How To Assemble Omega Fruit And Vegetable Juicer?

If you don’t know how to assemble Omega fruit and vegetable juicer, look no further because here I will be sharing the step-by-step Omega juicer assembly guide today.

Not to mention, Omega juicers are unique than any other fruit and vegetable juicer you’ll come across. Instead of crushing down your fruit or vegetable, they squeeze the juice out. Due to the slowness in the juice-making process, your juice barely loses any nutrients, vitamins, and color.

It’s also a versatile product as you can juice any vegetable and fruit no matter how hard or soft it is. You can also make soy milk and process various foods through it.

Now let’s move onto the main discussion.

How to Assemble Omega Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

Omega juicers have two versions:

  • Vertical juicer and
  • Horizontal juicer

The easiest way to distinguish between the two is to check if your Omega juicer has a big round bowl and a round strainer. If it does, then it is a vertical juicer.

If your Omega juicer doesn’t have a big round bowl and has a long strainer, it is a horizontal juicer.

Vertical Juicer Assembly

  1. At first, attach the strainer to the self-cleaning brush.
  2. Now insert them into the round bowl. Ensure that the red dots are linked (marked both on the bowl and the strainer).
  3. The circular wavy part is called the auger. Insert it into the strainer.
  4. Attach the hopper to the bowl. For perfect alignment, the arrow sign on the hopper needs to match the bowl’s red dot.
  5. Take the ensemble and place it on the base, and then rotate the bowl for a tight connection.
  6. Ensure that the hopper’s arrow sign is pointed to the base’s CLOSE sign.
  7. Assemble the juice and pulp containers in front of their respective bowl pipes.
  8. There is a small removable rubber on one side of the bowl that will let the juice to release from the fresh juice pipe only for a pulpier drink.
  9. If you don’t want pulpy juice, simply pull the rubber to detach it.
  10. Put your cut fruit or vegetable in the hopper and turn on the Omega juicer to make your juice.

Horizontal Juicer Assembly

  1. Attach the drum to the main body. You need to turn the locking part in a clockwise direction.
  2. Join the hopper to the drum.
  3. Insert the auger into the drum and then place the juicing strainer on top of it. The placement goes drum>auger>strainer.
  4. Place the drum cap on the strainer.
  5. Connect the adjustable pressure cap to the drum cap.
  6. Remember to put the juice and pulp containers underneath the drum pipe.
  7. Link the power cord to a plug and turn the Omega juicer on.
  8. Slice your fruit and vegetables and put them through the hopper to make juice.
  9. Rotate the adjustable pressure cap to maximum setting ‘5’ for carrots, leafy greens, and beetroots. For soft fruits like berries, mango, oranges, use ‘2’.

Things You Need to Be Careful About

Even though the setup process of the Omega juicer is straightforward, it’s still a machine. So, you must take some precautionary steps to avoid any accident. Below are some measures.

  1. Check the parts: Make sure all the parts, especially the power cord, is in proper condition. Damaged cords may cause a fire.

  2. Turn off Power: Always pull off the cord before you set up or remove any parts. Do not try to assemble any part when the juicer is operating.

  3. Away from Water: Don’t assemble near a water source or with slippery/wet hands.

  4. Avoid Dishwasher: Never run the replacement parts under dishwasher. It could breach the manufacturer’s warranty.

  5. Metal in the hopper: Never put a metal item on the hopper. It will clog and ruin the Omega juicer. If the juicer gets clogged for some reason, press the REVERSE button a few times to unclog it.

  6. Away from Children: Do not assemble near unsupervised children.


Hopefully, now you know how to assemble Omega fruit and vegetable juicer and how to operate it. You can now add fresh fruit and vegetable juice to your diet! Follow the above instructions carefully and enjoy your Omega juicer to the maximum.

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