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The overall superiority of steam juicer may be a point to debate on. But the claim that it has several edges over other juicer types is above all debate. Therefore, availing of the best steam juicer will benefit you in many different ways. Particularly, when you are up to making a large amount of juice, concentrated juice meant for jam and jelly, and you want zero pulp or chunk in the final yield, the best stainless steel steam juicer is your cup of tea.

Other benefits come as by-products, superior ease, convenience in operation, and cleaning is the sole credit of this type of juicer. So, when the question is steam juicer vs juice extractor, you can favor the former one for the aforementioned reasons.

To prove the superior sides, we have done exclusive leg work to narrow down 5 stainless steel steam juicers to put for your scrutiny. Read on to learn more about them and find the best one answering your juicing needs. 

1. Best Overall - Cook N Home Steamer Juicer
Wide 11-quarter capacity fruit and vegetable juicer | Side loop handle for secure handling | The efficient mounting lid to trap heat and moisture | Induction compatible and works on gas, electric, glass, halogen, ceramic, etc.

2. Best Affordable - Giantex 11 Quart Juice Steamer
Best multi-pots kitchen cookware for Making Juice, Jelly, Pasta | Safe loop handles & convenient transport | Easy to clean and use | Flat aluminum-clad bottom is suitable for any cooktop

3. Best Compact Steam Juicer - Victorio VKP1150 Deluxe
Clear tempered glass lid for quick surveillance | Silicone coated handle for secure handling | Clad bottom for even heating and compatible with any cooktop | The colander can accommodate up to 8 quarts of fruit or vegetables

4. Best For Large Capacity - Norpro Steamer Juicer 619
Versatile and multipurpose – steamer juicer, roaster, and steamer | Wide capacity 11.75-quart steamer | Encapsulated base plate for even heating and safe for induction

5. Best Stove Top Steam Juicer - Euro Cuisine EC9500
Includes a spigot for fast juice drainage | The glass lid will give easy visibility | Made with professional-grade stainless steel | Compatible with gas, electric, and induction cooktop

6. Best For Multi-Purpose - Mr Rudolf Fruit Juicer Steamer
Container and loop handle made of durable 18/10 stainless steel | Triple-layer steel and aluminum encapsulated bottom for even heat distribution | Multipurpose – can be used as a steamer, juicer, and cooking soup or other meal | Simple to use and clean

Detailed Discussion Of The 5 Best Steam Juicers

1. Best Overall - Cook N Home Steamer Juicer


  • Premium quality stainless steel body and aluminum disc
  • The max 11 quart capacity as a steam juicer
  • Loop handles by the pot side for safe and convenient carrying
  • Separate pan for cooking, juicing and steaming
  • Featured with clamp hose
  • Induction compatible
  • Medium size and weight

Proper distribution of heat is the most crucial function for any appliance that gets its job done by steam from heated up water. As the steam juicer, Cook N Home Steamer Juicer Extractor ensures the even circulation of heat. Thanks to the aluminum disk set at the bed of the lower pot.

As for capacity, it offers the max so that you can put a large amount of ingredients in the pot. Therefore, it will save your time and labor by making a huge amount of juice altogether. Consequently, you can use this huge pot as a stockpot and steamer resulting in versatile applications.

The proof of user-friendly design is the side loop handles for safe handling. And the lid fits securely not to let any steam leak, and the moisture remains stuck inside, leading to even more cell-splitting of vegetables, fruits, green beans, and more.

You are availing this Cook N Home Stainless Steel Juice Extractor means you can enjoy the utmost juicing convenience. To put it clearly, the additional attachments will help you work for longer hours without going fatigued. Moreover, the induction steamer is compatible with almost all the running power sources.

To sum up, this simple but efficient unit makes life easier for you and so is worth the investment. 


