Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Juicer Reviews – Best For Speed Juicing

The Breville je98xl juice fountain plus juicer reviews across the net will tell you of a juicer with great features and max juice extraction. Yes, the features are pretty exciting and adaptive for both veteran and novice users. It serves the best at home or any restaurant backed by a robust motor, premium materials, and quality design & construction.

The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus tends to fulfill all your regular juicing requirements.

Are you blending fruits or vegetables? The centrifugal blender juicer with crazy high speed tends to blend any compound and makes the tastiest juice out of it.

By ensuring a nutritious and tasty drink, the juicer has gained the users' trust by now.

The juicer can blend faster, and you don't have to wait longer for your daily protein drinks. It does juice at a large quantity at an incredible pace that has made it a superior unit to even many high-end rivals.

Let's take a deep dive into more information about this excellent juicer.

Key Features At a glance:

  • Speed Range: 6500 RPM (Low), 12000 RPM(High)
  • Versatile masticating
  • Stainless steel cutter
  • The high-quality mesh filter is also enabled.
  • 3-inch wide Feeder Chute
  • Overload LED Signal
  • Juice & Pulp Container
  • Food Pusher & Cleaning Brush
  • Wrap-around Cord Storage
  • The 1-liter jug is also provided
  • Two-speed settings

Features In Details Of Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

Motor & Speed

A robust motor of 850Watt offers you the best blending and mixing of the overall produce. It accelerates the stainless-steel cutter to process the making of the juice fast. The stand-out feature is the two-speed setting of the motor. When you are in a rush, you can blend incredibly quicker by setting a higher speed. And the low rate is 6500 RPM and will give you a considerably faster result and more extraction.

Fruits, as well as vegetables, can be masticated with this juicer. There are no restrictions regarding leafy substances or other things. You can pick and choose the speed matching the core of your ingredients. While running at a slower pace, the juice will cause zero oxidation. So, it is a win-win situation.


The cutter of the Breville je98xl juice fountain plus 850-watt juice extractor is made up of stainless steel. It makes the best cutting of your ingredients for further processing. The Nutri Disc attached with the razor-sharp stainless steel blades slice through anything coming in the way.

Large Chute

An excellent feeder chute of 3-inch-wide makes the blender to swallow enough ingredients at one go. You can make drinks of more than 8 ounces per serving. All you need is just 5 seconds to put the ingredients and yield the liquid. Featured with a wider chute for busy folks, you can put a large chunk of carrots, peeled orange, and apples to get crushed easily.

Thus Breville je98xl juice fountain plus will not only shave your juicing time before office but save you from fruit-slicing fatigue. Moreover, a larger feeder pipe means you will not suffer from clogging, and a slight press will do the job if need be.

Mesh Filter

The juicer has an outstanding mesh filter. It is the best filter that your juicer can have. Its extra juice extraction from the pulp ensures 30-40% more juice than the average juice yielding. This allows more minerals and nutrients than regular juicing. Moreover, mesh filters trap the chunky fruit pieces to give them a crush again. Thus you can produce more juice and superior quality in it by sucking the tinier chunks.

Overload LED Indicator

Overload LED indicator design will signal you if you put ingredients more than the chute can handle. Thus it will protect you from unwanted hassle resulted from overloading your juicer. This is both a time saver and a machine saver too.

Ease of Cleaning

The body parts of the juicer are dishwasher safe. You can clean them facing no specific complications because they can be water-washed. Moreover, the additional cleaning brush will help you clean the stubborn stain and the pulp gunk stuck to the mesh filter. You can disassemble the dishwasher safe body parts and assemble those again at ease after the cleaning is over.


The juicer has a 1-liter juice jug to hold the mix after operating it.

An interlocking safety arm can stop the juicer from functioning without the cover being locked at the space—the juicer measures by 13-1/5 by 16-½ by 18-1/5 inches.

A 2.6 pulp container comes with a juicer. The juice, after being extracted from the pulp, is stored there. You can use that accumulated pulp for your cause too.

When it comes to controlling the speed of the blender, you can manage it in 2 ways. The 2-speed electronic control makes sure your drink is entirely made and mixed.


Noise level can make you reconsider the purchase, but that is not a deal-breaker at all. If you are not in a hurry, you can juice at a slower speed to reduce the blending sound to half.


Despite coming with a 1-year warranty, the juicer provides you a good serving to you. Yes, the scanty warranty tenure is not something to please you. But the sturdy and durable body parts will compensate for it. Moreover, customer care is responsive enough to solve your issues at knocking.

Patented System, Quality Construction, & Safety

The Breville je98xl juice fountain plus juicer comes backed by a patented feeder system that is a central feeding system. This system allows you to put more input and extract more juice without wasting much.

The top-notch construction quality is not to slip your notice when examining the unit. Quality construction is evident with the heavy-duty polymer exterior making it stronger and more durable.

Any electronics in general and kitchen appliances, in particular, should come under consideration when safety is ensured. Kitchen accidents are frequent, but we do not want to be a part or a victim. Breville je98xl juice fountain plus 850-watt juice extractor passes the safety concern with a good score by dint of the overload indicator, safety interlocking arm, and overheating protection features. 

