5 Best Commercial Cold Press Juicer 2022 [Reviews And Buying Guide]

So, you're planning for a startup business. You want to build a juice store where people will come to handle their crave for juice. Though the plan is pretty simple, but it's going to be easier said than done.

Serving juice to a big mass of people in a short time is a very challenging task. Different people will ask for different flavors, tastes, some will ask for smooth whereas some would prefer dense juice. So, what's the solution to flourish your business? Well, it's simple as getting the best commercial cold press juicer.

It'll help you comprehensively to fortify your business by pleasing the customers. But is it that easy to get the best one? Nope, it's not. If it were easy, you wouldn't be here. So, walk with us and we're going to help you in your quest.

Best Commercial Cold Press Juicer Comparison Table

If you're under a tight schedule and just want to know what is commercial cold press juicer for sale, we talked briefly about each product below. You'll get the idea of their features just like that. 

1. Best Overall - Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro Commercial Juicer
While Tribest's Bio-Ceramic magnetic dual gears allow you to make fresh, nutrient-dense juice that may be kept for a long time, it can also be used to juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables without having to change anything constantly. Its latching system has been updated.

2. Best Value - Kuvings CS600 Commercial Cold Press Juicer
This juicer from Kuvings has a dual feed tube. The larger one has an 88mm wide flip gate that can take whole fruits and vegetables, reducing prep time. It also comes with a spare top set for simple recipe altering. Its Smart lid makes it easier to mix juices and rinse between recipes.

3. Best Premium Cold Press - Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite
You can extract juice from a wide range of soft and hard food, including stringy vegetables like celery, with this premium quality cold press juicer from Tribest Greenstar. It features stainless steel twin gears with specific pocket recesses, as well as BPA-free plastic throughout.

4. Best Heavy Duty Commercial Juicer - Champion Juicer G5-PG710
It's an easy-to-use, heavy-duty juicer with all-durable parts for long-term operation. The stainless steel shaft and two sets of ball bearings will let you to create juice from hard vegetables in no time.

5. Best Multi-Purpose Commercial Juicer - Nutrifaster N450
The Nutrifaster N450 has a 1.25 HP engine that spins at 3450 RPMs, making it a complete commercial juicer for bars, restaurants, and even home usage. Its stainless steel parts and auto pulp ejection allow you to juice constantly.

Top 5 Commercial Cold Press Juicer Reviews

Picking out a cold press juicer wasn't an easy task, especially when we're talking about commercial use. However, we stuck to our guns and tested tons of products to select the top 5 for you. Without any delay, grab one of our products to invigorate your business from today.

1. Best Overall - Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro Commercial Juicer

Tribest GS-P502 Greenstar Pro Commercial Juicer

Key Specifications:
Color: Gray, White
Material: Stainless Steel
Speed: 110RPM
Weight: 26 pounds
Dimensions: 18.6 x 6.8 x 12.4 inches

Do you want a juicer with an elegant look that will make others stuck in awe? Try out the GS-P502 Greenstar Pro from Tribest, it'll sweep off your feet by its performance.

Since you're searching for a commercial grade cold press juicer, it must provide proper health benefits in your juice, right? With that thought in mind, this juicer boasts 110 RPMs to lessen the amount of oxidation. As a result, you'll get an amazing smooth textured glass of juice every time.

Another aspect of this juicer is the bio-ceramic stainless steel magnetic dual gears to ensure durability. Aside from that, they'll curtail nutrient disintegration to elongate the life shelf of the juice. Thus, you'll get a glass of juice full of living vitamins and enzymes.

Besides, Greenstar Pro comes with an innovative stationery latching system to ensure more secure locking. It also includes homogenizing accessories so that you can step out of the juicing zone and produce versatile foods.

Additionally, by using it you can mince and grind spices and herbs. You can make cookie dough, pasta, sauce too.

Plus, it comes with fewer components so that you'll find it a breeze during cleaning thereby get to serve more juices to the customers. And you can just know it by seeing that it's going to take a little space if placed on the countertop and while storing underneath.