  • Premium quality material and construction bear with the heat
  • The layered disc offers equal heat distribution
  • Large capacity for versatile use and time-saving juicing
  • Works as stockpot and steamer in need
  • Compatible with gas, glass, electric, ceramic, and halogen
  • Easy to carry and operate 


  • Not as versatile as advertised but works great
  • Hose often leaks around the clamps 

2. Best Affordable - Giantex 11 Quart Juice Steamer


  • Flat aluminum-clad bottom
  • Compatible with any cooktop
  • Transparent glass lid for precise monitoring
  • 11 quarts capacity of top colander
  • Durable stainless steel handle
  • 90-day return guarantee

The Gaintex juicer steamer makes it simple to juice and steam vegetables. It has three steam pots that may be joined in any way to steam vegetables, create soup, and squeeze fresh juice. The top colander can be utilized as a stockpot for vegetables and fruits, the bottom pot can be used to make a delicious soup, and the top colander and bottom pot can be used together to steam veggies and spaghetti.

The handles and steam pots are made entirely of durable stainless steel, allowing them to support even the heaviest of components. This juicer steamer can also be used to steam bulky vegetables like broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. It has an accessible metal clamp and long hose to regulate the outflow while juicing huge quantities of juice. Cleaning it is also simple. You just need hot water and sponger with mild liquid detergent.

This steam juicer keeps bacteria and oxidation from growing, protecting vitamins and minerals. Additionally, a wide range of fruit juices, including that from apples, oranges, tomatoes, cherries, grapes, pineapple, and others, is safe to produce.

This juicer steamer works conveniently on any stove, gas or electric. It includes a transparent tempered glass cover with spherical handle that makes it easy to grasp when opening or shutting and guards against burning your hands. Additionally, the enormous 11 Quart capacity steamer juicer makes it ideal for making soup for both families and couples.


  • For durability, it is comprised of sturdy stainless steel and aluminum.
  • It can be used to squeeze juice out of fruits and vegetables with a lot of liquid.
  • Steam pots include loop handles that are firmly fastened for secure handling and transportation.
  • The top pot can be used to wash vegetables for meals.
  • Freely combinable pots make it simple to use them for multiple purposes.
  • Its cost is reasonable.


  • Its potential for use with an induction oven is in question.

3. Best Compact Steam Juicer - Victorio VKP1150 Deluxe


  • Flat clad bottom
  • Compatible with any cooktop
  • Transparent glass lid for precise monitoring
  • 4 quart of kettle and 8 quarts of colander
  • Cool-touch silicone handle
  • 5 years of confident warranty

The novice users of this steam juicer need encouragement and reassurance to go for it, but a veteran juice producer will run for it. And the things include the flat bottom that seats snugly on any cooktop. This is crucial for the even distribution of the heat. Therefore, this Victorio VKP1150 Deluxe unit is the best stainless steel juicer extractor to extract juice fast.

Handling is super fun as it is featured with silicone-coated cool-touch handles. The handles turn the other-way arduous task into a juicing hobby. Next, the capacity comes into serious consideration, and it allows you to extract juice in a large amount as you can put huge fruits in the colander.

The lid too, has added to the fun and convenience as you can estimate the juicing process, and you can wait for the right time. To put it very simply, it frees you from the guesswork and the inconvenience of frequent uncapping of the lid.

To sum up, you should take this unit not only for preparing fruit jam and jelly. The stockpot can be used for crucial purposes – preparing broth, baby food- on top of steam-juicing. 


  • Compatible with induction heater and others
  • Precise observation of the juicing process
  • Transparent juicer lid for tracking the juicing activity
  • The hosepipe lets you collect juices from a safe distance


  • The aluminum bottom heats water extremely slow
  • Hose tube shorter than the usable length

4. Best For Large Capacity - Norpro Steamer Juicer 619


  • Rubber tube with clamp
  • Stainless steel side handles
  • 17.75-quart steamer, juice container 4 quarts, and 7.25 quart for the water pot
  • Usability as oven roaster, covered baker, and stovetop cooker
  • Compatible with induction stovetops
    Transparent glass lid 

Norpro 619 steam juicer features everything that a high-end juicing appliance should have. Not to avoid mentioning some are crucial ones are huge capacity to squeeze fabulous amount of fruits and other ingredients, premium quality material to stand up heavy use and abuse, and the intelligent design.

