Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000S Review In-depth

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Whether you are trying to kick start your day with a glass of fresh green or simply aiming to add more nutrients to your diet, a juicer is your best option. Then again, traditional juicers are good at making juice but ruin the most beneficial nutrients along the process. So, what’s the solution?

Here today, we are presenting Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000S review that not only takes a whole fruit but also operates quietly. And in a matter of minutes, you can have your nutrients filled nectar with ease. Furthermore, look for the comparison and FAQ section at the end to deepen your knowledge.

That said, let’s jump right in, shall we?

So, the kuvings B6000S is a unique juice extracting device that processes fruits and veggies in a masticating manner. Not the centrifugal-type you generally see in a household or the market. Those are pretty loud and not very good at retaining the good stuff found in the fruits and vegetables.

In order to keep the vitamins intact, the crushing progression is slow and non-heat generative. Along with the other features, the main attraction of this juicer is being able to take a whole fruit for processing.

Kuvings Whole Slow B6000 Juicer: Key Specifications

Color: White, Silver, and Red
Dimensions: 8.9 X 8.1 X 17.6(Height)
Weight: 14.11 Pounds
Juicer Type: Vertical, low speed, Masticating.
Motor: Brushless 240 watts AC high torque Motor.
RPM: Maximum 60 RPM
Feeding Chute: 3 inches by 3 inch
Warranty: 10 years limited warranty.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000s: Features in Detail

3 Inch Feeding Chute

Wider chute diameter is always a plus point when it comes to juicer like kuvings b6000. That broad chute opening allows you to feed a whole fruit without having to chop it down to smaller pieces.

The same goes for the vegetables too. That way, you won’t deteriorate the fibers and the vitamins from the beginning.

Slow Masticating Process

With only 60 RPM operation, the smashing and extracting process is much slower than other competitors. Being that slow averts producing heat and oxidization of the ingredients.

That also helps keep the necessary enzyme unbroken while processing. So you can expect the same freshness and nutrients every time.

High-Performance Motor

It does the crushing and squeezing all together with the included single brushless motor. As you figured it by now, indeed, it’s a powerful motor with a pretty high torque attribute in the industry. Furthermore, the power rating for this machine is only 240 watt and supports 110v outlets.

Silent Operation

We told you at the intro that traditional blenders are very loud due to the use of a high-speed motor. That, too, aid in vibration. On the other hand, the kuvings whole slow juicer b6000 greatly depends on low pace operation that not merely grants silent operation, but get rid of vibration as well.

kuvings whole slow b6000 juicer parts

Added Attachments

The kuvings b6000 whole slow juicer is designed in a way that changing only the strainer, it becomes a smoothie machine, baby food processor. Even without the strainer, it’s a formidable frozen dessert maker to try out your favorite fruit sorbet.

Convenient Cleaning Tools

If you already own a juicer or a blender, then you are most familiar with its cleaning chore you have to deal with after making a delicious smoothie. Kuvings b6000 taking a different approach here with providing us with the tools that help cleaning sensitive moving parts, which also saves precious time.

Clever Cap Design

This happens all the time, right after making your thickest nectar; it tends to leave a remainder in the bottom of the blender that’s hard to get to. In addition, pouring from a large container also not an ideal way, where you may drop a few here and there of your precious juices.

Following that, engineers from kuvings developed a cap that is drip-proof and efficient at pouring.

What are the Pros of Kuvings B6000

  • No need to pre-cut the fruits or veggies.
  • Longer juice shelf life compared to blending.
  • Preserves nutrients properly
  • It saves a lot of time in juice, making by eliminating the preparation phase.
  • Highly power efficient at only 240 watt power draw.
  • Versatile functionality for processing fruits and vegetables differently.
  • Good at making baby food.
  • Easy to clean with included kit.
  • The drip-proof cap prevents waste.
  • Low noise operation.
  • BPA free components.
  • The brand offers 10 years limited warranty.

