Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer Review In-Depth

Whether you're a hardcore juicer or trying to squeeze your first glass of lemonade, the Hamilton Beach Citrus Juicer is an ideal one to start. And, in this Hamilton Beach 932 review, we've compiled everything you'll need regarding this commercial juicer.

This particular juicer is pretty compact and turns fresh fruits into liquid gold to accomplish your citrus obsession. Additionally, it extracts more micronutrients from your fruit in record time and thus helps you to become healthier.

Now, let's explore more in the rounder below.

Why Choose A Manual Citrus Juicer?

Unlike electric juicers, manual extractors like Hamilton beach 932 juicer depend on the power of your muscle to squeeze. Then they use a crank or lever to enhance that physical effort.

Because these juicers do not require to plug into an electrical source, you can start juicing immediately, makes them easy to travel with.

On top of that, manual extractors are easier to clean due to less moving parts. Despite giving more quality yield, they are usually cheaper than electric juicers.

Apart from this, you can continue to juice even in the dead of night knowing that your manual juicer is a silent device and will not wake your mom up.

About Hamilton Beach Commercial (HBC)

Hamilton Beach Commercial is regarded highly for its thoughtful and long-lasting kitchen appliances. Since its inception, it has been offering smart solutions and incorporated reliable technology. This approach has helped them to meet the growing demand for food, beverage, and hospitality.

You can count their wealth of experience, too, along with their line of innovative products. They also put a lot of emphasis on their customer service and thereby provide business with the support it needs during and after a purchase.

All of their products are tested rigorously and thus secure your investment regardless of how big or small it is. All of these collectively explain why their cooking utensils are often seen in hotels, bars, and restaurants worldwide.

So, it is safe to say, the Hamilton beach commercial citrus juicer will meet its commitment for freshly squeezed juices on your counter.

Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer (Black) Review:

Brief Overview

Hamilton Beach manual juicer is a leading standard in the world of citrus juicing since 1932 due to its classic look and professional-grade gears.

With its pull-down design and powerful arm, the machine can exert up to 2000 lb. pressure in each press, making it perfect for small café or bar.

The strainer cone and the funnel are both removable to ease cleaning. On top of that, the swing-out cup simplifies the task and brings efficiency in the process.

Not to mention, the unique narrow, slick design makes it stand out and looks gorgeous at the center of your kitchen.

Features in Details:

Here is a handy list of all the features you get when shopping for a Hamilton Beach 932 manual commercial citrus juicer.

  • Commercial Grade Material
  • Maximum Extraction
  • Rack and pinion gear system
  • Removable Strainer
  • Drip Cup with Swing-out Arm
  • Base Stability

Commercial Grade Material:

Unlike traditional models, Hamilton Beach 932 commercial citrus juicer doesn't come with flimsy materials and is designed with higher frequencies in mind. That's why it features hard-wearing metal construction to hold up extensive uses over the year.

With a chrome finish and enamel coatings, the unit also resists citrus acid from damaging its surface. The tradeoff is a bit upfront cost to get these benefits. However, it actually worth it when you know you'll end up saving more on replacement costs later.

Maximum Extraction:

It's no brainer that the volume of force applied to the squeezing motion determines the amount of juice that can be extracted from your citrus fruits.

Hamilton Beach 932 stays on the upper hand in this regard. It's an iconic manual juicer that uses a lever-press design to deliver an outrageous force (up to 2000 pounds) in each press.

Thanks to the high leverage that is built into the arm, you can squeeze the last drop of liquid from all of your citrus fruits, including but not limited to lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits.

In other words, it means you won't have to burst into a sweat as you step on the counter yet gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

The incredible high extraction rate also helps cut down the amount of pulp while improving the juice yield.

Rack and Pinion Gear System:

This is a useful feature that fits into the premise of manual juicing perfectly. When it's not necessary, you understand the nitty-gritty of it now. Basically, it's a mechanism that helps take away a lot of pressure from the counter.

