How Much Weight Can You Lose Juicing For 30 Days?

Losing weight in a very short time is everyone’s dream. Especially around the waistline where all the stubborn fats are. Among the many methods, ‘Juice Diet’ is the most popular way to lose weight. But how much weight can you lose juicing for 30 days?

Well, the question seems pretty straightforward, unfortunately, the answer isn’t. How much you can lose typically depends on numerous factors. It’s not just about reducing calorie intake or increasing the burning ratio. Your metabolism, body function, and required nutrition all are important.

From numerous studies and experiments, generally people can lose around 8-10 pounds of body weight in a 30 day juice diet. Although, there are exceptions where some people can lose more than just 10 pounds. But the real concern is “is it safe?”

That’s what we will try to cover in this short article about losing weight in 30 days with a juice diet.

What is a Juice Diet?

Juice diet is a special regime of nutrition intake that mainly consists of fruits and vegetables. Some juice diets involve only fruit extract and another plan involves solid food as well. Usually, juice contains close to zero or some sort of fiber. And other nutrients like carbs, and fat are nearly nonexistent.

Juices have tons of vitamins and minerals. This high level of vitamins and minerals helps with daily overall nutrients needs. But one thing to keep in mind is that it still lacks other nutrients. Plus, only drinking juices can also have an adverse effect due to high sugar content. This is never a good idea if you plan to add only sweetened juice into your diet.

Juice Diet and Weight Loss

Human body consists of a lot of organic elements. If you categorize such elements, you will find saturated water, body fat, and lean muscles. When we talk about weight loss, we hope to lose either one or all of them altogether. To be more precise, losing body fat is the most prominent goal in any weight loss program.

A juice diet on the other hand restricts calorie intake along with protein and fat. Ultimately that results in the breakdown of fat storage and in some cases even muscle loss. If you add exercise into the mix, you will see a rapid decrease in overall weight. This can be problematic in the long run.

When you take carbs, your body breaks them into glucose. Generally, this compound acts as fuel in your body. One interesting fact about glucose is it later turns into glycogen. Then all the glycogen piles in various muscles and organs with a trace amount of water.

Although this could be 3-4 grams in general, collectively it can compile into a large amount. So if you restrict carb intake, you are potentially limiting the water storage in the muscles. And that’s the reason you see the rapid result in the juice diet in just a few days.

But remember, you are also depriving other vital nutrients to your body. For example, Protein, good fat, and healthy fibers are essential for sustaining body function and development. If you cannot regulate this safely, there can be more harm than good. So it’s very important that you are aware of the risk.

The Safest Way to Include a Juice Diet into Your Life

lose weight with juice

A juice diet is undoubtedly a great way to be healthy and lose unwanted weight in the process. But after discussing the above point we also see if you only rely on this process, it can be harmful too. In addition to that, the moment you leave the strict program you could regain the weight in a matter of days.

So how do you actually include a juice diet into your life?

There are two ways to incorporate a juice diet into your meal plan. You can follow the plan for a short time like 1 week. Alternatively, continue to drink juices along with a complimentary meal plan. And add appropriate exercises to enhance the effect.

Both methods can be effective for individuals who want to lose weight or want to maintain a range. The best thing about these approaches is that you are not putting too much strain on the body’s function.

You are getting tons of vitamins and minerals from fruits, and necessary fibers from vegetables. One thing to keep in mind, not taking any protein while on diet will affect your muscle mass. Especially, if you add exercise to a juice-only diet.

So plan beforehand what you want to lose and what you want to keep. One great way to add protein to your diet is to add protein rich fruits and vegetables in your juicing. We discussed how to get protein while juicing here.

What Can You Expect From a 30-day Juice Diet?

A 30 day juice fast is undoubtedly a long plan and most suitable for shedding a large amount of weight. The long duration also helps mitigate inconsistency as you can plan for shorter periods. For example, if you want to lose 8 pounds of weight, you can set your goal to 2 pounds per week.

Remember, this process also takes account of your total calorie intake and how you plan to burn them. In general, you need to burn around 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat. So if you take 2500 calories per day, try to cut that by 500 calories. In addition, you have to burn another 500 calories in exercise everyday to accomplish the process.

One thing you should keep in mind though is that the 30-day juice fast and the final weight loss result may vary. This happens due to a person’s metabolism and how well the body reacts to the diet. If you can’t reach your goal in 30 days, continue the process for a couple more weeks.

What Can You Expect From a 1-week Juice Diet?

1 week of juices for weight loss may seem ineffective for a large weight cut, but it is possible. In fact, combining it with an intense workout plan can easily remove 2-3 pounds. Plus, carb restriction will result in fast weight loss discarding those saturated water in the organs.


The weight-loss diet can be risky sometimes but if you implement it wisely, it can be rewarding. No matter how much weight you lose juicing for 30 days, you need to be careful about your required calorie intake. That way you can maintain your desired weight safely as long as you like.

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