Top 10 Juice Recipes To Start Losing Weight

Before I share my best juice recipes for weight loss, let me first appreciate that you are thinking about healthy eating in the first place. Needless to say, juicing is an excellent way of losing weight and improve physical appearance. It's a good starting place, especially when you're yet to follow a dedicated workout plan.

Besides this, some of us sometimes hate eating leafy greens due to the bitter taste, and there is nothing wrong with that. Nonetheless, with juicing, you can easily solve this because when kale and spinach mixed with fruits like oranges and apples become sweet and potable.

That said, below are the top 10 juices anyone can make out of regular fruits and vegetables.
So, without further ado, let's jump right in!

Top 10 Juice Recipe For Weight Losing

1. “Any-Time” Fat Burning Juice to Lower Blood Pressure

Some of the homemade juice recipes feel great when we're half-asleep in the morning. In contrast, some recipes ease up our mood when taken after a long working day. But this "Any-Time Fat-Burning" cocktail is among the unique blends that work brilliantly regardless of the moment you drink it.

It is considered among the lowest calorie juices due to the high quantity of crispy kale, which also makes it pleasant to drink. In addition, celery is clinically proven to reduce blood pressure, whereas kale and lemon work hand in hand to trim your waist size. In the end, you can expect a healthier blend in your glass of juice.


  • Two oranges
  • Five kale leaves
  • One full cucumber
  • One half of a lemon
  • Two stalks of celery
  • A handful of parsley
  • Two medium-sized apples


Cut your parsley and kale in pair and shred other ingredients into pieces. Load the whole content in your blender and process thoroughly. Once complete, stir it up and make it smoother. Simply pour it straight into a glass and decorate with a lime slice. It's nice to have a summer appeal in your glass.

2. “Beets and Treats” Juice to Reclaim Your Liver

Juicing for weight loss isn't all about incorporating nutrients and minerals into our bodies. It's a wonderful way of eating a bulk of fruits and vegetables that we won't normally take in our daily life.

The detox "Beets and Treats" is loaded with beet juice, which tackles bile ailments and detoxifies the entire coronary and liver system. A healthy, better ingest fat early and hence accelerate weight loss.

According to research carried out by the scientists of Exeter University, it is found that beetroot enhances stamina and power. In other ways, it means the juice is ideal for jump-starting a workout session.


  • One full orange
  • Half sliced lemon
  • A whole beetroot
  • A handful of spinach
  • One-quarter of a pineapple
  • Three medium-sized carrots
  • A couple of red cabbage leaves


To get the most out of this recipe, peel your orange, pineapple, and lemon and chop the ingredients into smaller pieces. Now process the whole mix into a blender. Swirl or shake them and finally serve your drink in a glass.

3. The “Green Aid” Juice To Energize Digestion

When I initially switched to juicing to help reduce my weight, I didn't realize I could use apples to greatly enhance my bowel movement. Indeed apples act as an organic laxative, especially if combined with spinach and other veggies.

But, what is the significance of proper bowel movement in terms of a thinning stomach? Well, it allows your system to easily break down the food's nutrients, meaning you'll be less susceptible to bloating and constipation.

Previous studies have also revealed that taking apples regularly helps to cut off extra fat. So, why not take the chance with an easy and revitalizing juice that anyone can make day and night?


  • A whole lemon
  • Four cups of spinach
  • Three stems of celery
  • A couple of kale leaves
  • Four medium-sized apples 


Peel the lemon and chop all your produces (celery and apple) into smaller chunks. This will let your blender to better handle the ingredients. Drop them into the blender and blend until they turn smooth. Finally, serve the juice in a glass and garnish with a lemon wedge if you wish.

4. “BB-USA Green Lemonade Blitz” Recipe to Burn Fat

There are good reasons this 'BB-USA Green Lemonade Blitz' is one of America's most favorite. Not only does it combine apple, lemon, and cucumber for the most refreshing blend, it's a secret mix for ripped tummy and everlasting youth.

In your juice, you'll get a concoction of lemon, which is exceptionally good at burning calories, along with cucumber, a known ingredient to deliver complexion boosting radiance. The result, as many believe, is glowing skin as well as weight loss.

According to research conducted at Arizona State University, the vitamin C compound of lemon can solely oxidize more than 30% of your body's extra fat. Now, how much can you expect from a glass of juice?


  • A whole lemon
  • Four kale leaves
  • A whole cucumber
  • Two cups of spinach
  • Two medium-sized apples


Chop your kale, apples, and cucumber into manageable pieces and put these in a juicer, together with lemon and spinach — rumble the blend for several minutes. Pour in a sizable glass and serve cold.

5. The “Morning Glory” Recipe To Raise Your Metabolism

This juice recipe is perfect when you're trying to kick-start your day. It helps drive away your laziness, and the best part is, it's effortless to make.

Beet juice escalates the liver's fat-burning capabilities, whereas oranges and carrots are gifted with vitamin C to lower unwanted bulges around your tummy. It drastically minimizes the chances of ulcers and stomach cancer in particular.

