Best Juicer For Travel: Top 7 Units For Travel And Outdoor Rush

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When you are after the best juicer for travel, it must be the best portable juicer too. And to qualify in those criteria, a juicer must have three mandatory features. The features include compact size, lighter weight, and faster preparation. When you are outside, you keep on a rush most of the time. It requires the juicer to deliver faster juice.

But modern juicers offer more than the basic services. They are featured with additional accessories and designs that make juicing a breeze rather than an arduous task. Let’s examine some popular units and check how they can serve your purpose the best. We with our expert team have done the leg work and narrowed down the 7 best portable juicers for travel from numerous products. 

1. Best Portable Slow Juicer - Aobosi Slow Juicer SJE-006
Apart from being a compact juicer, Aobosi SJE-006 also delivers higher yield and high nutritional value with its efficient engine (speed 40-65 rpm). Its BPA-free Tritan parts and stainless steel body provide the necessary strength. Low noise and maximum storage time (48hrs) make it the perfect travel juicer.

2. Best Powerful Travel Juicer - Shine Vertical Slow Juicer SJV-107-A
With this Shine vertical slow juicer from Tribest, you can make 32 oz. celery juice in just under 7 minutes. It's fitted with a three-stage metal gear reducer, meaning less tension on moving parts and longer life. Thus, you could depend on this robust yet lightweight juicer throughout your journey or when you remain at home.

3. Best For Vegetable And Fruit - TEC Slow Masticating Juicer
If you choose a TEC slow juicer, you don't need to think about cleaning because it's easy to disassemble and get back together. It will also ensure the highest quality juice, full of vitamins and minerals, with its masticating process, alongside giving you the luxury of compact and lightweight convenience.

4. Best Wide Mouth Travel Juicer - Bextcok Masticating juicer
The 8-segment spiral worm of Bextcok juicer ensures higher yield and nutritional value with reduced oxidation. While being compact in form, you can feed whole fruits as it comes with an 83mm-wide drop. It's also low noise (less than 60dB) and easy to clean.

5. Best For Sorbets & Ice Cream - Dash DCSJ255 Deluxe Compact Juicer
This simple and compact juicer is only 4" wide and comes with a powerful engine to chew your fruit and vegetables efficiently. With its included frozen attachment, you can make delicious sorbets or ice-cold cocktails. It will help you make wheatgrass juice for your good health too. Oh! It's available in three different colors (Aqua, Black, & Graphite) to match your interiors.

6. Best Mini Portable Juicer - Little Bees Fruit Juice Mixer
If you find that the above models are a little heavy to carry, you can try this mini portable rechargeable Little Bees Fruit Juice mixer. It's just 10 x 3.2 inches in dimension and 1.4 pounds in weight. But you can make 14.3 oz. of fruit juice, smoothies, baby food, and even tea with it. Its waterproof body is easy to wash and can be charged to the USB port. All the built materials are food grade PP and stainless steel.

7. Best Portable Juicer Blender - Moer Sky Juicer Blender
In this super portable juicer blender, you'll find a strong motor with a 6 pcs 3D blade to make fruit & vegetable juice, milkshake, or baby food while you're on the road. Its 2200 mAh built-in battery will give you 3-5 hours of backup to make around 12 glasses of juice in one charge. Simple to clean, multifunctional, safe, and made of all food-grade materials.

7 Best Portable Juicer Reviews

Here you go with 7 juicers that will fill your nutrients gap whether you are on a long journey or in a rush schedule. They will not occupy much of your packaging space, not break your back, but serve you with the juice with max nutrients. And some of them are featured with stand-out features for safety, comfort, and cleanliness. 

1. Best Portable Slow Juicer - Aobosi Slow Juicer SJE-006

Part of the reason you will avail this travel juicer is for the compact size and lighter weight. While these two factors have made it a carry-on appliance, the squeezing ability has made it the best juicer for travel. The most convenient feature is the handle design that makes the handling of the juicer on-the-go a breeze. On its top, the handle provides you with the good grip to hold it under running water to clean easily.

