Breville BJS700SIL: A Robust And Efficient Juicer For Any Home

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Are you looking for an efficient and robust juicer for your home? Check out the details of Breville’s BJS700SIL big squeeze slow juicer. It will blow your mind by changing the average conception regarding juicers.

Making your juice with a quiet motor at a decent speed is a very convenient feature of a masticating juicer. This cold press and slow juicer guarantee you a full-bodied taste and all the nutrients. And, you’ll get all these in this appliance which makes a juicer invincible.

Worrying about its durability? The Breville bjs700sil big squeeze slow juicer silver will ensure that you can use the juicer for a pretty long time. It will never fail to make a perfect and delicious juice of fruits and vegetables. This unit can handle softcore fruits, hard produce, and fibrous vegetables with ease.

Surely, it’ll be a prospective juicer for regular use. Take a look at some of the outstanding traits of the Breville big squeeze slow juicer.

breville bjs700sil big squeeze slow juicer reviews

What You’ll Find At Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

Dual Chute

Having a large feeder chute is a convenient feature of a juicer that can take a large chunk of fruits and even small fruits intact. Thus how it can save you valuable time and shave fatigue. Besides, the narrower or small Breville BJS700SIL big squeeze slow juicer having feeder is three inches long to take chopped fruits, vegetables, and greens and start juicing with ease. You can insert many ingredients at a time to elevate your juicing quickly. Thus the dual feeder chute has made it a versatile juicer.

Motor Power & Speed

When buying a juicer or blender, you should keep in mind that the motor speed variation does have a purpose and the same thing applies to the motor power. Lesser wattage and RPM doesn’t amount to a low amount or quality of juice extraction.

Therefore, the 240-watt motor power of the juicer is sufficient as it is a slow masticating juicer. One benefit is low power makes it ultra-quiet, so the neighbors will not complain now.

More Yield & Nutrients

Moreover, slow mastication ensures more extraction and dryer pulp, with the flavor and nutrient quality remaining intact. Having a low powered motor enables the juicer to have a good juicer extraction rate. With slow blade rotation, the juicer extracts maximum juice from the ingredients and the pulps. This generates 20-30% more juice production from many other juicers.

Low Heat Generation

The juicer generates the lowest amount of heat. And the motor of the juicer remains quiet, so it runs for a longer time. Thus low heat production contributes to providing superior quality juice and extending the juicing life of the appliance. Moreover, the chance of any mishap from overheating is zero. That is what all the Breville big squeeze juicer reviews tell us.

Mesh Filter

The stainless-steel mesh filter is a unique feature of the juicer that traps the tiniest of the chunk. Thus it works like a two-edged sword to provide you with superior quality juice, and trapped chunks will get extracted further. Don’t worry about cleaning because the auto-cleaning functions mean it will be self-rinsed. So, no complications while cleaning it.

Easy Assembly

Assembling the parts of the juicer is very easy. You won’t face many difficulties while doing so. Still, you should follow the instructions in the manual to avoid slips.

Ease of Cleaning

Though the body is made of BPA-free plastic, the parts are not dishwasher safe. But the auto-cleaning convenience compensates for the lack. When it comes to cleaning the Breville big squeeze slow juicer stainless steel, it seems like a breeze. The auto rinse technology of the juicer enables the machine to fill up with water.

If self-cleaning is not sufficient, you should keep in mind that wash the body parts manually and wipe or dry the water to the last drop.

Reverse Crushing

The Breville bjs700sil big squeeze juicer silver also tends to have forward and reverse crushing. That means you can go on crushing and grinding any produce as unclogging becomes much easier with the feature. Not to escape, this feature gives a big hand to keep the interior clean and free of left-over.

Compact Design & Ease of Use

It is a common tendency with manufacturers now to make appliances compact. This Breville unit follows this, and so it will occupy lesser space in your kitchen cabinet or countertop.

The compact design, dual feeder chute, reverse crushing and others have this juicer highly easy to operate. That’s why both novice users and veteran diet freaks have found it very useful.

Low-end Price & Long Warranty

The service offered by this unit has made the low-end piece tag a steal. With this price range in consideration, you can hardly find any rival unit to beat Breville’s big squeeze slow juicer.

On top of that, the confident and lengthy warranty statement speaks volumes for the product’s quality. To the least, you can have quality and highly nutritious drinks for that tenure.