Highlighted Features

  • 110RPMs
  • Bio-Ceramic magnetic dual gears
  • Modernized latching system
  • Reverse button to preventing jam while juicing
  • Homogenizing accessories
  • Built-in tamper holder to store tamper when not in use
  • Certified for commercial use
  • 15 years warranty for home use and 3 years for commercial

What we liked

  • Enact nutrients
  • Enduring gears
  • Enhances juice life
  • Helps to make other foods
  • Easy to clean and store

What we didn't like

  • A bit pricey

Verdict: Overall features of this Tribest Greenstar Pro Juicer is more than enough to provide your customers with all the vital things they can desire from fresh juice. However, you'll need to put through hard fruit after juicing soft ones to push out the rest entirely.

2. Best Value - Kuvings CS600 Commercial Cold Press Juicer

kuvings cs600 commercial cold press juicer

Key Specifications:
Color: Stainless steel finish
Material: Plastic
Speed: 60RPM
Weight: 20.5 pounds
Dimensions: 10.5 x 7.5 x 20 inches

We think you're running a serious juicing business and you need the best cold press juicer for commercial use. That's why we bring to you the Kuvings CS600 Whole Slow Juicer. We're keeping a surprise for you, read till the end!

First of all, it boasts low-speed masticating technology that will crush and squeeze juices at 60RPMs for you. Such low-speed is very ideal to hold on the vital elements of the juice, such as nutrients, vitamins, minerals intact.

Besides, it has been equipped with AC brushless 200-Watt motor to offer you the highest torque, which intensifies the crushing process efficiently.

An aspect worthy of mentioning is that it has a dual-feed chute - a 3.5-inch wide and another small chute. So, you can put a whole apple and some small pieces of soft fruits and juice them simultaneously to please your customers.

Here's the coolest thing about this juicer, that it comes with full top set part. It allows you to rinse the used part to get ready for the next session, while you're still juicing.

On top of that, there's a smart cap that is drip-free. It prevents the juice from rushing to flow into the glass. Meanwhile, you can pour water inside the juicer to cleanup before preparing the next juice by closing the cap. So you're getting 2-in-1 benefit from 1 feature.

Now whatever you do or operate in a hardcore style, loud noise is inevitable. However, since it's a slow juicer, it works slowly and calmly to keep it whisper quiet and stable.

Highlighted Features

  • 200W, 60RPM industrial grade motor
  • Patented JMCS squeezing technology for gentle extraction
  • Wide feed chute with 88mm flap gate
  • Translucent hopper/lid for easily view the ingredients
  • A rotating cleaning brush for efficient cleaning
  • Smart cap to protect dripping and combining juices
  • Safety lock and Cooling system
  • Special motor for quiet operation
  • "Reddot Award 2017" winner

What we liked

  • Provides quality juice
  • Powerful motor
  • Can juice different fruits
  • Allows to pre-mix
  • Noise and vibration less

What we didn't like

  • Parts are not dishwasher safe
  • Very expensive

Verdict: Time for the surprise! This CS600 Whole Slow Juicer from Kuvings can operate for 24 hours with a production rate of 40 liters of juice per hour. It's going to take your business to a new success level.

3. Best Premium Cold Press - Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite

tribest gse-5010 greenstar elite cold press

Key Specifications:
Color: Black, Chrome, White
Material: Plastic, Stainless steel
Speed: 110RPM
Weight: 17.2 pounds
Dimensions: 18.6 x 6.8 x 12.4 inches

If you're running a restaurant or juice shop, you need to process several fruits to serve each customer and make them glad. In that case, consider the Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite. It possesses such qualities that can boost up your business.

For being a cold press juicer, it runs at 110 RPMs, which helps to prevent the juice from getting oxidized. As a result, deep inside you know that every client is getting what they're paying for, which is full of health benefits.

It boasts stainless steel twin gears that are made of partial steel and nylon plastic. They are designed with special points on them to function as the human masticating system works. So, you'll get the utmost yield out from this juicer regardless of the fruits you want to juice.

Besides, all the plastic parts that come in contact with the foods are completely BPA free. You, therefore, don't need to feel guilty if someone gets dysentery or sick, maybe that person is having dyspepsia!

The GSE-5010 from Tribset comes with an adjustable pressure mechanism to set the exact pressure without stopping you from the juice. Thus, you'll have the chance to work with sort of produce in a single session.

