor
1725 rotations per minute

Here comes the champ, the juicing master, the one which earned some of the best Champion juicer reviews!

Firstly, it’s a masticating juicer. If you’re not familiar with the type, a masticating juicer crushes and grinds the materials with its shaft. Normally, masticating juicers are slow; hence they are often called slow grinders. But the juice they deliver is rich, and the mouthfeel is awesome!

Now this one’s a bit different. Being equipped with a powerful 540 watts a/c motor like the Champion Juicer 2000, the juicer can rotate at a whopping 1725 rotations per minute rate! So, juicing becomes faster with this one. You can also adjust the speed to get different results.

This Champion masticating juicer comes with two augers, one for grinding and another for homogenizing green veggies. Its juice yield is impressive, comparable to that of a centrifugal juicer. It’s like you’re getting both for the price of one!

Champion juicer 4000 has the stainless-steel blades and shaft, which is why it also can resist the formation of rust. Hence you can wash it frequently; it’s absolutely safe! Even in the presence of elevated moisture, the double polycarbonate cover will protect it from corrosion of the key parts.

Not only that, but it’s also more durable than champion 2000 because it’s four lugs adjustment gives it 6 times the strength of the latter. So, this one is stronger and more efficient. But it has a small footprint, and much smaller in size than champion 2000, so you can keep it anywhere in your kitchen!

Even though it’s a bit costly, because of its longevity and strength, you’ll be getting more than what you paid for.

Mind-Blowing Features:

  • Built with the same heavy-duty motor as 2000 but with a short version.
  • The engine is covered with polycarbonate and has a handle.
  • This has four lags, 6-fold greater strength than the Champion 2000 juicer.
  • Constructed with wide feed tube 2.25-inch in diameter.
  • It has two separate augers – the grinding and the homogenizing.
  • This comes with a warranty of 5 years


  • Strong and long-lasting for quicker juicing
  • The small size goes with any kitchen style.
  • The use of a double auger provides for a higher juice production.
  • Dishwasher-safe components make cleanup a breeze.


  • It is a bit more expensive than other Champion juicers.
  • You need some practice to disassemble it.

Verdict: If you are that weird dude that likes pulps in their juice and bites on a KitKat without breaking a finger apart, this isn’t for you. But come to light, my child!

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4. Champion G5-PG710 Commercial Heavy-Duty White Juicer

Champion G5-PG710 Commercial Heavy-Duty White Juicer

Key Specifications:

White Color
The blade is galvanized metal
17 x 7 x 10 inches
20 lbs. weight

This one’s so great, the users gave it a common champion juicer review, which is, it lasts so long!

It’s made with heavy-duty, durable parts to make lots and lots of juice. The strong stainless-steel parts can kill any tough and sturdy fruits and vegetables effortlessly. The stainless steel can also resist failure due to corrosion. So, no matter how many times you wash it, it will last a lifetime!

With its latest Champion Juicer design, this monster can do more than just juicing. You can mash, chop, and mix fruits and veggies. Many tasty recipes can be done with this juicer. The feed tube is wide, so you can shove in a lot of foodstuffs at once. Moreover, there are no logs and screws, so it’s so simple by design!

Not just the design, it’s pretty easy to use also. The user manual is simple to learn, and the juicer is easy to take apart, clean, and reassemble in no time!

To crush a lot of veggies and fruits, you need a lot of power, thus torque. Our champ has lots of it! The added winding capacity amplifies the starting torque. So, the juicer gets into work right from the start. It also starts the cooler so that the motor doesn’t overheat. You’re getting a juicer that takes care of itself!

To maintain its max speed, the motors and the rotating parts need to move with little to no impact. Otherwise, they’ll break. But fear not, the rear ball bearing can take care of the impact, thus maintaining the maximum rotations per minute and run smoothly for many years.

If you hate pulps in your juice, the floating cutter reduces the pulp. It’s a champion juicer you must have!

Mind-Blowing Features:

  • Constructed with 1/3 HP continuous-duty AC engine.
  • It features an 8-blade cutter that can spin at 1725 RPM.
  • It can accommodate juicing effortlessly and homogenizes well.
  • The motor shaft is made of stainless steel.
  • The body and all parts are made of metal.
  • No heavy assembly needed


  • For smooth juicing, this design is versatile and improved.
  • High grade can juice difficult produce readily.
  • Simple to use; simply place the produces and receive immediate results.
  • A shaft constructed of steel will be provided.
  • Longevity is impressive.


  • The difficulty of removing the screen for cleaning

Verdict: If you’re a lazy bum like me. Congratulations! You found your perfect match. This is a lazy Susan dream that came true.

5. Champion 5000 Dual Auger Professional Masticating Juicer

Champion 5000 Dual Auger Professional Masticating Juicer

Key Specifications:

White color
1/3 HP variable motor, DC
Poly-Carbonate plastic enfold
20.5 x 11 x 8 inches
21.5 pounds

The last one on our list is another damn good masticating juicer. You have to try this if you need a professional juicer for various recipes. This one grinds, shreds, juice, and makes a paste, all in one! Make baby foods for your toddler, make salads for lunch, nut butter, ice creams, you will never run out of healthy food options!