The best side of the steam juicer stainless steel is its simplicity in design, but it is highly efficient in juice extraction. As a result, you can make pure natural juice free from pulp and full of original texture with zero fruit chunk. As for construction, it is utterly versatile as you can enjoy multi-purpose tasks, including steaming leafy greens, roasting meats, and heating liquids.

The versatility is evident in the uses of pots as oven roaster, covered baker, and stove-top cooker to sit snugly on with its flat bottom. To ensure even heating, you can encapsulate the bottom pot, and thus it can operate with induction stoves with ease.

While the high-end materials and construction make it bear with up to 205°C of heat, features like handy side handles and hose pipe add to the versatility. And don’t mind repeating the giant capacity it offers that can replace several kitchen appliances and shave your cooking time.

Whether you grow fruit yourself or have to collect huge fruits, this is the steamer to provide you with gallons of juice faster than any rival unit. 


  • Even heat dispersing
  • Rubber tube attachment with clamp for safe juice collection
  • Highly versatile, multi-task, and professional-grade steam juicer
  • Higher heat absorption ability to avoid over-heating
  • A booklet of recipes and instruction included
  • Tempered glass lid to monitor juicing without guesswork


  • Highly-priced compared with the rivals
  • Fragile Glass lid handle

5. Best Stove Top Steam Juicer - Euro Cuisine EC9500


  • Large capacity containers – 3.5 qt. water reservoir, 7.5 Qt. steam basket, and more
  • Transparent and tempered glass cover
  • Easy to drain spigot design
  • Compatibility with multi-level cooktop
  • Constructed with premium quality stainless steel 

The professional-grade material and high-end construction is now a vogue with the steam juicer manufacturers. But when it is featured with an innovative spigot design, you cannot but admire the convenient design on the part of the manufacturer.

The spigot of the Euro Cuisine EC9500 Stove Top Steam Juicer will make the container trickle juice faster into the jar to serve you with fresh juice or to keep it canned for future use. When the stove heats the water, the steam will open the fruit cells or whatever ingredients inside to emit juice into the juice container attached with the spigot. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the quantity of fruits to squeeze, provided the juice container is large enough to hold as much as 8 Qt. of liquid ever-ready to drain.

As for secondary use, you can use the steamer to steam vegetables and other seafood. And the steamer basket can bag a fabulous sum of ingredients at one go. Not to ignore the glass lid that will enable you to track the juicing given the see-through transparency.

Like other quality units, this multi-compatible steam juicer goes pretty well with an electric, gas, and induction cooktop.

Whatever your target is, you can go for the best steam juicer for ready juice or hand-made jam and jelly. 


  • Can accommodate large quality of fruits and squeeze so
  • Enable you to juice without confusion and guesswork
  • Convenient and hassle-free juice draining by the spigot
  • Ensures pure juice extract on top of steam cooking
  • High-end construction, design, and material for functional ease and durability


  • People, pretty low in number, complain of heat escape through the lid vent
  • Some think the hose and clip to be superior to the spigot

6. Best For Multi-Purpose - Mr Rudolf Fruit Juicer Steamer


  • High-end Stainless steel material
  • Loop handles crafted of 18/10 grade stainless steel
  • Aluminum-coated bottom for even heat distribution
  • Tempered glass see-through lid not to be scalded
  • Potent and 8 Qt. capacity juice container
  • Compatibility with multi-source heating cooktop
  • 1-year of product warranty

Along with juicing and steam cooking performance, home-made juice lovers prefer it for its durability. The stainless steel material in company with high-end construction has offered you the top-notch steam juicer stainless steel. The professional-grade steel makes it a neat and sanitary juicer for healthy and long-life juicing.

And the loop handles too are made of 18/10 premium quality steel welded firmly with the appliance to add to the carry and transportation convenience. Especially, this unit is a breeze to clean and maintain as the stain cannot stay stuck to the sleek and polished stainless steel surface.

