What Is The Best Juicer Blender Combo For 2022?

A juicer blender machine is an excellent choice for people who want to juice and blend without purchasing separate appliances. And if you are in search of the best juicer blender combo to simplify your daily fruit intake, you are in good company because that’s what we will cover today in this article.

Honestly speaking, there aren’t many juicer blenders in the market that can be considered best or outstanding. Juicing and blending are two completely separate functions and combining these two into a single device is difficult to manufacture.

However, given the popularity of such two-in-one products, few manufacturers have come forward with devices to serve the purpose of both a juicer and a blender to near perfection.

After thorough research, and lab test we have found top 10 contenders to make a list here:

1. Oster Pro 1200 Juicer Blender Combo
2. Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender
3. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo
4. Ninja BL480D Nutri 1000 Watt Auto-IQ
5. Homend Professional Kitchen Juicer Blenders
6. Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender
7. Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender
8. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender (with blade scraper)
9. Breville BJB840XL Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender
10. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender



Dimension (L x W x H)


Jar/Blender Size

Additional Accessories


Control Setting


14.25 x 7.25 x 8 inches

7 lbs

6 cup or 48 oz

  • 24 Oz smoothie cup

1200 watts

Smart one-touch control-
7 speeds + 3
pre-programmed settings (On/OFF, Stop)


10.5 x 7.5 x 13.88 inches

6.50 lbs

32 oz

  • 16oz double-wall travel cup with lock lid
  • 16oz single-wall travel cup with lock lid
  • 8oz chopper cup
  • Four reusable straws

1+ Peak HP motor

[1 hp = 746 watts]

Rotary Dial – Pulse, Low & High

Stainless Steel, Plastic

15.6 x 15.3 x 9.1 inches

4 lbs

64 oz

  • Tamper
  • 32 oz cup
  • 24 oz cup
  • to-go lids

1200 watts

Buttons - Extract, Low, Mid, High, Pulse


15.5 x 6 x 6 inches

5.6 lbs.

24 oz

  • Small 18 oz Nutri Ninja cup
  • sip & seal lids

1000 watts

Auto-iQ - two preset programs [Blend & Ultra Blend]



Plastic (Polypropylene)

15 x 12 x 10 inches

5 lbs

67 oz

  • 1 x mixer
  • 1 x Cap
  • 1 x Pestle

1400 watts

Rotary Dial -
5 speed and Pulse


8 x 6 x 17 inches

7.60 lbs

72 oz

  • Two 16 Oz Cups

1100 watts

4 manual programs [Power, 3 speeds, Pulse, and Single serve functions]


7 x 10 x 17.5 inches

10.1 lbs

72 oz

  • 3 cups (small, regular, jumbo) with sip & seal lids

1200 watts

Auto-iQ Technology -Preset Blending


11 x 8 x 18 inches

11.50 lbs

48 oz

  • Under Blade Scraper

2 HP [1 hp = 746 watts]

10 variable speed + Pulse feature


15.25 x 8 x 18 inches

26 lbs

40 oz

  • 51 Oz glass pitcher

1200 watts

Dial Knob -
5 variable speeds + Ice-crush, Smoothie, and Pulse settings


7.8 x 6.8 x 15.2 inches

7.7 lbs

40 oz

  • 20 Oz travel jar 
  • 3 cup food chopper/processing bowl

700 watts

Buttons - Mix, Puree, Dice, Grind

While blending and juicing well may seem like a lot to ask of a single kitchen appliance, the right model can provide you with a fantastic multipurpose tool. Investing on such a device will save space and money allowing you to buy and keep other accessories for your kitchen.

That sounds enough for now. Let’s start exploring our listed juicer blender in detail below. 

Best Juicer Blender Combo: 10 Model To Choose

1. Oster Pro 1200 Juicer Blender Combo

First in our list of 2-in-1 juicer and blender combos is the Oster Blender Pro 1200. This professional-grade food processor might just be the answer to all your kitchen needs. Let’s find out!

Oster Pro 1200 Juicer Blender Combo

Talk about the ultimate customizability; this incredible blender would offer outstanding food processing capabilities by combining seven different speed presets with three presets for the most common operations.

