Aicok GS-336 Wide Mouth Juice Extractor Review

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Aicok Juicer GS-336 offers you juice enriched with vitamins, minerals, and the full flavor. And the standout mesh filter ensures the high quality of the extraction along with the extra amount of yield.

Equipped with dual speed-setting, Aicok GS-336 wide mouth juicer is a sheer relaxation as you can extract the max liquid from any ingredient. And the wide feeder chute has made the job easier and adds to your comfort by shaving your time for slicing off the large ingredients. What more do you want from your juicer? Yes, it offers far more as cleaning and operation are a breeze for the premium construction, designs, and advanced features.

This is a must for you if you are in a budget restriction as you can avail of high-end service at a low-end cost. Indeed, any rival machine can scarcely beat this appliance in terms of price and the benefits in the line.

This Aicok Juice Extractor GS-336 review will tell us a lot more about it. Let’s dig deep into the features and see what benefits await us.

Aicok GS-336 Wide Mouth Juice Extractor Review


Color: Black
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.57 x 7.95 x 12.28 inches
Weight: 6.74 pounds
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Feed Chute: 3 inches wide
Low Speed: 13000-17000 RPM
High Speed: 17000-21000 RPM

Key Features Of Aicok Juicer GS-336:

  • Stainless steel blades & BPA-free Plastic Body Parts
  • Durable corrosion resistant food grade body
  • Stainless steel 3-layer mesh filter
  • Dual speed Crushing
  • Lower Blending Noise
  • Large feed chute
  • Easy to clean
  • Solid grip and handling
  • Convenient warranty
  • Safety Lock Arms and Overheat Protection Feature

Features Of Aicook GS-336 [More Details]

Let’s break into the features to explore the benefits and services in the offer.

Sturdy & Sharp Blades

The blades are one of the most crucial parts of the juicer. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturer of the Aicok juice extractor model GS-336 has fitted the best stainless-steel blades in it. They are sturdy, sharp, and efficient to cut through anything coming to its way.

Premium Material & Construction

The body, constructed of BPA-free plastic, of the juicer, is highly durable and impact resistant. Added with that comes the base equipped with rubber-grip feet. Thus how it will not sleep while extracting juices for long and the juicer will remain okay.

3-layer Mesh Filter

The mesh filter of the juicer is also an admirable feature. This is arguably the best filter a juicer can have. With this, the juice extractor becomes successful in extracting 26% more juice and 36% more nutrients and vitamins from the ingredients. In addition to extracting more juice, the mesh filter ensures superior quality extraction enriched with the full-bodied flavor and the nutrients. So, availing Aicok juicer wide mouth juice extractor means regular intake of tasty juice with high mineral and vitamins.

Motor Power & Speed

The motor power of the Aicook juice extractor model gs-336 is enough to extract the liquid from any ingredients to the last drop. Moreover, 400-watt of motor power matches the speed of the blade and can adapt to the dual speed.

13000-17000 RPM and 17000-21000 RPM speed settings render the highest versatility in crushing all types of ingredients. And the juicer succeeds in extracting more juice from the ingredients. So, the juice extractor gs-336 gives max crushing irrespective of soft fruits, leafy greens, and tougher produce. And adjusting juice as per the components to grind is pretty simple. It is just selecting the perfect speed and getting the quality juice.

Quieter Operation

Despite having a powerful motor and running the blades at the crazy high speed, the operating sound of the machine is fairly low. Can you imagine that it is within 60dB noise? Thus, you won’t have to worry about the noise disturbance while operating the juicer. Now, your sleeping baby will not wake up and complaining neighbors will have no issue.

Wide Mouth/Feeder Chute

They call the unit as Aicok juicer wide mouth juice extractor. Inst it an interesting name and justified too? The feed chute of the juice extractor is of 3-inches. This allows you to insert more ingredients and large pieces of them. And This does not only save your time but provides a lot of juicing at a time as well. Thus how it shaves your juice-making fatigue and offers you added convenience. Imagine, you are just peeling off the oranges and other thick-skinned produce, and they are good to get crushed.

BPA-Free Plastic & Dishwasher Safe Body Parts

The juice extractor is fully dishwasher free. Just wash it like a normal juicer at regular intervals and keep it clean. You won’t have to worry about toxicity further because the juicer is also BPA-free.