A study at Wolfson Gastrointestinal Lab also discloses that eating seven ounces of raw carrots regularly can eliminate bad cholesterol by at least 11%.


  • Two oranges
  • A whole beetroot
  • Ingredients You'll Need
  • Two medium-sized carrots 


Sweet and simple. Just slice all the produces into manageable pieces and put them in a juicer altogether. Blitz until they seem liquid. Finally, serve as the first drink in the morning.

6.The "Rock & Beet" Recipe for a Natural Power Boost 

This detox looks rather like a smoothie than a juice, but essentially it's tasty and full of elements that will shed pounds on your waistline. Thanks to pears and beetroots, the blend is rich in fat-burning qualities and fights inflammatory diseases. Could you ask for more?

Sure! Take a lemon, for instance, apart from being a fat reducing agent, it's full of healthy potassium that heals your heart and different body parts naturally.


  • A whole beetroot
  • One half of a lemon
  • A cup of raspberries
  • Three medium-sized pears 


Start with peeling the lemon but carry on with skins on the pears. Then dice your beetroots, lemon, and pears about the size of your raspberries. Toss everything into a juicer and blitz at the highest setting. Once the mixture seems liquefied, stir gently and pour into your favorite glass.

7. The "Liver Scrubber" Recipe to Give Your Body a Fresh Slate 

For a moment, let's be open here. Our liver performs a whole lot for our bodies. But you can ask why I am paying much attention to this body part in this post. Remember that it plays a major role in detoxifying our system–and thereby helping us to become healthy and lean.

Whereas the blend of beetroot, ginger, and beet leaves works to sanitize the liver, carrots add more to this. Collectively they all contribute to making your digestion quicker and effective.


  • A whole apple
  • A stalk of celery
  • A whole beetroot
  • Three beet green leaves
  • Four medium-sized carrots
  • A one-half thumb of ginger root


Slice your ginger root, including the celery and beet greens, into tiny parts. Mince carrots, beetroot, and apple after that and throw them in a juicer. Process until they're fully textured and serve. 

8. The "Heart Beet" Recipe to Restrict Cardiac Problems 

When it comes to finding the best juice for weight loss, the "Heart Beet" recipe will always have a place on my list. It is super simple to make and the fruitiest way to detox a human cardiac system.

To be precise, lemon has the trait to cleanse our digestive cycle and help it absorb food quicker. Besides this, apples drastically reduce the chances of constipation and bloating. Not to mention, both of them can slim down your waistline when consumed regularly.

Last but not least, carrots are proven to lower harmful cholesterol and narrow down the risk of cardiac diseases significantly.


  • A full beetroot
  • Ten sizable carrots
  • One-half of a lemon
  • Two whole oranges
  • A medium-sized apple 


At first, have your orange peeled and make sure the other fruits and veggies are divided into sizable chunks. Transfer the items into a juicer and blend to your satisfaction. Drop some ice into the juice and serve.

9. “Beet Nik” the Perfect Juice Recipe to Cleanse Our System

Sometimes all of us require to detox our systems of the pollutants that arise every day and nourish it with something healthy. The "Beet Nik" combination is intended for this task that purges our digestive territory. It cleanses the liver and makes it efficient to handle fat metabolism in a faster way.

I already mentioned that carrots and beets improve our liver to a decent extent. However, I've not talked about the rich fibers found in spinach. If you don't become aware, these fibers heal our stomach and restore it to reduce the instances of constipation.

Since a handful of surgery fruits are replaced with rich veggies, the recipe will help you to lose some early weight as well.


  • A whole beet
  • Two stalks of celery
  • Three cups of spinach
  • One moderate-size apple
  • Eight medium-sized carrot 


Cut all the produces into manageable portions and blend them into your favorite juicer omega. Continue until the yield is soft and enjoy!

10. The "Red Tangy Spice" Juice to Detox & De-bloat

Known as the sunset recipe, it is one of the best looking juice you may ever see. So, you can easily bring a batch of this to your summer party, and everyone will love it.

In terms of health benefits, the beets in this blend work to detox your liver and allow it to digest fat faster. The roots in it boost the overall metabolism and get it running in no time. And, did I mention that apples potentially fight colon cancer?


  • A whole orange
  • One large carrot
  • A whole beetroot
  • A whole sweet potato
  • Two moderate size apples


There is nothing fancy in the making of this juice. Begin with putting off your orange skin and then chop all your ingredients. Throw the mixture into your juicer and rest you know already!

Alright, here are my top 10 best juice recipes for weight loss!

I hope the information shared here is useful to you in your journey towards losing weight.
However, remember that only drinking fruit and vegetable juices isn't going to replace your need to eat solid foods and having an exercise routine.

Don't get me wrong, but following this strategy will only give you a short term result. In fact, you need all of them to sustain a healthy life.

Lastly, I wish you can take your time and treat yourself with a glass of healthy juice every morning.

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