7 Best Tips To Make Juicing Simple For Beginners

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Yes, juicing tips for beginners are worth giving a damn.

You may have noticed that popularity of juicing appliances is skyrocketing now. This should not surprise you given the ways juices can benefit you. On top of being savoring drinks, juice and smoothies do have their multifarious health benefits. And the most prominent among them include anti-aging effects and fighting with diabetes. But to derive all those benefits from juice and smoothies, you must know how to reap the maximum benefits from juicing.

There comes several pro-tips regarding juicing from produces. We have discussed 7 tips on how to make juicing easier. While these will be the best guide lines for the first-time juicer, the master fitness enthusiasts will find them efficient as well.

Why Do You Need – Juice Or Smoothies?

Yes, this can be a vital question if you are not aware of the benefits liquid release of fruits and vegetables may bring for you. In the previous section, we have already hinted briefly on how effective and useful juicing is. But you may still encounter the question of which one to go for among juice or smoothies. And there is no clear answer to that as both the types are healthy and have their respective health boosts.

The smoothies are the liquid outcome blended without separating the pulp from the extract. And the calorie and fiber in the pulp and peel will energize you and fill the gap of nutrients in you. Conversely, the juice is the pure extraction of the produces separated from the pulp and fiber and a juicer has that mechanism to separate the squeezed juice and dried pulp.

Now, it’s up to you which one you will go for. If you want to add up weight, you should opt for a centrifugal juicer that will pulverize the produce as a whole. But if you want to cut down your weight while keeping the nutrient intake, the juicing is your call. Selection of the machine is crucial in this regard and you will go clear after a while.

To answer why do you need them when you can have fruits eaten raw, vegetables and other leafy greens fried and cooked? The simple answer is to reap the max benefits. To be further clear, eating raw fruits will entail gobbling the pulp and fiber that may not prove useful if your target is to lose weight. And cooked vegetables are more digestive but the lion share of the nutrients will be wasted while heated.

7 Pro-Tips For Juicing For The Beginners

On top of all the positives of juicing mentioned by now, juicing yourself will keep you safe from the harmful color and preservatives in the bottled commercial juice. And you need not buy multivitamins and nutritional supplements if you have homemade fresh juice available around you. Here you go with the 7 most efficient juicing tips for beginners that may prove to be the best juicing guide for beginners.

1. Pick The Need-Specific Equipment

Picking the right juicer is crucial as the equipment determines the juicing quality and time. You must be specific at the very outset when you are taking the juicer. You will have three options to pick the right one from that will answer your juicing requirement. And the most common juicers types include:

Centrifugal Juicer: The centrifugal juicer is for fast juicing and a very good fit for household use. The ingredients in this juicer are pressed against a fast-spinning sharp blade. Thus the produces are pulverized to yield the juices.

Masticating Juicer: Masticating juicer has taken the name of slow, auger, or gear juicer. Unlike the faster centrifugal juicer, here the produces are crushed at a low speed to extract maximum juice from the ingredients. The result is more liquid and more nutrients.

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Cold-Press Juicer: The most expensive and exclusive of the three types. Powered by hydraulic or pneumatic process, this juicer extracts the last drop from the pulp while keeping the nutritional value intact. Juice extracted by this method can be stored in the refrigerator for a longer period of time to drink at a convenient time.

Now, you have to pick one of the 3 described juicers that meet your juicing need. That is how to start juicing.

2. Understand The Manual Well

Once you have taken the right juicer that fits your juicing requirement and level, it’s time to juice now. But before putting the juicer into action, go through the user manual thoroughly. The manual will make you aware of the common usages along with making you aware of any updated feature – if any. Moreover, the critical functions for juicing are well explained in the default user manual.

3. Start With Simple Recipes

You have got your new and target juicing machine and you know how to use it for the max output. Now, it’s time for fun. But it should be simple recipes to begin with. That is to understand your machine better so that you have your juicing journey ahead pleasant.

As for some juicing recipes for beginners, you can try tossing fresh ginger, leafy greens, kale leaves, cayenne, and more. And then create your own recipes. Who can resist the temptation of testing one’s custom recipes?

4. Fruits & Vegetables That You Cannot Juice

Now, let’s discuss about one crucial point to add in the juicing guide for the beginners. Knowing the fruits and other produces that you cannot juice is as important as the ingredients you can juice. Yes, there are fruits you cannot squeeze to make juice of them. They are raw fruits that tend to get pasted rather than releasing liquid. The most common raw fruits include avocados, bananas, kiwis, mangoes, blueberries, and more.

You can not put vegetables like rhubarb, figs, eggplant into juicers. Vegetables like spinach, kale, or cauliflower can be juiced but doing so is a bit difficult. Also, keep in mind, spinach and kale contain oxalates which can cause kidney stones.

The list of the fruits and vegetables that are not for juicing is too long to mention here. But knowing the fruits are crucial to enjoying juicing unhindered.

5. Ensure Flawless Preparation

The first thing to start the preparation for juicing is to wash the fruits well. Therefore, before putting the produces into the machine give a thorough wash with antimicrobial. As for raw fruit juice, you must make sure that all the produces are as clean as possible.

The next step comes in preparation to separate the stems, seeds, and peels from the pulp. However, this task is not easy and may require expert tips. If you learn how to remove the said things from your produces, that will teach you how to recycle the leftover or dry juice pulp.

Slicing up the larger produces is crucial for the juicer machine having a narrow feeder chute. Even if your machine is designed with a wider chute, some fruits with harder core better be sliced or cut into pieces.

6. Add Nutrient-Rich Water

No, the suggestion is not to add simply water with the produce. Watering the produces down with electrolytes will make your day by adding up to the volume and increasing the juice quality. As for added electrolytes, coconut and maple water will make the best option by adding to the nutrients.

On top of giving you fresh juices, it can greatly help you when running low. So, just add 50% produce with maple and coconut water and go great with more nutrients and electrolytes.

7. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead for juicing can save you from being stressed and going rut that is not uncommon with healthful eating. That is why you better have a plan of action so that you can prepare beforehand. The best way up is to have a juicing calendar including the shopping list. Making a plan for the week will keep things easy and simple.

Planning on a double batch or more will be fruitful as it will cut your total time in the kitchen. But a single batch or single serving doesn’t need a plan earlier. For servings of more than two, you can store prepared juice in the refrigerator for 1-3 days. And you can freeze them for 7-10 days with minimal or zero nutrient loss.

So, planning ahead is the most effective way how to make juicing easier and fun.


You have learnt all about juicing by now. Therefore, it’s time for the fun part. Yes, of course, but be aware of some issues before starting juice intake. Not to ignore, if you are on medication, you should not go for juicing without the permission of your doctor. There are certain fruits and vegetables that may interfere with your medication. Other than that, the benefits of nutrient-rich drinks on daily basis are huge that you should not ignore at all or even delay. In that case, the juicing tips for beginners will guide you on how to start juicing and help you master the craft of juicing.

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