You’re also getting extended precision resulting from its dual-direction blade technology. As a result, the foods will have an even blending, creating a downward motion inside.

In terms of power, it’s just unbelievable. Coming with a 1200 watts power hungry engine and energetic 900 watts ice-breaking strength, this would get almost all the fruits and vegetables processed within minutes.

Extended noise levels may seem like an issue with this one, but keeping such minor flaws aside and this is undoubtedly one of the best juicer blender combo you can go for!

Why It's Great

  • 7 speed settings with three preset for fast and personalized processing 
  • Super precise food blending capabilities with dual direction blades
  • The immensely powerful motor handles all fruits and vegetables within seconds
  • Oster replacement policy is very user friendly. Customer service is good

Keep In Mind

  • May seem a bit too noisy 
  • Has fewer accessories

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2. Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender

No kitchen device guide is complete without the presence of the renowned Cuisinart. Here’s a detailed view of the Cuisinart CPB-380.

Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender

First, you’re getting a highly powerful 1+ peak HP motor set up. It’s powerful enough to break down whole fruits without needing to slice them up one by one before putting them inside the blender. 

Apart from this highly powerful motor, the device also uses a removable blade system, and unlike most blenders, you can offer a personalized cleaning so it doesn’t give off a smell in the long run. 

Further, it comes with BPA-free jars to blend and store your blended foods without chemical contamination for extended safety. 

Some may find it a bit problematic to keep it tight while the blending is being done. But, keeping aside the infrequent issues, this should surely be a decent item on the whole! 

Why It's Great

  • Powerful motor handles whole fruits without issues 
  • Blades can be removed for smell-free clean smoothies and shakes
  • BPA free jars are made with following German Food Safety measures. No potential health risks
  • Offers a wide range of blending options, including larger smoothies in the pitcher, single smoothies in the cup, and baby food in the small chopping cup

Keep In Mind

  • Could be more powerful on frozen fruits 
  • May seem a bit difficult to keep it locked in while operating

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3. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

Now we have the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z. It’s a juicer and blender in one that comes with unparalleled user satisfaction! Let’s find more about it!

Nutribullet znbf30500z blender combo

If you’re someone who likes to go full-on industrial, making nut butter and other highly demanding blending and crushing requirements, then this stainless steel twist extractor blade powered by 1200 watts power-hungry motor is something you should go for. 

Another signature move by the NutriBullet line is their travel cup setup. You can literally use the blender jar as your drinking mug and get the smoothies before heading out in a rush. The jars come with lidded covers, which can be used to keep it spill-free too!

Finally, it may seem a bit noisy like the Oster Blender Pro, but with easy blending, juicing, and cleaning capabilities, it’s simply one of the best juicer blender combo you can go for. 

Why It’s Great

  • Blender jar usable as smoothie or shake mug 
  • Blending, juicing capabilities with easily cleanable jars
  • Super fast and powerful twist extractor blade and the powerful motor combo makes almost anything possible
  • The pitcher is BPA-free and dishwasher safe

Keep In Mind

  • May seem a bit too loud 
  • The blade on the smaller cup is a bit flimsy

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4. Ninja BL480D Nutri 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base for Juices, Shakes & Smoothies

ninja bl480d nutri 1000 watt auto-iq base for juices

At the 4th position of our list, we have another professional-grade juicer blender, this time it’s Ninja BL480D. Let’s look at this item in detail.

Like the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z, this one also comes with extractor blades set up, which brings out the inner, nutritious texture of the fruits and vegetables and unleashes the rich and delicious flavor you never knew existed.

Further, the built-in, highly powerful 1000 watts motor gives it the edge in terms of crushing and slicing fruits, vegetables, ice, and whatever food you can name. The unbelievably fast rotation speed turns almost anything into juice within seconds.

There is some information that the manufacturer should’ve supplied, but they didn’t do so, like the users should clean the rubber gasket. Apart from the lack of instructions, this is undoubtedly among some of the best juicer and blender combos to go for.