The masticating juicer is worthy of investing on for the comfort in squeezing and supreme quality nutrients. The low-speed 40-65 rpm motor ensures the nutrients retention while extracting veggies, fruits, and greens. The bonus of the low speed masticating is zero or minimal oxidation. Thanks to the low heat build-up that causes oxidation free protein intake. 

Root Specifications

  • 40-65 RPM slow speed motor
  • 48 hours retention of nutrients and vitamins
  • Dishwasher safe detachable parts
  • High quality food grade material
  • BPA-free plastic safe for kids
  • Cleaning-friendly u-shape pulp outlet
  • Water-resistant switch cover
Aobosi Slow Juicer SJE-006


  • Lighter weight and compact size
  • Slow mastication for max nutrients and zero oxidants
  • Easy assembly and hassle-free cleaning
  • User-friendly design and shape
  • Waterproof switch to prevent water getting inside
  • Lifelong technical backing and 24-hour customer service


  • Gets hot if kept running for longer than 20 mins
  • Some complains about difficult cleaning

Verdict: This is a great juicer for the price and size. You can tag a juicer to be the best portable juicer for travel if it is compact to stow in your backpack, lightweight not to break your back, and the most crucial factor is masticating with max nutrients. This one scores the highest in terms of the mentioned criteria.

2. Best Powerful Travel Juicer - Shine Vertical Slow Juicer SJV-107-A

Low rpm, lesser weight, and small size are the best features when the question is of favoring a juicer to be the best portable juicer. Tribest shine juicer title verifies the one of the facts – slow juicer. As for motor power and masticating speed, this appliance features lower speed and power. And the result is nutrient-rich juicing free from jamming and frustration.

On top of being a perfect unit to be bagged by your carry on or suitcase, it occupies minimal space when needed to put on any or kitchen countertop. Isn’t it more than necessary to travel with? And the stainless steel body enables it to bear with heavy and frequent use.

As for heating-up, nothing can defy physics, and this quiet motor also will turn energy into heat but keeps it at a risk-free level.

And quiet motor will not invite an angry look from your neighbors, roommates, or co-travelers. Let’s look at the root features.

Root Specifications

  • 40 RPM masticating speed and 200 W motor power
  • Compact 5.5 by 5.25 base
  • BPA-free internal parts and premium quality metal body
  • Fit-anywhere size and design
  • Juice cap to prevent spilling
Shine Vertical Slow Juicer SJV-107-A


  • Simple in operation but sleep in look
  • The great convenience of a spill-proof juice cap
  • Max juice and vitamin resulted from slow speed masticating
  • Sleek metal body and BPA-free parts are a breeze to clean
  • Backed by 3-year manufacturer warranty


  • Jams often if not handle with care
  • Heats up if let run for longer

Verdict: It will never suffice to compliment the juicing service when say that you get what you pay for. It is certainly more than that as you are having a juicer backed by sturdy material and construction and 3-years long warranty. To back the claim, this compact, lightweight, slow, and medium-power offers you nutrient juice.

3. Best For Vegetable And Fruit - TEC Slow Masticating Juicer

This low speed and medium motor power juicer leave no juice left in the pulp. As for vitamins and nutrients, you can reap the highest when the ingredients are squeezed by this appliance. To supplement the portability, it is pretty easy and faster to assemble, disband, and clean.

The quiet motor provides you with juicing, comfort and convenience. To add to the convenience, the cleaning brush and strainer makes it the easiest to get rid of the left over.

The compact size, lighter weight, and sleek design are something that have made the juicer a worthy on-the-go masticator. You will remain healthy when you are out with this unit, and a healthy man is a happy man.