It does so by ensuring that the pressure that you weigh on the juicer goes directly to squeezer. Following the previous feature, it narrows down the risk that your juicer could fly off or damage your counter.

Thus, it doesn't only help the machine to position properly, but it maximizes the input pressure as well.

Base Stability:

Regular juicers tend to slide as you use them on your kitchen counter. This could be real trouble as it will upset the juice-making process.

This won't be the case with Hamilton beach 932 commercial juicer though knowing that it features a "Sure-Grip" feet.

The non-slip surface of it gives adequate stability to hold the juicer firmly in place. Hence it allows you to apply the required pressure without worrying about accidental tipping.

Drip Cup with Swing-out Arm:

Drip cup is a must-have feature for a manual juicer to keep the counter clean. The good news is, the subject model is one of them to prevent dripping from dropping on your counter.

As the juicer allows the cup to move, you can swing it to the side, making room for the larger cup to collect the juice. You'll then get the drip cup back under the unit and catch the final residue.

Removable Juice Strainer:

The cone-shaped strainer along with the juice cup and funnel are all removable, making it easy to keep the juicer clean and sanitary.

More significantly, the strainer is extremely efficient in blocking the pulp from entering the collection cup, allowing you to drink a cup of rich juice in no time.

Hamilton Beach Juicer 932: Key Specifications At A Glance

Type                          : Citrus Juicer
Size                            : Medium
Style                          : Manual Feed
Dimension               : 7.44 x 8.94 x 19.61 inches
Weight                      : 13.2 pounds
Lever-Press              : 2000 Lbs. (max)
Material                    : Cast Aluminum
Cup Clearance         : 5.5-inch
Warranty                  : 1 years for parts & labor

hamilton beach citrus juicer

What are the Pros of Hamilton Beach 932

  • Doesn't come with a hefty price
  • Professional juicer yet easy to use
  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Removable parts ease cleaning post-use
  • Produces maximum yield with less time & effort
  • Durable finish suitable for uses in a heavy-duty café or bar
  • Reduce counter mess with a skid base and rotating drip cup
  • Metal component and enamel coating prevent wear from citrus acid

Cons of Hamilton Beach 932

  • The handle could be improved. Its pointy design digs into the palm.
  • Few users have reported that the juicer isn't well suited to larger fruits

FAQs On Hamilton Beach 932 Manual Extractor

Q-1: What is the diameter of the fruit nest?

It's 3.875-inches.

Q-2: What material is the handle made of?

The handle is made of hard plastic (polycarbonate) over a metal core.

Q-3: Can I use it for pomegranate?

Yes. You can make pomegranate juice from Hamilton 932 manual juicer. Just cut one in half, put a medium-sized jar under the press, place the halved pomegranate on the juicer, and start pressing.

Q-4: Is the pressure cup aluminum or stainless steel?

It is cast aluminum with chrome finish. The pressure cup pulls down to press on the fruit and pushes it into the extractor cone.

Q-5: Is the extractor cup stainless steel or aluminum?

It's stainless steel. The extractor cup strains the juice and features holes in it.

Q-6: Where can I find a replacement cup for this product?

You will find the replacement cup on HBC's official website.

Q-7: How long it takes to squeeze enough orange for a 16oz glass?

Two half oranges will take about 3 minutes to squeeze entirely. It's a juice extractor and doesn't need you to peel the orange. You would rather cut them in half to put one on the cone and squeeze. 


The idea behind this Hamilton Beach 932 commercial citrus juicer review was to share valuable insights so that you're well informed about it before you decide to get one for yourself.

We believe you are able to find yourself happy with the information shared above.

If you ask me, I will not be biased, but it has a decent track record for customer satisfaction. It's quite obvious given that it is compact, effortless to clean, and squeezes the most juices out of the abundant orange on a daily basis. To sum up, citrus juicing can't get much easier than that.

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