The water comes to boil fast, heated evenly across the water container bottom. And that leads the ingredients to open their cells more quickly to release more fresh saps. The hosepipe is ready to pour the juice into the juice jar for fresh juice intake or preserving for future use. And the see-through lid of tempered glass lets you monitor juice dripping to open the hose clamp when the time is ripe.

As for additional application, you can use the bottom container for preparing soup and baby food. 


  • Snugly fits on many cooktop heating units
  • Multi-purpose uses of the containers is a great convenience
  • Easy to clean, maintain, and operate for a simple design
  • Warranty can be extended on product registration
  • Clammed rubber hose for fast and convenient juice outflow
  • Portability for pots welded with a steel loop


  • Side handles get heated for lack of rubber or silicone coating
  • Clamps sometimes fail after a certain time to stop liquid flow

Some Useful Accessories For Steam Juicing 

We observed that the following accessories often come in handy during using a steamer juicer and are not supplied along with the main product. So, you can pick those together for your successful steam juicing.

1. Consevisen Steamer Basket

A steamer basket is an attachment to a steam juicer to make steam juicing easier and enjoyable. It can add to the convenience only when the accessory is featured with quality material, intelligent construction, and design. And our intended steamer basket has all the mentioned features as advertised.

The silicone-coated feet will hold the pot so long steaming is on but will not scratch your pot surface. The petals it is constituted of collapse and expand at your will to serve the purpose you want.

The center post helps entry into the deep pot and can remove from boiling water when you need to steam large items. Not to forget the versatility as it can turn into a strainer, fruit container, and filtering unnecessary water. 

2. Kitchen Crop Victorio VKP1140-5 Spring Clamp

The Kitchen Crop VKP1140-5 hose clamp can replace any other clamps. The ease in use and snug fitting have made it the popular accessory of a steam juicer not to miss. When your juice container is full enough to drain the juice into the jar, you just release the clamp. When the jar is full, clamp it again to hold the hose so firmly that leaking becomes impossible.

When you are up to steam juicing, spilling and overflowing are the common hassle to suffer from. But Victorio VKP1140-5 spring clamp can come to your rescue in this regard. 

3. Roots & Branches FruitSaver Aluminum Steam Canner

As a steam canner, Roots and Branches canner can complement your premium quality steam juicer. It can heat up rapidly to produce steam faster to preserve the food stored there.

The top-notch temperature knob feature lets you guess that the inner heat enough. Moreover, it offers great carry-on ease and transportability thanks to the silicone coated side handles.

Particularly, the flat rack of this canner is above the average by virtue of its versatile accommodating range. It can hold different sizes of jars to heat up quickly.

Before summing up, you can go for this if you want to cut down your water use on top of preserving acidic fruits.

What Is A Steam Juicer?

A steam juicer is one of many juicer types that use steam to make the juice come out of the juice cells. It consists of three components that include a drilled top container, a juice container stuck in the middle, and the bottom part of the steamer pot.

A vapor juicer can extract juice from a huge amount of fruits or ingredients at one go. The amount of juice yield depends on the capacity of the fruit container, commonly known as a colander. The max capacity of the fruit container may reach up to 11 Qt. and can be as small as 4 Qt.

The steam juicer steam-squeeze the fruits, and the fruit cells burst out juices. And the released liquid goes down to the juice kettle to drain through a hose or spigot to a separate juice container. 

Steam Juicer Vs Juice Extractor: Pros And Cons

Steam juicer and juice extractor are different in construction and function but common in outcome and texture of the outcome. While a steam juicer steam juice the ingredients by steam-squeezing, and the result is zero-pulp sizzling and concentrated juice. A bit different, the juice extractor masticates the ingredients to squeeze max juice out of the fruits. Unlike a steam juicer, the masticator or centrifugal juicer cannot fully separate the pulp from the ultimate liquid.