Why It’s Great

  • Incredibly fast rotation speed produce quicker results 
  • Extractor blades bring out the inner texture of the fruits and vegetables
  • 1000 watts motor ferociously tackles fruits, vegetables, and ice
  • Suction cup feet secure the machine properly in place when operating

Keep In Mind

  • Only 2 presets. No dedicated juicing function 
  • Offers only a 24 oz blending capacity 

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5. Homend Professional Kitchen Juicer Blenders for Drinks and Smoothies

Homend Professional Kitchen Juicer Blenders for Drinks and Smoothies

Here is a mid-ranged blender at the fifth spot by Homend. Let’s dig deep!

Coming with a super-powerful 1400 watts motor set up, this is a complete blender that can be used for mixing, control processing, and crushing.

Much like the Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane, this one too uses a BPA-free construction for a safe and healthy food processing experience.

Furthermore, the rubber pads underneath the device keep it incredibly steady and let the user prepare a huge amount of food at once, making it a business-friendly pick!

This one, like any other electronic device, can be prone to wearing after a certain period. But, given the endless benefits it has to offer, this should be considered a decent blender juicer combo you can go for!

Why It’s Great

  • 6 high quality razor sharp blades offers a versatile blending and juicing experience 
  • Rubber pad setting underneath gives it a stable base that offers continuous service
  • Variable speed control and timer option can be used for making smoothies, soup and coffee
  • Compared to other models, it creates less noise

Keep In Mind

  • May seem to wear down after a certain period
  • It’s a bit difficult to clean

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6. Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Now, at the sixth spot, we have another highly professional device with an unmatched user satisfaction record! Let’s go through it right away.

The tremendously powerful 1100 watt motor comes equipped with three-speed presets along with pulse and single-serve modes, making it an unbelievably versatile option for both juicing and blending effortlessly.

It also comes armed with a 72-ounce crushing pitcher making ice melt in the shakes and smoothies with cold, creamy delight!

This one is also made BPA-free for health safety like the Homend Commercial Blender and can be washed in the likable dishwasher, making it a convenient device to work with.

The 16oz jars may seem a bit too small for all-around operation. Despite the minor issues, this should be considered the best juicer blender you can have any day!

Why It’s Great

  • Makes both large batches and single serving 
  • Increased health safety and washing convenience
  • Highly powerful motor with pulse, single-serve and various speed presets offer tremendous versatility
  • Get’s ice broken effortlessly for mouth-watering smoothies and shakes on the go

Keep In Mind

  • Jars may seem a bit too small 
  • Several complaints of the blender smoking after several uses

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7. Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender

Nutri Ninja BL642 Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt Auto-iQ Base

If you want true and reliable quality, then Ninja should be one of the first names popping up in your mind. That’s why at the 7th place, we have another of their premium blends.

One good thing about this incredible device is it comes with an Auto IQ technology that lets you pre-program the entire blending or juicing operation and keep providing you with continuous shots. It makes large serving effortlessly easy.

Similar to the previously mentioned Ninja BL660, this one too comes with a highly effective pitcher that can tame chunks of ice and turns them into tiny pieces for sensational smoothies and shakes. Waste no time chopping the fruits because its’ 1200 watt motor would overpower any fruit within minutes.

It may vibrate a bit too much because of the fast rotation speed. But, all in all, if you’re looking for the best juicer blender, this high-performing device is something you should go ahead with!

Why It’s Great

  • Tackles whole fruits easily 
  • Breaks ice instantly for soothing heart smoothies
  • Let’s user pre-program the device for automatized blending
  • Creates large batches of resort-style frozen drinks

Keep In Mind

  • May vibrate a bit too much 
  • Auto IQ function works only when dedicated container is attached 

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8. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Now we have another quality mention, this time by Vitamix. Let’s figure out its inner mechanisms.

One thing that you’d love about the blender is its variable speed presets. Coming with an astounding ten different speed profiles, you can get almost all the textures possible, from smoothies to soups, whatever you like.

On top of that, Vitamix E310 comes equipped with air-craft-grade stainless blades, making it indestructible. Having stupendously tough blades, you can get a clean and precise blending while tackling the hardest food particles.

Finally, for a consistent and even blending outcome, the 3 inch long cutting blades are implanted, so you get accurate results every time.