Root Specifications

  • Low 40 RPM masticator
  • Quiet but powerful 200W motor
  • Measuring juice glasses for juice yield count
  • Cleaning Brush, stainless steel straws, and zero-pulp strainer
  • Easy and faster assembly and disbanding
  • Compact size, lighter appliance, and sleek design
  • Sturdy metal body
TEC Slow Masticating Juicer for travel

What we liked

  • More vitamin and juice
  • Portable, convenient, and efficient
  • Sleek exterior look and sturdy construction
  • Pulp separator for tastier juice
  • Occupies minimal travel and countertop space

Keep In Mind

  • Reported to have jammed at celery and fiber input
  • Some units break after and at heavy juicing

Verdict: On top of being a portable and efficient juicer, it is affordable, and the price is a steal against the numerous benefits. You will be and remain impressed at the performance while on the go. The sturdy construction makes it bear with the heavy use and abuse on the run.

4. Best Wide Mouth Travel Juicer - Bextcok Masticating juicer

This version of Bextcok is an updated one compared with the previous unit. And the best portable juicer machine offers more yield, vitamins, and minerals at the same price. It is evident that they are in the job and mean to serve. The masticating speed set is crucial to yield more output and zero liquid in the leftover. And you will have real flavor as there will be minimal liquid left in the pulp and maximum flavor left in the juice.

Therefore, people running a hectic daily routine and on the run go for this for tastier juice and richer food value. The quiet motor is a juicing comfort, and the non-slip base ensures firm sitting while masticating. It can deal with any type of ingredient bet it fruits or coffee beans and frozen substances.

Never forget the safety lock feature that stops operation by clogging on reaching higher temperatures.

Root Specifications

  • Comes featured with a safety lock system
  • 200 w power motor and 55 RPM masticating speed
  • The reverse mechanism to get rid of the stuck pulp
  • High-quality food-grade detachable body parts
  • Anti-oxidant and BPA-free materials
  • Non-slip base for a firm grip
  • Below 60dB noise-free operation
Bextcok Masticating juicer

What we liked

  • Convenient, fast assembly and disbanding
  • Easy to clean detachable parts
  • Oxidation-free juicing resulted from minimal heating up and food-grade materials
  • Lifelong technical and customer support
  • And affordable price
  • Safety ensured to prevent heating-up

Keep In Mind

  • Reported to have a burning smell on juicing for long
  • Too lightweight to sit sturdily

Verdict: A decent juicer that saves your money and saves your juicing time and labor. As for vitamin and mineral intake, it offers more than the previous version and same as the rivals if not more. Not to ignore, the safety feature preventing heating up is the stand-out feature to win over the competitors.

5. Best For Sorbets & Ice-Cream - Dash DCSJ255 Deluxe Compact Juicer

Here you meet the best juicer for travel accompanied by many attachments that will enhance your juicing comfort. In addition, the pulp measuring cup and the frozen attachment are peripherals that increase the convenience. The compact size is commendable, but the lighter weight is something on-the-go individual craves for.

As for juicing performance, the masticators are slow in squeezing, but they produce less pulp in the juice and minimal liquid in the pulp. That is to say, if you examine the extracted left over, they are dried to the core.

Thus, the result is more juice yield with no nutrients perished. The juice feels tastier, and get an icy cocktail by dint of the frozen attachment. Whatever the ingredients – fruits, leafy greens, nuts, wheatgrass, and coffee bean- Dash Deluxe will squeeze with ease. 

Root Specifications

  • Frozen attachment for delicious sorbet
  • Pulp measuring glass and recipe guide for custom juicing
  • Cleaning brush for cleaning with ease
  • Pulp separating mechanism for nutritious and more juice
  • Space-saving size and shape
Dash DCSJ255 travel juicer

What we liked

  • Powerful motor and auger work simultaneously to yield more juice
  • Chunk-free juice heavy with vitamins and minerals
  • Occupies less space in your carry on and smaller kitchen countertop
  • Frozen attachment for smoothies and cocktail
  • Cleaning brush for convenient cleaning

Keep In Mind

  • Too small base to masticate a large amount of juice at a time
  • Pulp spout often gets cloggy to create cleaning difficulty

Verdict: More than anything else, you are getting a juicer at under $100 budget and goes on masticating. It works well and ably supports your on-the-go pace and helps you keep healthy with vitamins and minerals intake. The size and weight make it the perfect portable masticator.