Key Specification Of Breville BJS700SIL

Type: Cold Press & Slow Juicer
Juice Life in Shelf: 72 hrs
Pulp Ejection: External
Motor Power: 240 Watt
Motor Speed: 80 RPM
Chute Size: Dual Chute Big (3-inch diameter) & Small (1-inch diameter)

Design & Style: Vertical
Color: Silver
Warranty: 10 years
Dimensions: 10.81517.5 inches
Juicer Weight: 12 lbs

Key Features Of Breville BJS700SIL

  • Large chute feeder
  • Ultra-quiet effective motor
  • Low RPM to extract more juice
  • Generates less heat to the machine
  • Can make other mixes other than fruits and vegetable juices
  • Stainless steel mesh filter
  • Forward and reverse button
  • Auto-Cleaning System
  • BPA-free Body Parts

Benefits Of Using Breville BJS700SIL Slow Juicer

  • Ultra-quiet noise level
  • Easy to Assemble, Operate, and Clean
  • Quite a decent blending power for a cold press masticator
  • BPA-free plastic parts
  • The auto-clean feature allows full rinsing of the machine between juicing
  • Dual feeder chute for putting and getting juice
  • Higher yield and dryer pulp
  • 72 hours long shelf life
  • Can produce all types of ingredients
  • Only Breville juicer with ten-year-long warranty

Limitation Of Breville Big Squeeze Juicer

  • Consumes a lot of time to make a perfect serving of juice
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Lacking internal pulp ejection

This is all about the Features of Breville BJS700SIL big squeeze and you can take your decision without further query. If you wish to check more juicers from Breville, just click here.

Now let’s make a feature comparison between the unit under discussion and another unit. Thus you may know another juicing unit identical or close to it by features and performance.

Comparison: Breville Big Squeeze Vs Kuvings Whole Slow

The Breville big squeeze and the Kuvings whole slow juicer are two very powerful juicers in the market. Their features and specifications took them among the top. These two are nearly identical, judging by features except a few. Let’s see what they are.


The Breville juicer mixes the ingredients at 80 RPM. On the other hand, the kuving whole slow juicer generates 60 RPM. Having slow rotations, the kuving juicer generates more juice than the Breville juicer.

Feed chute:

Both juicers have a 3-inch large chute that can consume a lot of components. Thus, they accelerate in making your mix quicker.


The motor of the Breville and kuving juicer is 240 watts. Though their RPM is different, they tend to work much more feasibly and are sustainable.

Directional Control:

The Breville big squeeze juicer can make both the forward and reverse directions while juicing. On the other hand, no specific notations have been found regarding the kuving whole slow juicer’s blade direction. We can take it to be a single-direction control.


The parts of the Breville big squeeze and kuving whole slow juicer are easy to assemble and clean. You can wash them easily with warm water as usual.

The Breville has rinse technology that fills the bowl and completes the cleaning. On the other hand, the kuving whole slow juicer cleans by twisting the rotating cleaning brush and operating on the machine.

As for preference, the differences are not that big to prefer one to others. Instead, they can work for each other in need. That said, if you want to go for one now, The Breville big squeeze defeats the rival by – reverse direction, RPM speed, and long warranty tenure.

Breville Juicer Masticating Or Centrifugal?

The Breville juicer having a slow RPM enables it to extraction of more juice from the ingredients. And with that extraction, it masticates the ingredients and extracts the juice from the pulps. That goes without saying that the Breville juicer is a masticating juicer.

How To Maintain The Breville Big Squeeze Juicer?

To reap the best service from your juicer, you must ensure that it is maintained safely and cleanly. For that, you should clean the juicer accordingly.

Step 1: Turn the juicer off and unplug it.
Step 2: Safely disassemble the parts of the juicer with proper handling. Make sure you keep
Step 3: Take soft clothes and brushes for the next steps. It is recommended to use microfiber cloths for cleaning.
Step 4: Wash the parts with warm water. It will remove the juice stains and pulps on the body. Rinse it with the soft microfiber cloth carefully.
Step 5: Take stainless steel mesh filter and soak it in a bowl or basin filled up with warm water. The dirt and pulps will go away. The clogging in the pores will also be cleared.
Step 6: Wipe out the motor base with a soft damp cloth properly. Make sure there remain no dried stains on it. It will dissociate the stains easily.
Step 7: Dry the parts under fans or open space. Once they are fully dried up, assemble them and preserve it in a cool, dry place.


Does the juicer juice ginger?

Ans: The juicer is a versatile one that can juice both fruits and vegetables. So, it can juice the ginger without any hesitation.

Will the juice have lots of bits after juicing with the Breville Juicer?

Ans: The pulp extractor enables to extraction of maximum juice from the ingredients. If you insert any ingredient full of bits, you can get the bits fully aloof from your delicious drink.

How long does the juicer take to juice a liter of apple juice?

Ans: It takes approximately 4-5 minutes to make a liter of apple juice with the juicer.

Is the bottom of the juicer plastic or Steel?

Ans: The bottom of the juicer is fully plastic.

Is the juicer extractor or a cold press one?

Ans: The juicer is a masticating juicer. So, you can term it a masticating extractor juicer.

Final Words

The Breville bjs700sil big squeeze slow juicer’s remarkable traits and features make it a very desired and helpful juicer at home. It can serve you the tastiest and most nutritious juice for a long time without showing any disturbances.

Use it as your regular fitness shake maker and get the best result of it. Moreover, the price range and robust warranty of the Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer are unbeatable by the rivals.

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