Steam juicers use steam going up from boiling water to burst the fruit cells to get the liquid release. Conversely, the juice extractor uses an auger or cutting blade to squeeze the juice, and so a fair amount of pulp is blended with the juice yield. 

Steam Juicer

Find the benefits and disadvantages of steam juicers below-


  • It is easier and simple in operation.
  • You have to spend less time on cleaning.
  • You can extract a large amount of juice at a time.
  • It sterilized the whole juice for healthier sip.
  • Besides juicing, it can be used to cook other foods like soup, jelly, syrup, nectar, or steamed vegetables.  


  • Due to heat process some nutrients may lost.
  • A bit slower process.
  • Occupies more countertop space in the kitchen.

Juice Extractor

Find the benefits and disadvantages of juice extractors below-


  • Juice extractors like centrifugal juicers can extract juice faster.
  • You will get max nutrition retention in the yield.
  • Comparatively low-priced than steam juicer.
  • Occupy less countertop space.


  • Unable to completely free the yield from pulp and chunk.
  • Need to cut the fruits or vegetables before juicing.
  • You cannot use juice extractors to cook food.

How Does A Steam Juicer Work?

As the name signifies that the steam juicer steam-press the ingredients until the fruit cell spit and the inner juice bursts out. Let’s put it more clearly.

A steam juicer contains three parts- 

  1. The colander upper container bagging the fruits is drilled all over,
  2. The colander sits on the juice kettle the middle part with attached with a hosepipe, and
  3. These two parts sits on the lowest part – the stockpot.

The stockpot is filled with water within one inch of its neck. Now, the water comes to a rapid boil producing steam to go upward through the funnel of the juice kettle. The steam heats up the fruits to burst open the fruit cells, and thus spilled juice goes down to the juice kettle through an attached hosepipe. From here, the juice is drained into a juice jar, not a component of the steamer. 

Other Uses Of A Steam Juicer

The immense popularity of a steam juicer is not merely because of the pure pulp-free juice in a large amount. Rather, the versatile use of the juicer adds to the popularity. Let’s examine other uses of a steam juicer.

Strainer: You can use the colander – the upper part as a strainer to strain lettuce and dinner.

Food Maker: You can make broth and plan different types of food when you have a steam juicer in your kitchen. Thus, the steam juicer can replace many other kitchen appliances.

All-round Functionality: You can prepare poultry, pudding, and grain with a steam juicer. Moreover, you prepare desserts with this juicer.

To sum up, availing a steam juicer means to substitute a wide range of kitchen appliances and it can serve you longer than other equipment. 

Tips On Using The Steam Juicer

To enjoy the max benefits from this appliance, you can abide by the following tips. Here you go with them:

  • Wash the ingredients and cut the stem and the parts of the fruits you don’t eat normally.
  • Sort out if there is any scrape or rotten fruits.
  • Peel the fruits with a tougher surface and cut the bigger size fruits into small pieces.
  • Be careful while draining out the juice as it is burning hot and concentrated.
  • Never fill up the fruits container tightly so that the lid cannot sit snugly. The steam can leak at it.
  • Keep alert so that the water in the stockpot hasn’t dried up. If that is allowed to happen unhindered, it may cause a serious mishap. 

Factors To Consider While Buying A Steamer Juicer

Steam juicer Amazon, along with other online sources, will offer you huge options to buy a unit from. Yes, purchasing a steam juicer is not that tough now, given multiple online platforms. But you must be aware of some steam juicer facts check before the ultimate deal.

Whatever simple the appliance may look, it still has few things to consider seriously before making the final purchase. And the crucial pre-purchase considerations go here:

1. Material

You can have a steam juicer appliance made of aluminum or stainless steel. Whereas both the element is same in terms of functionality, the aluminum is a bit risky as recent reports say that the frequent exposure to aluminum may lead to Alzheimer. But even the best stainless steel steam juicer uses an aluminum disk in the stockpot for even dispersing of the heat.