6. Best Mini Portable Juicer - Little Bees Fruit Juice Mixer

If your prime concern is the earth-friendly material, this best portable juicer mixer is your cup of tea. Both the juicer cup plastic and blade metal are food-grade quality. Now, it needs no telling that this unit will be durable and bear with heavy uses if not abuses.

This mini body juicer can run powered by a USB rechargeable battery. That is what has made it an ideal outdoor and travel juicer. You can use the jar as a water bottle to drink while you are outside. And it will stand by you on several urgencies that include supplementary baby food along with smoothies and juice. It features a double protection safety feature, and it gets activated when the juicer sits fixed on the base. 

Root Specifications

  • Waterproof design and washable body parts
  • Powerful motor and efficient metal blades
  • Double protection safety feature at fixed sitting
  • Environment-friendly and food-grade materials
  • USB rechargeable batteries for portability
Little Bees Fruit Juice Mixer

What we liked

  • Non-toxic and temperature resistant material for healthy juicing
  • Rechargeable batteries make it the ultimate portable unit
  • Can prepare a wide range of juice and supplementary items
  • It can be used as a portable water bottle
  • Designed safe and heat-resistant
  • Available at a budget price

Keep In Mind

  • Do not work while being charged
  • Ingredients need to cut into pieces to fit into the chute

Verdict: Lightweight, easy to use and clean, and performs great. Run by rechargeable batteries and you can drink juice anytime you want is a great convenience. And when you are indoor, the best mini juicer machine will occupy nominal space in your kitchen and can accommodate other appliances by its side. The bright color and striking packaging can seem to be a deal maker.

7. Best Portable Juicer Blender - Moer Sky Juicer Blender

Why should you grab it at sight? The portability for outdoor use and indoor food mixing are the two conveniences you will grab it at sight. The six premium metal blades set in a 3D direction will mix your fruits successfully. On its top, the 380ml machine will extract juice to the core of the ingredients, whatever substance it is.

So, this best portable juicer blender will make your day by providing juice rich with nutrients and food grade materials are there for oxidation free yield. The power motor in combination with the sharp blades makes chunk-free juice faster than the competitors. And you can prepare a wide range of items that include milkshakes, tasty smoothies, and baby supplementary food.

Unlike traditional blenders, it operates soundless to serve you without tiny ice and fruit chunks to offer the full contentment and food value. 

Root Specifications

  • Made of food-grade ABS and BPA-free material
  • 6 Pcs 3D blades along with the strong motor mechanism
  • Rechargeable 2200 mah Battery and Cable included
  • It can be charged from any USB devices
  • Smart safety protection system and magnetic sensing
  • Detachable body and base of juicer cups
Moer Sky Juicer Blender

What we liked

  • Multi-functional and rapid start operation (3 seconds)
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Blends with precision by six 3D blades
  • Ultra-safe protection
  • Rechargeable battery and USB charging cable
  • Affordable unit and longer blending life
  • 3-year warranty along with responsive customer service

Keep In Mind

  • Useless instructions
  • Too small a bottle to suffice your serving
  • Power is lower than medium

Verdict: Starts operating faster at the cold press, portable, cuts through all ingredients, can make a wide range of food items, rechargeable from any USB source. What more do you want? And the price is a steal when considered against all these and the confident warranty statement.

Best Juicer For Travel Buying Guide

Before buying the juicer for travel, you must find the answer to what you want from your juicer. If you are taking a juicer for the first time or you are taking another for travel time, you may be in a fix to come out clearly what you should consider being the most crucial features of a travel juicer. Feel free to go by the following pre-purchase factors.


