Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000 Review

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If you can't decide which Kuvings slow juicer is right for you, take our Kuvings Elite C7000 Whole Slow Juicer review as a ticket to solve your dilemma. From different models, this could fit into your desire to extract fresh juice in seconds.

We've also compared this one with its previous model (Kuvings B6000) here, so that you can decide which one deserves your best attention.

So, without further ado, let's jump into it. 

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000: A Brief Overview

Kuvings C7000 Whole Slow Juicer Elite is Kuving's upgrade successor to the B6000 model that features excellent improvements and distinctive design changes.

Unlike centrifugal juicers, it uses a two-stage extraction to process your fruits, allowing it to extract every drop of juice with more vitamins intact. The low RPM drastically reduces oxidation in the process, which leads to a drier pulp and better storage life.

However, with the benefit of a wide feeding chute, the tipping point is being able to accommodate a whole fruit for processing. On top of that, the parts are easy to assemble and take apart when necessary.

Let's explore more in the detail section below.

Key Specifications

Dimensions             : 9 X 8 X 17.5 (WxDxH)
Weight                      : 16 Pounds
Juicer Type               : Vertical, low speed, Masticating.
Motor                       : Brushless 240 watts AC high torque Motor.
Speed                       : Maximum 60 RPM
Feeding Chute        : 3 by 3 inch
Color                        : Silver, White, Red
Warranty                 : 10 years limited warranty

Features in Details of Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000

Delays Oxidation:

The juicer is a low-speed masticating type that spins at 60 RPM only. As opposed to faster centrifugal machines this slow extraction delays oxidation and heat build-up. As a result, it prevents the loss of healthy enzymes and produces high-quality juices that are rich in nutrients.

Maximum Juice:

Regardless of what you are trying to juice, this machine is extremely efficient at separating the pulp leading to more juice every time. It also utilizes a patented J.M.C.S technology to produce juice with minimal layers. Thus, it brings more freshness in the juice and makes it easier for your child to drink.

Quick & Easy Juicing:

Kuvings was first to introduce a 3-inch wide chute in a vertical slow juicer, and this c7000 model is no exception. You can feed an entire apple or a bunch of green down the tube and save time on pre-cutting. You will also benefit from more fibers as a result.

The package includes a removable funnel, making it easier to put in smaller produces like grapes and chopped tomatoes without spilling your counter.

On top of that, the 240-watt motor is packed with enough power to juice harder produces with few jamming.

Translucent Hopper:

The hopper enables you to see through the entire juice making process. So, you will notice any jamming as soon as it happens.

Pulp Control:

The package also offers a 6-screen pulp strainer (sieve), which fits nicely on the juice cup, allowing you to lessen the amount of pulp significantly in the juice.

Convenient Smart Cap:

The juicer has a smart cap attracted to the outlet spout that you can close and prevent dripping as you take away the juice container. You can mix different ingredients and release them as you wish. Closing the cap also helps with cleaning the bowl as you can fill in some water there and do a quick rinse without worrying about a mess to happen.

3-in-1 Versatile Juicer:

Apart from making juices, you can turn your Kuvings c7000 juicer into a sorbet maker and enjoy delicious frozen dessert with your family. Thanks to the additional sorbet maker attachment, come with the purchase.

Additionally, you can buy an optional smoothie strainer to replace the juice strainer and make soft smoothies with it.

Safety Feature:

With the safety lock feature, the machine won't run unless all the components are assembled in place properly. Thus, it saves your juicer from accidental damage.

Noise Free Operation:

Kuvings elite c7000 incorporates a low-speed motor to keep the juicing quiet. Its deceleration profile is an added feature that reduces vibration significantly. This, in turn, allows you to juice anytime in the house without interrupting sleeping members.

Cleaning Accessories:

Cleaning the strainer is easy with a patented spinning brush that you'd put on it and twist each other in the opposite direction. This is a convenient way to free up trapped residues in the least amount of time. The additional cleaning brush makes the process even simpler.

The juice bowl is easy to clean too, due to its simplistic single bottom design.