Because it’s a masticating juicer, it’s an expert in juicing. This might not be as fast as a centrifugal juicer, but the juice will be rich, creamy, and delicious. The process of mastication does not produce extra heat, so you won’t have to worry about the essential vitamins getting destroyed.

This one has a powerful 1/3 HP motor that drives the shaft really fast. This essentially speeds up the juicing process. The blades act as a battering ram against the leafy or sturdy veggies or fruits. It comes with two augers, one for grinding and another for soft green leaves or vegetables.

Like many on the list, Champion 5000 comes with a polycarbonate plastic casing that makes it durable and strong. But Polycarbonate plastic doesn’t break easily and prevents the steel parts from catching rust. That’s why it can withstand many washes and still perform like a pro.

The professional juicer will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen because of its shiny plastic casing. The juicer comes with 3 exciting colors: Midnight Black, Cherry Red, and Ivory.

The powerful motor that comes with it can also be adjusted. It offers 11 different speeds to perform different operations. You can choose them based on the hardness of the fruits and vegetables. Just plug it in, turn it on, adjust speed, and start juicing!

Mind-Blowing Features:

  • It is a dual-auger masticating juicer with variable rpm.
  • It supports 11 different operating speeds from 350 to 1750 RPM.
  • Built with cutting-edge materials and shorter engine.
  • Designed with precision ball bearings for quieter running.
  • The motor shaft is made of inoxidable steel.
  • To allow fast mobility, it has a handle.


  • This powerful motor is great for juicing and preparing baby foods.
  • You can work at any time of day because of the silent functioning.
  • The polycarbonate housing ensures long-term performance.
  • Variable speed changes make it simple to process both soft and hard vegetables.


  • Not suitable to juice citrus fruits.

Verdict: The ones who bought this one isn’t yet heard to be disappointed. You might want to take your chances and give this whirl, because why not?

Champion Juicer 2000 Vs 4000 – Which Is Better?

4000 can surely be called the successor of the 2000 model. But the big question is Champion juicer 2000 vs 4000, which one would snatch the crown?

First things first, 2000 is by far the most exclusive in the category of singular auger juicer. The twist is 4000 has 2 augers, one of which specializes in leafy greens. Suddenly, 4000 gains the upper hand.

But wait, the body of 2000 is made of metal whereas the 4000 has a plastic body. Tight competition! But the plot twist is, 2000 has this additional kit that you can purchase which will allow you to have another auger that will demolish 4000 in terms of greens. And the show doesn’t stop here, the combined price of the attachment and 2000 is in the same range of 4000.

So, if you ask me, it’s definitely 2000 with the kit in the bag as well.

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Is the Champion Juicer A Masticating Juicer?

Buddy, it’s not only ‘A’ masticating juicer, it’s ‘The’ masticating juicer. In fact, it is the veteran of the masticating juicer race, Champion in the real OG.

With those galvanized blades that cut veggies like butter and powerful auger, it is believed to be the only true masticating juicers in the market. 

How To Use A Champion Juicer?

So, want to know how to use a champion juicer?

Here’s how, At first, the blank and shimmy the blank holder in place. Get the cutter and place it over the motor shaft. Then go ahead and attach the body. Grab the funnel if you want to grind smaller things like nuts and seeds. And with the help of a tamper, push those into the juicer.

What are you waiting for? Start juicing already!

How To Repair A Champion Juicer?

Even if you are quite handy around the house, it’s better to leave somethings to the professionals. Most of these juicers do definitely come with a user manual. If you are really eager to fix one yourself, try reading the user manual first and study what’s where first.

Pinpoint the problem area then. If you have successfully figured that out, with the help of a screwdriver, remove the shaft and look into the problem area. After that, the process is quite complicated. So, the best thing to do here is to ask for help from professionals. Or if you’re really in the DIY mood, watch a YouTube tutorial first.

How To Clean A Champion Juicer

Now that you know how to use a champion juicer and repair them as well, next up is how to clean them. You’d be relieved to know that these are super easy to clean. It literally takes 2 mins.

Firstly, dump out all of the pulp that on the juicer. Now get the slider out and clean it. Now that it’s off, get the cutter and the feeding tube out and clean properly. Basically, every part of it can be individually removed and cleaned.

If you are worried about the build-up, buy a cleaning solution. Or you can use a home-made recipe by combining equal parts of vinegar and water. Then add 4-5 tablespoons of lemon juice and voila! 

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Where To Buy Champion Juicer?

You can buy this from your local home appliance stores or order it online. You either can order directly from their website, or you can also go to amazon to get your juicer. Before that, be sure to check the authenticity and every other detail. Also, do check the shipping policies if you’re outside of the US.

Final Words

In this article of Champion Juicer Reviews, I sure did make it clear why this should be your ultimate pick. But you still have the freedom to look for yourself. Go ahead and do that, and I promise you that you will round up in here once again. So, maybe not waste your time and take my advice? Up to you. For now, live long and prosper! 

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