2. Capacity

Capacity is another crucial consideration, but it is relative. To put it another way, you can go for various capacities depending on the purpose of or frequency you are juicing at. If your requirement is less, you can do it with 4 Qt. containing capacity, and the max commonly found steam juicer capacity is 11-12 Qt. Go for the larger capacity units if you want a commercial steam juicer for your juicing business.

3. Lid

Yes, the lid or cap of the colander or top container is important. You need to keep track of when the juice is coming out. Only a see-through glass lid can help in this regard. You will notice the modern steam juicers feature a tempered glass lid. Not to forget, you must avoid a unit in case of loose and insecure fitting of the lid.

4. Side Loop

You are dealing with steam or hot vapor, and so side handles in all three pots will ensure portability and safety. But you should not overlook the necessity of silicone coating or in the side loop or rubberized so that you can hold them without finger-burn.

5. Spigot/Hosepipe

An outlet pipe attachment is necessary to drain out the juice from the juice kettle. If it is a rubber hose, you must ensure that it does not leak anywhere. Moreover, a rubber hose must be accompanied by a spring clamp.

Another alternative is the spigot design that is a juice outlet attached with the juice kettle but without a hosepipe. Either outlet may serve the draining purpose successfully. Therefore, there is no clear winner, but a hosepipe is more popular with the manufacturer.

6. Versatility

Versatile applications or multi-use convenience is not a unit-specific consideration, and so any steam juicer will help you prepare various foods, steam as you want, and more.

7. Warranty & Price

Steam juicers tend to offer a limited warranty, and the common length of steam juicer warranty is 1 year against the normal 10-year tenure of a centrifugal juicer.
So far, price concerns, you can avail of a steam juicer at $100-$250. Find the competitive price range by searching for a steam juicer for sale.


Q-1: How do you know when a steam juicer is done?

Almost all the steam juicers now have a see-through glass lid to observe the condition of fruits being steamed. And when we can understand that the fruits have no liquid left to release, this is to stop boiling the stockpot water. Thus how we can guess the steam juicer is done.

Q-2: Can you use a steam juicer to make jelly?

Yes, a juicer can be used to make jelly. We can collect the juice in a separate juice jar and keep it for several minutes to cool. Then, we can keep it for future use to make and jelly. As the juice produced by steam boiling is more concentrated, the steam juicer is the best option in this regard.

Q-3: How do you steam berries?

Like other fruits, wash the berries and separate the stem from the fruits before putting them into the fruits container or colander. Keep steam boiling until the last drop of liquid is released from the berry pulp. Thus how only the dried pulp with the seed will be left. Now, collect the juice from the juice kettle in a fruit jar using the hose outlet.

Q-4: How do you make apple cider with a steam juicer?

Making apple juice and apple cider is not that different. You just have to put some additional ingredients like vinegar and sweetening elements for apple cider before capping the colander with the glass lid. Then, switch on the steamer to heat up the stockpot. The process is on and ends up with the apple cider collected in a separate jar.

Q-5: Is it better to steam or boil frozen vegetables?

It is better and so advisable to steam your frozen vegetables. As for boiling them, the ingredients will become soggy, limp, and the original flavor will be gone. Be warned, the same thing will happen if you steam them in a microwave. Therefore, it is better to vapor juice the frozen vegetables.

Q-6: How do you steam apples for juicing?

It is no different to steam juice apples from juicing other fruits. Whereas other fruits like grapes and berries can be put directly into the colander after washing them, the apple better be cut into small sizes and placed in the fruit container.

And the process is the same as the stockpot will bring the water to boil, and the steam will rise up through the middle pot juice container. When the cut-small apple pieces are steam-pressed enough, the cells will split open to release the juice to the last drop. Now, collect it in a separate container via the hose outlet attached with the juice container. 


As for steam juicer as a juicing alternative, you have already learned all the upsides. But it may pose a tough dilemma to vote in favor of one of the five units reviewed in this article. In this context, the buying guide will help you find the right and best steam juicer matching your juicing need and purpose. As for expert suggestion, you should go by the versatility rather than the price. 

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