Weight comes in first consideration when planning to buy a juicer to back while in a rush or travel. It must be lightweight so that the unit may not feel heavy after a prolonged trip.

But only a lighter weight juicer cannot make it portable. To be portable, it must be compact in size so that your backpack or carry on can accommodate the juicer.

Motor Power, Speed, and Noise

Motor power and speed is the next crucial consideration when you are on a rush, you need juice fast. Therefore, you must look for a powerful motor. A powerful motor means speedier masticating. There should be a compromise as speed masticating may lose nutrients and cause oxidation. Some juicers have two motors. You can go for them if you have the budget.

As for juicing noise, you can avail juicer having a faster and powerful motor that operates quietly. Thus they make juice anywhere without inviting awe and disgust from others.

Materials Quality

The quality of juicing machine materials matters much because they determine the durability and food value of the juice. Only food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic can ensure juice without unhealthy issues. And if it is a blender, ensure that the blades are premium quality stainless made. Above all, quality materials are environmentally friendly.

Capacity and Variety

Juicers meant for travel, or outdoor protein shake are small in size. They are the best to prepare juice for a nuclear family at one go. So, if you mean to serve you on a long trip and big family, you have to go for larger units with higher capacity.

The larger units with nutrient retention capacity for 1 or 2 days may save your juicing time and labor when you travel alone.


Ease of cleaning is another factor to consider because there may be units able to make faster juice, but they may encounter issues in pulp ejection. Some units may seem difficult to assemble and disband. To enjoy a comfortable cleaning process, you make sure that your unit is easy to assemble, disassemble, and dishwasher safe. Some units come designed to deal with dried pulp and with a bonus cleaning brush.

Nutrient Retention

Two things you must be careful of that include nutrients and taste in the extracted liquid. Slow masticators can retain max nutrients and minerals from the ingredients. There are now faster juicers in the market that can keep the original food value in the final yield. For that, you must make sure that the intended juicer does not use heat or gets heated up. It is the heat that destroys food value by causing oxidation in the yield.


It is the rule of thumb that you get what you pay for. But to avail the best juicer for travel, you need not break your bank. You can have the best portable juicer at your budget that may meet all you need from the unit.


Q-1: How do you juice when traveling?

It is a bit more sensitive to juice while traveling but not that tough or impossible. You just make sure firm sitting and quiet motor. If it is designed with a spill-proof cap, it is more convenient to juice on the go.

Q-2: Can I take my juicer on a plane?

Usually, the airport does not permit portable juicers to enter the plane. However, if you removed the sharp blades from your blender or juicer and wrapped them securely, you may carry them in your carry-on bags. Other than that, there is no technical hassle.

Q-3: Can the portable juicer be used for other purposes?

Yes, you can use the juicers for making smoothies and baby food. In addition, some units in the reviews will serve as water bottle while on the go.

Q-4: What are the secondary crucial features for a portable juicer?

Yes, there are secondary considerations that may include a spill-proof cap, water-resistant mechanism, and heat resistant safety mechanism. The units offering the said features should be given more importance.

Q-5: Is a portable juicer tough to clean?

It depends on the detachable parts. If they are easy to assemble and disband, they are not tough to clean. But some units feel stubborn while disbanding, and these are difficult to clean.

Wrap Up

You have learnt why you need a portable juicer and what the root features are your intended unit should have. All the juicers reviewed in this article can serve your purpose the best. But you should compare their features with your need. The best juicer for travel is the one that offers all the basic features and still is available within your budget. 

We're trying to address two handy types of travel juicer in our above reviews. One is a vertical style masticating juicer, and the other is a USB-operated handheld juicer blender.

From these, you may go for the Aobosi slow masticating juicer if you want the best yield and highest nutritional value in your juice.

On the other side, if you want pace and comfort to save storage on your backpack, you can choose the Little Bees fruit juicer blender from our list.

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