Plus, there are four kinds of screens, including fine and coarse. As a result, you can select the quantity of pulp to get mixed in the juice. As well, you'll get homogenizing, breadstick for making delicious foods, rice cakes, breadsticks, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • 110RPMs, 200 Watts motor
  • Bioceramic stainless steel twin gears
  • Three stage complete masticating process
  • Modern lightweight attractive design will perfectly match with your kitchen style
  • New stationery latching system
  • BPA free
  • Adjustable pressure mechanism
  • Food processor

What we liked

  • Excellent juice quality
  • Maximum yield
  • Completely safe
  • Offers variety produce
  • Controllable pulp mixture

What we didn't like

  • Pretty difficult to clean

Verdict: You'll have full control over the produce you want to make via this Tribest Green Star Elite Juicer. Aside from that, its exclusive twin gears perform an excellent job of extracting a good amount of juice to flourish your business.

4. Best Heavy Duty Commercial Juicer - Champion Juicer G5-PG710

champion commercial juicer g5-pg710

Key Specifications:
Color: White
Material: Stainless steel, Metal
Speed: 1,725RPM
Motor: 1/3 horsepower
Weight: 20 pounds
Dimensions: 17 x 7 x 10 inches

Dealing with broccoli, spinach, cabbage is not a piece of cake for every juicer round the market. You need a professional cold press juicer. Well, try out the Champion Juicer G5-PG710 to make your business and juicing smooth.

Showing off with a trendy design, this juicer is powered by 1/3 horsepower to achieve 1,725RPMs. Along with that, it is equipped with a powerful 540Watts motor. Thus, it'll hand over you with the juice of the toughest vegetables you can think of!

As it stands, it has two sets of heavy-duty ball bearings one sits at the front and another at the back. They work together to crush and juice your veggies more effectively.

A strong aspect of the G5-PG710 juicer from Champion is the stainless steel shaft. With its durability, you'll be able to extract juice from the most problematic food items under any extreme conditions.

Besides, it comes with a decent 1.75" feed tube so that you can load bundles of veggies inside the juicer effortlessly. Thus, you'll be able to handle plenty of clients by a single session.

Moreover, its versatile design allows you to do some extra food making work, such as sauces, baby foods, ice cream, fruit smoothies, and nut butter, to mention but a few.

Highlighted Features

  • 1,725RPMs and 1/3 horsepower
  • Two sets of ball bearings
  • Stainless steel motor shaft
  • 1.75-inch feed tube
  • 8-blade cutter for easy juice of root vegetables
  • Good for homogenizing and frozen fruits

What we liked

  • Mighty
  • Efficiently extract juice
  • Enduring shaft
  • Satisfactory feed chute
  • Assists in making other foods

What we didn't like

  • Heavy to move around
  • Not dishwasher safe

Verdict: This Champion juicer g5-pg710 will work best if you try out with the vegetables and leafy greens. Though it is very powerful, its winding capacity keeps the heat at a minimum level. Keep in mind to use an old toothbrush to clean the flyspeck holes of the mesh.

5. Best Multi-Purpose Commercial Juicer - Nutrifaster N450

nutrifaster n450 multi purpose juicer

Key Specifications:
Color: Polished Aluminum
Material: Stainless Steel
Speed: 3450RPM
Motor: 1.25 HP
Weight: 64 pounds
Dimensions: 12 x 16 x 19 inches

To survive in the business, you need to satisfy your customers at any cost. For that reason, you must need the best commercial juice press. Try out the Nutrifaster N450 Multi-Purpose Commercial Juicer to satisfy your customers.

This juicer comes with a 1.25 HP motor that provides insanely speedy 3450RPMs running on 1056Watts. But for the speed, it doesn't compromise the quality of the juice. Have faith in it, your customers will get every bit of nutrients you promised to supply them.

To help you stay with the course of time, it boasts an auto pulp ejection system. As a result, you won't need to stop juicing to clear out the pulp. You'll need to set a container to collect the pulp, though.

Besides, it's going to stay with you for a prolonged time by keeping your head held high, thanks to the all stainless steel parts. So, regardless of heavy usage, have your heart set on juicing, ok?

Aside from that, your safety is Nutrifaster's prior concern. That's why it includes a safety latch so that you can only operate this machine when it's totally locked.

During busy days, this machine goes through loads of work. No worries, N450 Multi-Purpose Juicer from Nutrifaster comes with overload and overheat protection to shut it off during such circumstances.