Cons of B6000

  • A bit pricey. Considering all the features, the cost entirely makes up for it.
  • Not as fast as a centrifugal juicer but conserves a lot of healthy enzymes.

Kuvings B6000 vs Kuvings C7000: What to choose?

In the most general sense, the Kuvings C7000 is the proud successor of the kuvings B6000. In our Kuvings B6000S review, we explored all the features and possible benefits that come with it. The Kuvings C7000 possesses all the same features alongside some improvements.

If you want to choose between B6000 and C7000, it would be a challenging task. Both products have almost the same specs and performance. But for the sake of comparison, let’s break down those differences.

Handy Feeding Funnel

In the Kuvings B6000 review, we have seen the model has a 3-inch vertical chute. That’s the main feeding channel for the machine. In times what they realize is that when you try to pour small veggies and fruits like cherry tomatoes or grapes at a time, it tends to fall from the side due to not having any tray or funnel.

Countering that problem, in the C7000 model, they added a flat top-funnel at the opening of the chute.

Verdict: Kuvings C7000 wins here for more flexibility.

Included Sieve

On the previous model B6000 apart from the juicing screen, there was no separate strainer or a sieve. For most people, this may not be of concern. The same applies to you if you like pulp in your juice.

The more recent model C7000 comes with a sieve that you place just under the smart cap. So, when the final extract is coming out, there will be no pulp in your juice. For this reason, the total yield is somewhat low from the B6000 model.

Verdict: It depends on the individual who likes pulp or zero pulp.

Auger improvement

This is another major improvement from the previous model B6000. The primary design was a flat bottom and gear track in the auger. This design language pushes the auger upward if you try to push your fruits too far and jam the machine. Many individuals also suffer a lot during cleaning due to gear tracks.

On the other hand, the new C7000 model perfectly addresses these issues with innovative layout design. They removed the flat bottom and added a finger deep recessed bottom, which is easy to clean. And the gears are now accessible more conveniently without obstructing performance.

Verdict: The new model c7000 is better in terms of performance.

Redesigned Juicing Screen

The Juicing screen on the original model is great and does a phenomenal job of separating the liquid from the fruit pulp. But after several usage Customer started to saw minor leaking into the motor. Although there was already a rubber gasket placed under the juice bowl, it appeared ineffective in some cases.

So, to resolve the issue, they reinforced the juicing screen bottom with the smaller opening and place the gasket there. Now it’s more effective to prevent leaking into motor.

Verdict: Kuvings c7000 has the upper hand in component protection.

Price Difference

This is no brainer to realize that the latest product always charges pretty penny. Here In our situation, where both products have nearly the same performance rating, price is the only differentiation factor. As newer models are in circulation, previous models are likely to go more affordable.

Verdict: If the c7000 model is a bit expensive for you can always go for the original b6000 model.

FAQ of kuvings b6000 whole slow juicer

Q-1: Does slow juicer really yield higher nutrient value?

Yes. Compared to other machines like a centrifugal juicer, the blade breaks down fruits too fast, destroying healthy enzymes and soluble fibers. In the case of slow juicer, it works just like a cold press, slowly crushing and extracting the essence with all the nutrients.

Q-2: How long does slow pressed Juice last?

Unlike the old-fashioned centrifugal machine, the slow juicer doesn’t generate heat and component in the juice doesn’t get affected by oxidation rapidly. For that reason, the integrity stays undamaged up to 72 hours.

Q-3: How easy is it to clean a slow juicer?

Depending on the loose parts, it greatly varies. But if you are asking about Kuvings whole slow b6000 series, they include a special cleaning kit. That makes the cleaning task easy and quick without damaging the parts.

Final Thoughts on kuvings b6000s review

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000s is a great piece of tech that allows you to have the perfect juice with fewer compromises. It’s true if you are looking for a machine that takes only seconds to make juice for several people, you are better off with centrifugal juicer.

But if you want the most nutrients and benefits out of your vegetables and fruits, you need to have a slow juicer. Hope you like our Kuvings b6000 review, and the information shared is handy in your next purchase.

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