Like the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z, this one too may seem a bit too loud but all things considered, this should be an outstanding item on the whole. 

Why It’s Great

  • Comes with ten different speed presets for obtaining personalized texture 
  • Air-craft grade stainless steel blade tackles all the hard food particles
  • 3-inch blade set up ensures even blending
  • Compact design. Nestled within your cupboards when not in use

Keep In Mind

  • May seem a bit louder
  • Is very expensive

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9. Breville BJB840XL Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender

Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender

When you’re talking about food processing devices, you know that the name Breville has to be in there. Let’s find out what the Breville BJB840XL has to offer!

If you’re looking for a pure juicer blender where both would work equally well, then go for this one. Because the interchangeable die-cast base would offer a highly versatile juicer blender set up for an optimum performance on both ends.

Moreover, the chute is designed 3’’ wide, which would offer effortless processing of whole fruits with ease similar to the Nutri Ninja BL642.

Finally, it comes with a unique Blade and Bowl technology, eliminating the irritating issue of foods trapping under and around the blade.

It may have slight issues with leafy vegetables. Yet, overall, this should be a decent device you can go for!

Why It’s Great 

  • Eliminates food trapping after the operation
  • 3” wide chute easily processes whole fruits without difficulty
  • Dedicated blending and juicing functions makes it an exceptional choice
  • Interchangeable die-cast base ensure seamless blender and juicer performance

Keep In Mind 

  • It can have slight issues while dealing with leafy vegetables 
  • No replacement parts are available

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10. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Hamilton Beach Juicer and Blender combo

Our last and final item on the list is the highly well-received Hamilton Beach Blender! Let’s explore more about it.

Often while using blenders, having multiple portions becomes a problem. The foods at the top side remain intact, while the ones at the bottom blend perfectly, giving it an uneven outcome.

But with its unique design, the mixture is constantly being pulled down, so no food remains untouched, resulting in a complete and smooth blend.

This one, too, like the Ninja BL660, uses BPA-free jars for extended health safety. The jars are designed with lids and drinking mouth opening for enjoying smoothies on the go!

Getting the lids off the device may seem like the hardest job to perform, but on the whole, this should offer a decent service for those who need it! 

Why It’s Great

  • Unique design provides smooth and even blending 
  • Comes with food processing features and dedicated blades/attachments
  • You can also use the 20-oz travel cup for individual serving
  • Affordable, with 3-years generous warranty 

Keep In Mind

  • It May seem difficult to get the lids off 
  • Like Ninja BL480D, it lacks a dedicated juicing function

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Juicers Vs Blenders: Can A Blender Act As A Juicer?

Both juicers and blenders are able to produce drinks from fruits and vegetables but there is a significant difference in the way they do this and hence the different quality of the juice.

Juicers typically act as extractors whereas blenders are used for chopping, crushing and grinding ingredients. Most juicers only extract the liquid part by isolating pulp from the juice through a fine screen/filter. As a result, you get a cleaner juice with less fibers and feels.

On the other hand, blenders are designed for whole juicing or smoothies and do not filter anything out, but the final drink will have all the nutrients and fibers in, almost equivalent to a meal.

Most of the products that are sold as ‘Juicers Blenders’ are actually combination blenders. These appliances are not designed to extract juices like a juicer.

Fortunately Breville BJB840XL has a solution. It comes with a separate juicer, blender attachment allowing you to make either a less textures drink, or smoothies. So for a true juicer blender combo make sure to give it a try or at least look for a blender that has extractor blades like Ninja BL480D or NutriBullet.

Our Final Suggestions Before We Finish:

Our favorite model is Breville BJB840XL, for those who are primarily concerned with beginning a juicing lifestyle with a juicer that also functions as a blender,

If you enjoy having nutritious smoothies for breakfast Ninja BL480D will meet all your needs. For someone looking for a high-quality juicer blender machine Vitamix E310 is a perfect choice.

Finally, for a reasonable price and uncompromising performance, the Oster Pro 1200 is undoubtedly a top-notch juicer blender in our opinion.

We hope the bits and pieces covered here have helped you in your search for the best juicer blender combo and start your journey towards a healthy living.

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