When you're finished your day waving off the customers with a big smile, it's time to clean up this bad boy. Well, just disassemble the parts and drop them in the dishwasher make it tidy and clean.

Highlighted Features

  • 3450RPMs and 1.25 HP
  • Auto pulp ejection
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Safety latch
  • Overheat and overload protection
  • Dishwasher safe

What we liked

  • Insanely powerful
  • Continuous juicing
  • Long-lasting parts
  • Ensures safety
  • Cleaning is a breeze

What we didn't like

  • Quite expensive
  • Not good for leafy vegetables

Verdict: Nutrifaster N450 Multi Purpose Juicer is a highly recommendable juicer for commercials use, though you can use it at home. The probability is high that you'll be splendid by its flawless and efficient performance.

What to Consider While Buying Commercial Cold Press Juicer

Till now, you're reading about top juicer and their overall performance. But what is your preference? What do you need? Which features going to help you? All these answers lead to your final purchase of a cold press juicer for commercial use. Well, we're going to discuss the most important features so that you get a clear idea of which juicer you need to accelerate your business.


To us, speed is the most important factor. Since you're going to use the juicer for commercial use, you need something that can extract quickly yet without destroying the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Cause you don't want to deceive your valuable customers, right?

Our commercial cold press juicer reviews contain such juicer that has the capacity to do this job pretty fast but with a slower speed.


Most juicers are made of a single auger or dual gears. While dual gears juice pretty slow than a single auger juicer, they can extract the maximum yield. You'll find the best result while juicing leafy vegetables.

Meanwhile, if you have any pain or joint problem on your wrist, a dual gear juicer is the best. As such, the gears pull inward the fruits without taking much pressure from you. As a result, you'll get very convenient working with twin gears juicer. If you want to know more about the single auger vs twin gear juicer, you may visit this page too.


Whichever juicer you opt for, always make sure that the materials are of high quality. Mainly, most of the commercial juicer is made of partial stainless steel and plastic. Ensure that the plastic parts are BPA free. Because whereas it waves away the harmfulness, at the same time stainless steel confirms durability.

And trust us, you need both of them to deal with your daily day heavy uses unless you want to buy a juicer every few weeks.

Weight & Size

Apparently, cold press juicer for commercial use stays at the same place in a restaurant or juice shop for most of the time. However, whenever you may need to switch the position, its weight and size will be a great deal.

If it's too heavy and bulky, you'll find it hard to move and store. Whereas, a juicer with less weight and compact size is easy to move, provides cleaning convenience, and effortless to store. Thus, you won't get irritated and disturbed by the juicer.


Apart from juicing, if you want to do some food-related tasks, many manufacturers include homogenizing accessories with the product to work as a food processor. Thus, it allows you to make pasta, rice cake, cookie dough, and many more. But in the end, it's up to you, whatever you like. Our top picks going to back you up if you have any intention of making other food items.


What’s the difference between cold pressed juice and regular juice?

Ans. The difference is that regular juice is extracted from the fruits by fast-spinning blades inside. On the other hand, cold pressed juice is extracted by crushing and pressing the fruits without using blades. Let's read our blog on centrifugal vs masticating juicer to get more clear views.

What is the benefit of cold pressed juice?

Ans. A cold pressed juice consists of more living enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins to provide higher health benefits. Such type of juice also helps to alleviate the pain of detoxification on your body.

Can you freeze cold pressed juice?

Ans. Yes, you can freeze cold pressed juice unless no heating techniques were used. Store the juice in a freezer-safe container and drop it, you'll get the benefits of the full nutrient for days from this juice. If you want to know the best way to store juice to keep it fresh, let pay a visit to this blog.

Does cold pressed kill bacteria?

Ans. No, it doesn't. Because cold pressed juicer uses a hydraulic press to extract juice rather than using the pasteurization process. It is the heat in the pasteurization process that kills bacteria.

What happens if you drink expired cold pressed juice?

Ans. Drinking expired cold pressed juice can often lead to stomachaches and diarrhea. Even it bears bad flavor and repugnant smell which will surely make you sick.

Wrapping Up!

We know that you're running a business. It's a very difficult task to please every customer since everyone has unique taste and demand. But the common thing is to serve them juice as fast as possible.

We gave our blood, sweat, and tears to help you out in improving and satisfying your business. Our efforts surely going to hand you over with the. So, get ready to crank-start your business. 

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