Safety Ensured

For providing the best security, the bottom of the juicer is fitted with a rubber base. It provides you with the best handling of your juicer while juicing and less possibility of slip occurs. Moreover, it comes with a safety lock arm, and overload protection will not let it overheat even after operating for long.

Anti-Drip Function

Also, the anti-drip function of the juice extractor prevents the juicer from undergoing any leakage. The safety lock of the juicer makes sure that the cover of the juicer remains tight at operation. And the rubber feet design adds to the purpose by keeping the machine stable while operating and thus keep the juice stable. Featured with an anti-drip function, this machine provides you with safe, clean, and stable juicing.

Ease Of Cleaning

There is no mention of the auto-cleaning feature in any of Aicook GS-336 reviews. But that doesn’t mean that maintaining and cleaning the machine is a hassle. Rather, it is a breeze to clean it with the brush. And the easy assembly and disbanding have done cleaning and maintain fun.

Easy Operation And Functionality

On top of the premium construction and intelligent features, the compact design and simple structure have made operation super easy even for the novice. And the functionality will make anybody love juicing through it.

The juicer comes with a 2-years replacement warranty and a lifelong technical consultation. And the reasonable price has made the machine invincible one.

Pros Of Aicok GS-336:

  • Anti-drip function, anti-slip rubber base, and overheat protection feature
  • Very easy and convenient when assembled and dissembled
  • Can be used anywhere for making any juice
  • Equipped with the best safety features
  • Easy operation and functional designs
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sturdy and durable body to restrain the external impact and internal use
  • Lower noise level to let your baby sleep undisturbed
  • Dual speed setting for versatile juicing
  • 3-layer Mesh filter more and quality juice
  • Juice outlet made of Food-grade material

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Cons Of Aicok Wide Mouth Centrifugal Juicer:

  • The blades might be dangerous. If dissembled, fix it properly, or you might face an accident
  • Lack of auto-self cleaning feature
  • Motor shows disturbances after running for a long period

Comparison: Aicok Vs Aicook

Before reading the article, you must know that Aicook is a sub-brand of Aicok brand. They are very well known for their top-notch service and good products to the Amazon customers.

But what makes them different from each other? Let us show you in detail about it.

When you are to extract the juice from Aicok juicer, you have to cut the ingredients into small pieces. But in Aicook juicer, you might not need that. The ingredients as a whole can be inserted into the Aicook juicer.

You have to give much push to insert your ingredients inside the Aicok juicer. But the feature gets covered in the Aicook juicer automatically.

The Aicok is a slow masticating juicer. But the Aicook is a fast juice extractor. Both the juicers function in different ways but ultimately give the best juice.

Storing the juice becomes more feasible for the Aicok juicer (72 hours). But for the fast Aicook juicer, you can preserve it only for 24 hours.

Aicok juicers are cheaper compared to other high-end juicers. Thus, the Aicook juicer tends to be more expensive than the Aicok juicer.

Both the Aicook and Aicok juicers are BPA-free. So, they provide the best cleaning for your juicer in the most feasible way.

FAQs Of Aicook GS 336

Does this masticator have authentic Certification?

The juicer is tested by ETL and has been certified by the FDA. This speaks a lot as you are now confident about the quality of the machine.

What is the power of the motor of the juicer?

The motor is of 400 watts. This much power is no doubt higher for masticating juicers.

How many parts does the juicer have?

The juicer has 6 different parts. And the parts are pretty easy to assemble and disband.

Is the juicer recommended for celery?

The Aicook juicer shows various complications for leafy components. Thus, the celery might not be juiced by this juicer. If you really want to get celery juice, you may go through this blog.

Are the plastic and rubber parts dishwasher safe?

The plastic and rubber parts are not dishwasher safe. It is so because the temperature of the dishwasher is very high.

What are the features directly related to safety?

The safety lock arm, leak-proof mechanism, slip-resistant rubber feet, and overheat protection are the features to add to the safety of the machine. This is a great upside for any electronic appliance. And for any kitchen appliance, they mean a great lot.

Final Words

The Aicook GS-336 is a good juicer that is meant both for novice and veteran juice lovers. Uncommon for masticating juicer, you are having high motor power and robust cutting speed. But none of this will harm the quality and taste of the juice. Everybody is after functionality and easier operation and they are the rewards with Aicok juice extractor GS-336.

Therefore, without wasting time, you can go for this extraordinary juicer. And you can afford it as the price will not dig deep into your wallet.

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