Main Specifications Of Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Juicer:

  • Product Dimensions: 13.2 x 16.5 x 18.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.9 pounds
  • Blade: Stainless steel
  • Mesh: Stainless steel Micro Mesh
  • Body: Heavy Grade Polymer
  • Material: BPA free Plastic
  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Speed Setting: 2 (Low for leafy vegetables and soft fruits, High for denser fruits and harder vegetables)
  • RPM: low- 6500 RPM & High-12000 RPM
  • Feeder Chute: 3" width (Vertical)
  • Juice Jug Capacity: 1.1 qt.
  • Pulp Container Capacity: 2.6 qt.
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Pros of breville je98xl

  • BPA free plastic and dishwasher safe body parts
  • Shorter prep time 
  • Overload protection signal
  • The juicer is very easy to use and maintain
  • Highly efficient and durable motor
  • Multi-speed setting
  • Premium quality materials and construction
  • Can make the best juicing of all types of ingredients
  • Cleaning, assembly, and operation are very easy and convenient

Cons of Breville juice fountain plus juicer

  • Complicated cleaning the gunk from the mesh filter
  • Shorter warranty and single function
  • Weak in juicing leafy greens 

Comparison: breville jE98XL vs bJE200XL

Both the Breville je98xl and bje200xl are two outstanding juicers. Their features are different but effect nicely to the usage. Let's make a comparison of both of them so that you can come out with the preferred one for you.

Power & Performance:
The motor of the Breville bje200xl tends 700-watt power. Whereas, the motor of the Breville je98xl has an 850 watt motor to have the best functioning.

The RPM of Breville bje200xl is 14000. And that of the je98xl is 12000. Though the RPM of the bje200xl is more than the je98xl, it is less powerful than the je98xl.

Cutting Disc:
Both the juicer has the quality cutting disk for cutting the ingredients. This makes them equally contributed to making the perfect size of the components for further processing.

Pulp Container:
The pulp container of the je98xl is outside the machine. But the pulp collector of the bje200xl requires the juicer to disassemble and fix. Thus, this makes the je98xl to be more convenient to use and regulate than the bje200xl.

Both the products assure their customers of a 1-year warranty. The warranty supports the overall product.

Speed Controlling:
The je98xl has 2 controlling power systems. You can control the blades in two different ways.

But the Breville bje200xl has only one controlling system. You have to regulate it with the default function.

Is Breville the recommended juicer by Joe Cross?

Joe Cross is the man best known for his groundbreaking documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead." In this document, he talks about his 60-day juice fast journey, which he pursued to recover his health under the care of famous American nutritionist Joel Fuhrman. This entrepreneur, writer, filmmaker, and wellness advocate was born in Australia on 30 May 1966.

This celebrity writer has recommended the Breville juicer as a highly prominent juicer. Joe Cross has also suggested it to be a highly nutrition retaining blender Joe cross has marked it to be very highly responsive and safe.

The processing and blending speed, along with the motor power have been highly notified. The Breville juicers are very much preferable for the outstanding design, construction, and performance to go by Joe Cross.

How to clean the Breville je98xl juicer?

Cleaning the Breville juicer is pretty much easy and convenient. You already know that it is a dishwasher safe kitchen appliance. So, you won't be having many complications while cleaning the juicer. Let us break down the whole process for your better understanding.

  • Turn off the juicer and keep it in a safe place.
  • Disassemble the parts of the juicer. Keep them separate and handle them carefully.
  • The parts can be cleaned very easily. Use a soft cloth and microfiber cloth for rinsing the parts. Use regular soap to clean them with the fabric.
  • You can clean the juicer pretty normally. Try to avoid the dried pulps and other juice stuff inside the juicer.
  • Use the hot water to rinse the removable part and the other parts of the juicer. This will allow the wet pulps and juice stains to get removed completely.
  • Wipe the motor base with the same damp soft cloth. If there is any dirt in the power cord, rinse it thoroughly.
  • To clean the filter basket, soak it in warm water for 10 minutes. Make sure there remains no clogging in the fine spores.
  • Allow the cleaned things to dry up under a fan or open air. 


Is the juicer good for masticating leafy substances?

The juicer might not get you the desired result with the leafy ingredients. But you can cut them into smaller pieces and then approach to masticate them.

Can it masticate lemon and oranges?

The juicer can successfully masticate lemons as well as oranges.

How many years of warranty does the juicer have?

The juicer provides a 1-year long warranty on the juicer and its parts.

Is the Juicer BPA free?

The juicer being dishwasher safe makes it feasible to be BPA free.

How many extra baskets does the juicer come with?

The juicer comes with only one basket or container. It has no facility of having an extra basket.

Final Words

The Breville je98xl juice fountain plus is the best centrifugal juicer even when compared with some high-end models. It is because the high-end juicers will not give you the comfort of easy assembly. And ensuring good nutrition and taste to your drink is the prime advantage you want to have from your juicer.

Having this at your home will decrease your usual juicing time and can elevate your overall productivity of the day. Get the juicer and enlighten your juice intake to the next level. And all the Breville je98xl juice fountain plus juicer reviews speak volume that this is the juicer both for beginners and busy folks. Moreover, this one comes at an affordable price.

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