Safe Durable Parts:

The auger and juice screen is made of durable Ultem plastic to last years to come. The juice won't get contaminated coming in contact, given that these are BPA-free materials. 

what are the Pros of kuvings c7000

  • Easy to assemble 
  • 3 in 1 multi-purpose juicer
  • Extends shelf life up to three days
  • Minimum spills with non-drip spout
  • Features an auto-cleaning mechanism
  • Low-speed motor eliminates noise and vibration
  • Cleaning is straightforward with customized tool
  • Manage to juice even after external pulp ejection
  • Durable materials ensure long-lasting performance
  • Strong motor to process almost all types of produce
  • The package comes with a detail instruction & recipe book
  • Spins at low RPM to prevent oxidation and heat build-up
  • Squeezes high juice yield with maximum vitamin retention
  • Eco-friendly BPA-free materials to prevent health hazards
  • Spins at low RPM to prevent oxidation and heat build-up

Cons of c7000

  • Parts are not dishwashing safe
  • Price may turn down some users
  • You have to cut harder produces into pieces to avoid damaging the machine

A video review of Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer C7000

Kuvings C7000 vs Kuvings B6000 – Which Is Better?

While it's difficult to see any difference simply looking at them from outside, some noteworthy improvements have made the later model (c7000) more efficient.

Let's briefly discuss them below:

The first thing we've seen is the addition of a sieve that comes along with the purchase of Kuvings c7000 juicer. This tool goes on top of the juice cup to sieve out or remove the extra pulp from the juice.

It has 6 individual screens with tiny pores that can produce fairly pulp-free juices. It's an important accessory that has set the new model apart from its predecessor.

Feed Chute
With Kuvings c7000, you have a nice little funnel that you can attach to the chute opening. It provides a larger space on the feeding hole to chute produces like cherry tomatoes that tend to fall aside. Apart from this, the feeding chute on the inside has additional bracing support. They've readjusted the latches at the outside bottom too, which is little beefier, making c7000 a little stronger than b6000.

The auger has been reformed in the second model of Kuving's vertical slow juicer. The bottom wave is more aggressive now with better crushing power. In addition, the underside of the auger has no flat bottom, unlike b6000. It is replaced with a recessed bottom instead, where you can put a finger around and get all the pulp out easily. There is no gearing, which means the chance of jamming is further reduced.

Kuvings has done the homework to significantly improve its juicing screen as well. The sealing gasket is now found inside of the screen instead of the juicing bowl. This makes it less likely to leak on top of the motor housing. The closer bottom won't block pulp too, makes cleaning a breeze.

In the B6000 model, we used to have a rubber flap underneath the juice bowl that we have to remove after juicing. Research has shown that it pushes back some pressure on the pulp and keep it inside the machine unless they are dry. This could stimulate jamming, which is why the later version has removed it.

On the other hand, an integrated gearing system has been introduced, which might catch bits and pieces of pulp trapped in there. You have to maintain caution while washing these out since it's a bit challenging to work out the tiny angles and clean it properly.

With certain improvements, Kuvings c7000 works better compared to its former (b6000) addition with significantly less jamming. This makes it more user-friendly, in our opinion.

The tradeoff is more cost to get all these benefits. That being said, it's a worthwhile investment, especially for serious juice lovers. Otherwise, Kuvings b6000 is a great piece of tech for day to day juicing. 


Q-1: What Does Whole Juicer Mean?

This means the juicer is intended to produce juice with minimum pulp.

Q-2: Can I Put All Parts in Dishwasher?

No. The BPA Free parts are not safe for dishwashing. However, you can rinse the disassembled parts in warm water.

Q-3: How Do I Prepare the Ingredients for Juicing?

Usually, fruits like apple, orange, or pears will fit into the feed chute as a whole. However, you shouldn't overload the feeder. Slice harder foods (i.e., carrots and beetroots) into pieces before you insert, so that they don't cause it to jam.

Q-4: Can I Juice Greens Like Wheatgrass, Celery, or Parsley in the Machine?

You can definitely juice greens with your Kuvings whole slow juicer. That said, you should cut long greens into smaller parts and not allowing them to entangle with the auger.

Q-5: What Ingredients to Not Use in a Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer?

You have to get rid of inedible peels (orange, mango, watermelon, etc.) and hard seeds (peach, apricot, etc.) from your fruits.

Also, avoid using oils (vegetable and animal), coconut, sugarcane, and whole grains. Let your frozen fruits thaw for five minutes before making sorbets. 


If you want a juicer that gives you a much richer juice in terms of nutrients and flavor, kuvings whole slow juicer c7000 is perfect in both the worlds.

That said, we hope you've benefited from the information shared in this Kuvings Elite C7000 Whole Slow Juicer review today.

Now it's your turn to enjoy the freshness in cold-pressed juices time and again, having a top-notch product like Kuvings c7000 at your counter.

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