How To Make Orange Juice Without A Juicer

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You’ve probably noticed that drinking juice every morning has become trendy. Without question, juicing provides a healthy start to the day that you won’t find in a cup of coffee. Juicing also allows us to consume more fruits and vegetables without having to take them whole.

However, if you think you can acquire it easy way (by buying pre-packaged juice from the shop), you may end up harming your health rather than benefiting it, as well as wasting your hard-earned money.

Then you only have one option: make your own juice at home. However, you may think that preparing juice is a great nuisance because it requires running a juicer machine with roaring noises and cleaning it afterward.

If you use orange for juicing, you can avoid all of the above problems. It has numerous health benefits and is simple to create juice without the need of a juicer.

Wondering! How to make orange juice without a juicer. Let’s look at several easy ways to make orange juice without using a juicer.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Orange Juice

When it’s so simple to make a glass of orange juice, you could wonder if it’s good for our health or if we should drink it every day. To respond to your query, orange juice is high in vitamin C and potassium. Some commercially available versions also include vitamin D and calcium.

Orange juice contains 67 percent vitamin C, 15 percent folate, and 10% potassium of the recommended daily consumption in an 8 ounce or 240ml serving. [Source]

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant source. Antioxidants protect our health by balancing the amount of antioxidant and unstable molecules in our bodies. As a result, it trains our bodies to combat chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Vitamin C also helps to build bones, maintain gum health, and heal wounds.

Orange juice is also high in potassium, a mineral that helps to control blood pressure, reduce bone loss, and prevent heart disease and stroke. Orange juice’s alkaline composition raises the pH of urine, which helps to prevent kidney stones from forming.

Not to mention, it also contains a lot of folates, which are necessary for DNA synthesis and embryonic development. As a result, it is beneficial to pregnant women and helps to prevent birth-related difficulties. [Source]

Pure orange juice also helps to raise healthy HDL while lowering bad LDL. It also has a significant contribution to the reduction of inflammations that are responsible for cancer or heart disease.

Despite the numerous health advantages, orange juice contains sugar and high calories. It also lacks the fiber that a whole orange has. As a result, drinking orange juice (or any other juice) on a daily basis may lead to weight gain and high blood sugar. However, sugar concentration can be reduced by diluting it with water.

So, either drink orange juice 2 to 3 times a week to reap the advantages or dilute it with water to make it less concentrated for daily usage.

How To Make Orange Juice in 3 Easy Methods

You can make excellent sugar-free orange juice (you could choose Valencia or navel oranges which are naturally sweet) using the following easy methods to save time and money.

how to make orange juice using kitchen untensils

Using Kitchen Utensils

You will need:

A fork
A bowl
Orange (As per your choice)


Place the entire orange in your palm and roll it across the kitchen counter or table top. Roll it a couple of times gently till the orange is a little softer. This motion helps to tear the orange’s membrane, making it easier to extract the juice.

Then, along the broadest portion of the equator, cut the orange in half.

Get a fork and a bowl ready. Use one hand to hold the fork while the other holds the half-cut orange. Insert the fork into the middle of the orange and gently press and squeeze it towards the orange’s wall. Continue until all of the juice has been extracted from the pulps.

Strain the juice through a sieve if you want it to be completely pulp-free. This strategy allows you to save every last drop of juice.

orange juice how to make

Using Microwave Oven

You will need:

Microwave Oven


Instead of rubbing the orange on a hard surface, you can use a microwave oven to separate the juice from the pulp. Place the orange in the oven for a few seconds to accomplish this. It aids in the softening of orange membranes.

After that, cut it in half and squeeze it into the pitcher. Don’t forget to remove the seeds before squeezing it. If you choose citrus lemon, you can sweeten it with sugar syrup.

how to make juice orange with handheld juicer

Using A Handheld Juicer

You will need:

A Handheld Juicer


This form of extractor is probably familiar to you and does not require much explanation. Simply cut the orange or citrus fruit in half and set it over the juicer, pressing down and squeezing while you rotate back and forth to extract as much juice as possible.

Orange Juice Recipes

Let’s start with super simple orange juice recipes.

Recipe #1 – Salty Orange Juice


4 pc Orange (Navel or Valencia)
Rock Salt


After rinsing the orange with water, cut it in half. Then extract juice from it using one of the three ways listed above (for convenience you can also use a hand or electric citrus juicer). Using a fine mesh or cloth, strain the liquid. Pour into a glass, add a little water, and sprinkle with rock salt. Tada, have fun.

You can also add some leftover pulp to get a pulpy taste.

Recipe #2 – Apple Orange Juice


1 pc Apple (Gala or any sweet variety)
2 pc Orange (Valencia or Navel)
Honey (as per choice)


After rinsing the apple and orange, cut them into quarters and half. Then remove the core of the apple and extract orange juice using the methods outlined above, or you can use a hand or electric citrus juicer to do it.

In a blender, combine the sliced apple pieces with the orange juice. Blend until you get a nice purée.

To separate the pulp from the juice, strain the blended puree through a fine-mesh strainer. Now adjust the amount of honey and water to your preference.

That’s all there is to it; now sit back and enjoy your refreshing juice (you can omit the honey if you want to reduce sweetness).


I hope you find the three techniques for squeezing orange juice without a juicer above to be useful. They are incredibly basic and do not require any additional processing or cleaning. If you exclusively juice oranges or citrus fruits, you can avoid purchasing a large juicer.

So, start your day with a glass of healthy, freshly squeezed orange juice, and you’ll be happy for the rest of the day.

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